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what if we made up stories to fool you into thinking that sheep are
actually mutated camels with wool glued to them?

Aren't they??- FartMonkey

i would shave the camel till the words pikckel weasle showed on his side named him chiko whorehay juan fornando or any other hispano name then oOOOOoOOOoOO then and onely then will i drop the ball i will *DRUM ROLL* paint trousers with penguins apon them acting like weasle mayors OOOooOoOoo AAAaAaaAAHhHHhHhH the weasle mayors are beound compair some have top hats some have socks some have mittens and some wear mitten top hat socks on their heads ................ don don dddddoooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn?#&@?$&?^%?*#&^?(?&()_?() <---------- this is my story writen in dip shit so i can understand it *(was the origainaly way it was writen (.)_(.) <--------thats a face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- IeAtCrAyOnS

then i'd kill a wolf, put on the skin, and kill the basterds- jaybee

i'd wash my hands and talk to myself....and wash my hands.....and twitch......then i'd go out and buy some rats and roast them over a bonfire like on surviver.....then wash my hands.......then talk to my even more paraniod boyfriend........twitch some more.......turn on u2 and sleep like a baby. wat would u do?- irish psycho

I would shave them. Then i would show everyone that the monkeys were right. THe Sheeps is fake.-NNY

well......I'd definately read them and you know what if that was true! psycho_clover

Well, considering I've already been fooled into thinking many ridiculous things by my parents and society(Santa Claus, Jesus Christ, etc.) it proabaly wouldnt affect me and Id go about my daily life as normal.- Syko Morgana

Why the hell would i believe you? anyway there are no such things as camels, you made that up!- SiNiSTaR

Those stories aren't made up. I told you them months back to make you believe that the cows were undercover CIA agents stalking the sheep to make sure that the woolly bastards didn't infiltrate the Welsh Cavalry.- Mzebonga

HAHA!!! I knew it all along! Those sheep were just a little too lumpy to be real!!! I never shuold have joined amway.- Nelson

I'd got to the sahara desert and shave myself a real sheep then!!- LilKitn

whos making them up? that is a real story. Ever heard the song, Sally the camel has 5 humps, sally the camel has 5 humps, Sally the camel has 5 humps so ride sally ride?? sally didnt have 5 humps, she had wool glued to her, everytime she hit a bump wool would fall off and create one less hump, actually wait i think thats the three toed sloth story sorry- monkeeskittles

What if I glued wool to you what then?- Sally

I would not beleive you as we all know sheep are animals which have been duplicated and the government says that "Dolly the Sheep" is a duplicate of some other sheep but no not they are all duplicates of the very first sheep.. don't let them foul you with this mutated camels with wool glued on deeal!- ~JeEpY

so what? - JOoooooo

then we would all turn veg and therefore die of some bizzare psychological disease- jese

I would take my life.- Poop Jaw

huh well i'd believe it- ieatchildren

whoa! far out, that would be cool, i mean to actually have a mutated animal, if that was tue i would probably go out and get one now, i would train it to bite off other peoples dicks- disturbed little boy

Well I would tend to believe you, but I know that mutated animals ALWAYS have the ability to shoot lasers out of their eyes. It's been proven by several tv channels if you don't believe me. Since I have never seen a sheep shoot lasers out of its eyes, except the cyborg ones, I would have to say you'd be completly insane to think that.- Sparrow

They're not?- Indomitus

I already knew that though- SG*

i would probably believe you- moo poo chic

Clearly you've never eaten camel. With fine crushed sand sauce and filled with sock monkey freshly peeled skin... You bake it at the desert sun and eat it with your cat friends. Beats the taste of a mutated camel with that cyanoacrylate bad smelling sticky stuff under the fake plastic wool.- Omuletzu

So I've been fucking mutated camel pieces all this time?- Pancake

That's ludicrous. No one would ever fall for it. Everyone knows they're really llamas.- Josuke

Ohh i ... think im gonna ..*bwwwaaarrrphph.. huhk .. chunnder chunder....*- Kyoritsu

i would say hey thats cool and laugh! alot!!!- world dominating hoeboe

then i would make up a story to fool you that monkeys were actually mutated midgets with lots of hair glued to them- ITS MEE

Well... Its not like we eat the sheep... I mean that would be pretty gross... but we just use the wool... so... if there is wool glued to them... we just.. unglue it... and make something out of it... Isnt that how it goes? It wouldnt change much...- NSuxbum

I'd say how weird...I'll have to look at sheep more closely now....- Moi

holy SHIT i would be so fooled that i'd give you prizes and my ass- coffeespaz

I'd tell you that it was the other way round - camels are really sheep which someone stretched on a rack and shaved, and implanted a small flying saucer in their backs, so that if you ever need to leave the planet, just get inside a camel.- Fish

Impossible. One can so tell the difference between sheep and camels. Camels are bigger, make different sounds.- amen

Then it'd be like those commercials on TV when they try to make you think that miniature hippos exist and that they like to eat peanut butter and leave their tracks on your clean floors...then at the end of the ad they say something like, 'Be Media Literate' or whatever. should say, 'We Were Kidding Dumbass''s LIES! ALL LIES. - McDiablo

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