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what if you were the one responsible for deciding
if humankind should be destroyed or kept alive?

Then humankind would be in a HEAP a' trouble.- FartMonkey

id say kill em all they say im weird and im not like them therefor all the people like me are not like them A.K.A every one who gos on this site so that means were not like them there for were the oppisit there for again were not human ........................and that one human kid broked my pencil :/ NUKE EM ALLLLLLLLLLLL- IeAtCrAyOnS

then i'd make sure that Bush gets killed first- jaybee

i'd kill everyone exept russell, tony, nicolas, taylor, D.P., jessica, jordan, my uncle john, and my uncle sammy, and melissa, chloe, marissa, eleanor, joe, joe, and the one in melissa belly right now. andd you and the krajna boys.- irish psycho

Well... Fuck'em.-NNY

i'd kill myself and leave someone else to make the desicion- psycho_clover

I would force the higher authorities to give me $900,000 a month to keep humankind in exsistence. With the money I might actually be able to give a lot of it to the insane domain, and perhaps buy my self a mansion in Trinidad and force DC to come live with me.- Syko Morgana

Humankind would certainly cease to exist.- SiNiSTaR

KILL IT. KILL THEM ALL. CRUSH THE WORLD BETWEEN YOUR HANDS AND SNUFF THE SPARK THAT IT IS HUMANKIND FROM THE UNIVERSE. I hate humans. I like animals. Humans suck, animals are cool. So, yeah, I do do my duty to the earth and kill all the humans. Damn right.- Mzebonga

Well if it were a simple matter of yes or no then I'd have to keep them alive (as I happen to be one of them and am not feeling sucidal at the moment). But if I could kill as many people as I wanted, then after I was finished (or my goons who do the actual killing have finished) there would only be athiest people with very musically cultured backgrounds left.- Nelson

I'd take out those who i dislike and create a better world with people who aren't morons.- LilKitn

um....well thats a pretty big responsibility....o fuck no its not, kill all the helpless, sicking bastards- monkeeskittles

That would be an honour- Sally

If I had that choice we would all be dead by now cuz we are to stupid to be alive... expecially BUSH... DIE! DIE! DIE! He should be the one to experience what he wants to do to other people before they have to deal with it! Sorry off topic there... yep we would all be destroyed except the cool people.. any one who loves slurpees and anyone who makes sock monkey porn!!- ~JeEpY

HELL YEAH! - JOoooooo

well id keep alive ne one in a rockband or ne one who was extremly good looking or really good at making froghurt- jese

I would crawl in a hole and call for my mommy.- Poop Jaw

DESTROY THEM!!! Make them take acid, and watch 'hardcore sockmonkey porn!' hell that'd drive me to suicide.- ieatchildren

dude that would be kinda wierd, but hey all we do is just destroy the world, i mean im not a tree hugging hippy, but thats all we do, do we would end up killing our selves- disturbed little boy

Destroy them. They've done me no good. Unless there's a really nasty thing that would happen to them if I kept them alive.- Sparrow

We'd have to wait for the Nielsen ratings to come in. Might do okay. I'm surprised humankind made it past the first season, frankly. Kind of stupid, no plot, who writes this crap? And can we get rid of the canned laughter when I'm getting dressed in the morning?- Indomitus

destroyed!!!cuz i'm no human...- SG*

i would have everyone one destroyed then transform into somthing not human- moo poo chic

I'm not a cat so I can't be one of those.- Omuletzu

I'll push around a shopping cart with cats and those little macaroni necklaces inside and tell people to buy them from me or else Ill destroy human kind.- Pancake

That's a toughy. Am I allowed to kick people? Or is it one of those "Poof, everyone's dead" sort of thing?- Josuke

...uuuuuhhhnnnnu nught aagain..(insert gross noise here).. well im gonna die thats for sure,..... .- Kyoritsu

i would say "i.. cant.. get the damn...tree...OH I WILL KILL EVERYONE!!!!"- world dominating hoeboe

i would say kill them all! let the cockroaches live!!!- ITS MEE

Humans suck... no humans would be left on the earth... I would only allow monkeys to roam the earth... free to do what they pleased.- NSuxbum

kill me now- Moi

bye bye humans- coffeespaz

I am - I'm working on destroying them, it's just the selfish bastards won't let me kill them. Also, under my bed is starting to get a bit full . . .- Fish

Heehee, heads on stakes.- amen

Yikes, that's kind of scary to think about. Hmm, but with power like that I'm sure if I said, "I'd like a Slurpee machine installed in every house in the world" I'm sure it'd be done. That'd be sweet......bwa ha ha ha haaa *cough* Sorry. - McDiablo

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