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what if we had a tv show where we threw things at people and then
showed some hardcore sock monkey porn?

I bet that concept has already been taken for a tv show...but if you want to have your own, you have to think of a way to run them out of business first. I suggest duct tape and fire.- FartMonkey

i would watch the show cause if there was such a show it would be my favorit ....then i beat off to sock monkey porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- IeAtCrAyOnS

then i guess i'd have to excuse myself to the bathroom...- jaybee

ooooooooooohhhhhh! do they have any monkeys that resemble anna nicole whatser-fuck?- irish psycho

I'd watch it it beacause it has something to do with sock monkeys and i love sock monkeys !-NNY

it would air once a month....its like that bomb out show J R psycho_clover

what will you be throwing? Condoms, perhaps lotion for the single men, and dildos for the single ladies, to prepare us for the porn that lies ahead?- Syko Morgana

i'd watch it hell yea unless i had to pay an exorbitant fee in which case i'd prolly download it from Kazaa for free :P- SiNiSTaR

Would this be on 24 hours a day? Oh, I hope so.- Mzebonga

The show's sucsess would depend on what you threw at people. If it were random objects that are sitting on my desk right now (brush, stapler, used Q-tips) then the show would definitly get bounced as the makers would be put in jail for stealing my stuff. But if you threw raw meat of any description (spam, chiken wings, other people) the show would be a wordwide hit and put in a time slot following Jackass and The Osbournes.- Nelson

I'd get horny watching it, actually, I'm getting horny just thinking of it.- LilKitn

that would b the best show ever, it would beat takin the insdes out the tv and having puppet shows which i tape then bitch about cause i cant watch them cause i dont have a vcr and theres no insides to my tv and i didnt have a tape in the recorder- monkeeskittles

That would be cool can we throw stuff at the stupid people though?- Sally

Do you know how muc that would rock?? You could throw pies and stuff and then get like meaner and more violent cuz when people get hurt ya got to admitt it it is funny... unless it is you then the whole world is against you. And then some hardcore sock monkey porn.. what more could you want.. throwing things and porn.. sock monkey porn that is...woo hoo!- ~JeEpY

Then I would be famous... - JOoooooo

yuo would loose a shit load of money but have fun in the process- jese

I would watch it.- Poop Jaw

~.~ I dont even wanna know...- ieatchildren

well it would depend on what you would throw, monkey poo, who threw the poo, but yeah that would be cool, i dont know about the monkey porn, but throwing things at people thats sweet- disturbed little boy

Since when does Peewee Herman host Fear Factor?- Sparrow

I smell a hit!! *sniff* No, wait, I need to wash my ass. Oh, well. You'd need smelly pathetic people to watch the show too, right?- Indomitus

wow,i would watch that eeeeveeerrryyyy day..if i missed it,it would be ok..cuz i recorded it!!- SG*

you would have the most watched show on television- moo poo chic

You will do that once you have amassed enough gold from the starving and opressed sane people who join Omuletzu

Throw some money at me then your non-arousing sock monkey "porn" might not annoy me as much.- Pancake

I would take up babysitting as a job just so I could make young children watch it.- Josuke

Acckkphh... huhnn,... my stomach- Kyoritsu

id be like hey.... isnt that already on mtv?? I thought it was called real world- world dominating hoeboe

i would jerk off to the rythem of the sock monkeys- ITS MEE

The ratings would be pretty good... I mean... who doesnt want to watch sock monkey porn... or watch chairs fly through the air... keep aiming for that... if could be successful...- NSuxbum

what channel?- Moi

i'd clap and send you great amounts of money and piss my pants- coffeespaz

You'd get a fan-club of sexually-deprived dominatrix sock monkeys- Fish

You should pitch that to the WB. I'd watch.- amen

I'm sure it'd be a hit on Fox Television. Isn't that what happened on Temptation Island? - McDiablo

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