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what if you asked someone for directions and they gave you directions to a map?

i would wet my pants in amazement, cuz damn, that's pretty clever.. sure i have no sense of direction and would be incredibly lost and would never get home, but i would be amazed, and really, nothing else matters besides that.- Miss Roger's Sweater

I would hunt them down and perform Hyper-lapine-intestino surgery on them. This basically involves implanting rabbits into their guts and watching them breed and then eat the person from the inside out.- Fido Dido

I would follow their directions to the map. Then I would write down all the information that I needed from the map. Then I would put the map in my pocket. Then I would find a newspaper and cut out all the commas from it. Then I would track down the person who gave me the directions. Then I would blend the map up into a milkshake, add the commas for poison, and make them drink it. While they lie on the ground choking I would draw on their wall a simple map of how to get to the cemetary.- FartMonkey

I would say thnak you and then sneak into their house while they are asleep and beat them to death with that damn map, it wasnt even the right map, they could have given me the right one, they will play *laughs evily* *cough*- monkeeskittles

they'd find themselves with that map forced up a particularly painful section of their anatomy.- Fish

I hate it when people do that! what If I was dying of thirst and asked the nearest home for a glass of water and the said the people next door have a tap. THOSE MOTHERF***ERS YOU HAVE A F***ING TAP TOO!!!!!!!!!!- Nelson

i would hit them up side there fat head- BoobsMan

i would go back and shoot them in the head for givin me directions to a fuckin map and wasting my time and makin me late to where ever i was going but before i shoot them i would call them a pathetic ass hole who doesnt know shit and is for sure going to hell while i poin the gun and shoot!!!- BaByGiRl

i would assume that said map was for my puposes only, and that the directee wished me to possess this map. obviously because of my inability to direct myself, i am in need of a map. hopefully, i will be directed to one of those big ones who find in shopping malls that look like giant compasses. ive always wanted one of those.- frazicus

Sounds like something i would do but.......I would probably cry ....again- Elli

that is damn clever. its like...theyre helping you to help yourself! i would thank them for opening my eyes to the possibilities that the map holds- communist queen

I would go back and kick their ass- FlynMonkeyLuvr

i would tell them that you "were alot of help now go fuck yourself!"- coperate rock whore

I would have to use my Heady-Explody-Powers and kill Marlon Brando , George Carlin, And James Smith.- Vile weasel squeezer

hahaha.. i would be mad. then laugh cuz that is something i would do.. not that i am mean or anything!- ~JeEpY!

I would be the happy keester that I am and thank them....then I would get the map and realize that it is the wrong one. Outraged by my paranoid thoughts of them watching me and doing this just to laugh at me I would go back and severe their head. Then I would eat their brains and get the directions from their thoughts swimming in my stomach. Serves them right!- Chunky Flamingo Testicles

Then I'd get where I was going but not as quick as I would like then I would go back and punch that guy out.- Sally

i'd say thanks, cuz at least i'd be able to find my way. it's better than they 1. giving wrong directions, just cuz they don't want to admit that they don't know anything 2. not giving any directions, or any help at all.- MARISSA

take out my trusty spoon and stab them to death.- malice oblivian

cool- SG*

I'd use the map to get directions- Omahastylee

I'd go back, find the wise ass, and kick a little butt.- Highlander1010

i would smack them for being a smartass- LittleBit

I would tell them to shove their teach-a-man-to-fish, superiority trip up their wise asses and then be sure to knock over the Doritos display on my way off to the next convenience store. And I would be sure to tell them off close enough to their faces so that they could benefit from the emphasis of my saliva spraying out with each word.- Enfante Terrible

A little indirect, don't you think, but i'm thinking this ain't an insane what if. You're slipping! I'm sure it happens every day. Not that you're slipping, but the directions thing. It can't happen here cause there are no maps around, but...- Omuletzu

there kindness shall be rewarded by god in the near future..because no kind act goes unrewarded.So theres a good reason to blow up when you have headaches, its all you feel like doing.... why does heads have to ache? see thers a good question!!!your question sucks.- Spaggetti

i'd smack myself for not having seen the giant mural of a city map painted on the edifice behind me... then i'd slap them for making me look like an idiot.- Empriss Nikon

I would confess to them that I suffer from episodic, hysterical blindness every time I try to look at a map because of having been beaten with one rolled up like a newspaper as a child by my alcoholic, fugitive step-"daddy" who raised me on the lam after bludgeoning my mother to death with a can of corned-beef hash. I will further inform them that if they do not immediately give me the verbal instructions that I have requested that I will soon start to urinate uncontrollably on their floor as I develop a full-blown panic attack and that I will not be able to move from this spot and that it will be quite a foul deluge considering the length of time I had traveled without attending to my menstrual hygeine needs. If that doesn't work I'll go back out and continue to stare at the map I already have, that wasn't much help in the first place and left me lost and at the mercy of some wise-ass convenience clerk.- sixhairytits

Then that would go on the people that suck list.- Epic

...i would go back and punch them in the face...- deep

First, I'd tell him to come in my car because I had just found a billion dollars..that bitch likes money..I drive him to my place and rape him til he dies. I sell his eyes to Makoomba on the african black market, burn his clothes in my fireplace, and feed the rest of his body to my dog. Well, after I shaved all his hair off and gave it to those people who make wigs for kids with cancer. What a kind thing to do.- Pancake

I would promptly tell them that I'm not fucking megellan, and if I was, I draw a map with point a being my foot, and point b being your ass!- SlimJD

say f u asshole drive over their foot and ask someone else- deashie leashie

I'd say, "Thanks, you're very helpful" in that sarcastic tone and proceed to hit them with the map until they stop acting like a smart ass and give up the directions. Hehee, I have this funny mental image in my head right now...- McDiablo

it would make sense..because if you want directions...then they should give you a map or show you to a map.IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE!so id say thanks.- spapoo

I'd slap them- Chemist

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