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what if laughter filled the sky instead of rain?

the clouds would probably be shaped a bit differently.- Miss Roger's Sweater

I think we would all go insane from the laughter, and kill one another and then have sex in the carcasses..- Fido Dido

Then we would all have to throw our now useless umbrellas into one big heap and set fire to it, then join in the laughter as it burned with no rain to put it out. Ever.- FartMonkey

that would be against the laws of nature...o fuck who am i foolin' i dont know anything about the laws of nature, i would be angry because my pretty lil ducky umbrella wouldnt have a use anymore....i wonder if i can fly with it...*gets umbrella, climbs on top of the house, and jumps......SPLAT* nope didnt work- monkeeskittles

We'd all need a major shot of a depressant to climb to any great heights. Anyway, rain isn't the only think that fills the sky: What's white and drips from the clouds? The coming of the Lord- Fish

The world would smile, and so would I.- Nelson

no girls in wet teeshirts- BoobsMan

then i would be really anouied- BaByGiRl

we'd still get wet from all those people who spray when they laugh.- frazicus

I would shoot my self in the head- Elli

it would be a happier world.- communist queen

Then it would get really annoying- FlynMonkeyLuvr

trees and plants would die and we would all ultimately die of suffocation- coperate rock whore

Then we would all drown in our own laughter.- Vile weasel squeezer

would be good.. but if you lived in vancouver (the rainy city) you might go insane.. so lets hope it doesn't happen!- ~JeEpY!

Then I would dance in the storms with nothing on like a maniac and laughing my ass off at the sick and twisted thoughts that are choking my mind!(my laughing would blend in with the *other laughter*)- Chunky Flamingo Testicles

Well I like rain so I would be unhappy ,the laughter would never get me.- Sally

ooooh, that image ought to take me through whatever dark, suicidal, melancholy phase that may grab hold of me for the rest of this year.... thank you.- MARISSA

well shit, what would fall down? jokes?- malice oblivian

I would go insane..unless it was insane laughter.- SG*

The the ground would dry up and we would be dehyradted- Omahastylee

Then I wouldn't have anything to snowboard on in the mountains.- Highlander1010

it would be interesting to see what laughter looked like- LittleBit

Douchebags would fill meadows instead of flowers.- Enfante Terrible

That'll happen when TheInsaneDomain becomes a world leading organisation.- Omuletzu

maybe people would actually listen to my theory of "how to blow up the sky"..i mean it got to get on somebodys nerves and i know i fucking lost my nerves with that god damn blue always hanging over me and this fucking going to die because of a headache!!!!- Spaggetti

well assuming this was a singular occurence (becuase laughter instead of rain is just rediculous!) it would draw media attention like nothing to date. every radio station and tv channel (even satellite) would be broadcasting this phenomena. religious fanatics would gather and proclaim that god is speaking... then it would stop and some actual rain in the moutains would have caused a huge mud slide smothering all the fundamentalists and annoying journalists, freeing up the TV so i can watch the daily show again.- Empriss Nikon

Thinking about it is making me want to puke. I imagine that there would be several attempts to silence it with gunfire but, ultimately smog would take it over little by little as it became the painful, wheezing chortle of a sky dying from emphysema.- sixhairytits

That would suck but then i would get high and laugh with it.- Epic

erm...plants and crap wouldn't grow and we'd all die?- deep

It's some sort of plot by the cats to drive us all sane. The laughter contains hidden messages like "Hahahaha!hahahah!hahahaMEOWGIVEUSFISHahahahaa!"I suggest leaving bowls of tuna on your door step, this might keep them at happy for a while.- Pancake

The someone would always be laughing at me, damn you all.... these noises already make my brain hurt, why must you antogonize me with your heehauing.- SlimJD

then u would have one huge headache,finally someone would go more insane than me and kill us all- deashie leashie

Then our world would be a William Blake poem come to life...damn those metaphors. Actually, they're kinda cool...but they never returned my calls. The bastards.- McDiablo

if its the stupid quiet laugh were the person is bouncing and smiling really big and turning really red and let out little squeaks once in a while .Im all for it.- spapoo

Happy?- Chemist

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