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What if you were sentenced to a year of your own personal hell.
What would it include?

more of this.- rayyo77

Being back at school.- Mzebonga

it would include...spleen eating birds,shit flying everywhere,vomit oceans..and much much more i do not want to think of...- SG*

a thighmaster a midget on a big wheel riding circles around me very fast a money wearing a fez michael jackson naked and trying to touch my ass every five minutes a frog that speaks spanish a german rock that dances and a gerbil in a red coat...oh wait i'm talking about that new lord of the rings movie my hell would be a cage with a toaster in it- NivekOgre

being trapped in a car with my EX, being trapped in a car with MICHAEL JACKSON, two words: giant insects... hmm thats not to say the first two i mentioned are NOT giant insects. being forced to shave al roker, richard simmons, etc. being stuck at the end off a bowling lane nude sitting with my legs spread open while while giant apes through bowling balls at mine...- Panoptikon of Paranoia

A million cats meowing all the time and constantly staring at me.- Harbinger

I'd have headphones stapled to my head, and be forced to listen to Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Kelly Clarkson sing polka and showtunes 24 hours a day, introduced with commentary by Rush Limbaugh.- Indomitus

Cleaning kitchens getting stabbed in the head by ryan- junebug

if i were setenced to a year of my own personal hell, my hell would include lots of half-naked man slaves who offer sexual favors and jump to do my bidding! <screams> the agony of this hell! (maybe if i'm bad enough, i'll get setenced to another year...)- CasualFatality

Penis.. lots of penis. Lots and LOTS of LOTS of penis. -ERECT PENIS

bunny rabbits.....thousands of them all bouncy and stuff....with their crazy eyes....ahhhh!- Shwee

1,000 crappy singers...- Hopkins

An angry pylon I raped in a previous life, and Michael Jackson. I really don't wanna be felt up.- Ann-thrax-Boy

p. diddy and marrisa gianpicollo- digitalmelon own personal hell would probably inclue midgets in clown suits running around with balloon animals singing "i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts". <shudders> the horror...- Skittles

Pink elephants....and they wouldnt even be enslaved! they would run me over with multi coloured Harleys, i wouldnt be able to chop off their head. I wouldnt have frappichinos. I wouldnt be able to take over the moon. China would still have Chineese people and it would still be on Earth. O MY GOD! I think I'm living my personal hell!- boing!boing!

no insanity, no tv, no choc, and i would be surrounded by filth-induced non-followers of insanity.- fudge.

An unending Britney Spears concert. 'Nuff said.- Evil Muffin

People constantly running their fingerails down blackboards. A masturbation ban. pickle wouldnt exist. complete lack of giraffes. ickywockyschlickypongpoo being banned from my local pub. oh, and having no toenails.- supermandave

Fuzzy cute things along with blazing dry heat and deserts. Things would be deafeningly silent. Richard Simmons would be the supreme ruler of the world and fat ladies would be forced to exercise in purple spandex 10 sizes too small while i was strapped to a chair and forced to watch the horrid event. - ferretchick

In no particular order: britney, hilary, carrot top, richard simmons, people kissing and being nice to eachother, fat people in spandex, waking up at 4 in the morning to run for hours, teletubbies, clicking on the link to TID and it says page cannot be displayed, spiders everywhere, vomiting unexpectedly, having needles jabbed into my eyes, having nothing to drink but mountain dew, having all my teeth rot and fall out, beardsey, everything tasting like nyquil, and of course every day would be the horrible display of how much humans suck that is christmas. - FartMonkey

dirty clothes...spoiled and lots of perverts...- leigh

sitting around with jesse jackson. He is an ASSHOLE.- goat

it would include other people. People are hell, heaven would be if i was by myself.- cshea

You, Your mother..and a cat- lol

I am already there. I am constantly surrounded by friggin' morons who think everything is one big joke when it fucking well isn't. Contrary to popular belief, these freaks don't need to follow others and do as they do just to be "cool". Just FUCK OFF and leave me the hell alone. I want no part in it, I want no say in it, I want nothing to fucking do with you bastards. Now let me sit in the dark in peace. I don't really give a shit as long as they don't try to get me to follow them, to be quite honest. Besides, their stupidity gives me something to laugh at. Sorry... did I go into a bit of a rant there?- Gibbo

work with the stupid and reality blind and the inclusion of a lack of sex that was so close to almost not being a lack- Kyoritsu

Filling out what-ifs. And people using apostrophes to indicate plural forms of things that don't normally have plural forms. Or maybe your trying to tell us something. Maybe these, after being answered, are sent to the great 'What if' and belong to it. So they really are What if's, and everyone is just reading it wrong. ... Now I'm going to have to think about this.- Josuke

My personal hell would be living with all of my grandmothers in the same room. no stereo either, only cassettes of new age shitty country like Brad Paisley. It makes me shiver now. brrrrrr. - Freak Ninja

Cindy brady practicing Shakespear and running out of tang and beef jerky- Rollerboy13

i would incluse johnny depp to fulfiil me- squee

dance music, no beer and lots of needles.- ammeg

listening to britney speares non stop. being caged in new look- chancey

my personal hell would include: Fat chicks complaining they're fat but doing NOTHING about it. Only jam donuts left in the packet when all i want is custard. Being surrounded by crazed brain munching piggys and haveing no escape. Being made to watch fantasia more then my life. Being made to fuck a carabou. - peanuthead

Horses, cottage cheese, clowns, creepy rabbits/bunies with cardigens, and being forced to do anything associated with sports. (watching, playing, talking) Oh, and food with pubic hairs in it.- alex?

Lots of Taco Bell, Subway, and pudding. Alot of video games and women. 1 computer and it would be sunny all the time. - xXLePpYXx

Brittany Spears/Backstreet Boys concert marathons, a spinach diet, and no beer.- Liz


my mother, my math teacher, mexican food, clowns, ghetto superstars, hilary duff, paris hilton, mac donalds, PC's, fluffy cute animals, worms and maggots, really old milk, lots of dog shit, kitty litter, my second grade holloween costume, my brother's hamster before it got squished by a car, pea soup, the smell of permanent markers, the "everybody" song, crusty the clown, vinnie, a clock and/or calender, homework, the dean, burning money, grape flavored cough syrup, pnemonia, a mirror, a porta potty, a really tacky ceramic picture frame with me and my mother's picture in it, tomato juice, gym class, wasabi, that guy from the shining, tornados, earthquakes, my dog, paper boys, mr. frosty, this really freaky sculpture my grandma has on display, god, capers, pesto sauce, nasal spray, dust bunnies, dirty laundry, sweaters from the 70's.- tinkerbelll

I don't want to tell you, because then you might inflict it.- Moose

wiggers, school, happieness, homosexuals, satellite T.V., and time.- Lysol

A lot of things would be 7-Eleven locations. Good gravy, 365 days without Slurpees???!!! Inconceivable!- McDiablo

Emm... LOTS of clowns, shallow people everywhere, daylight without the darkness, no music (at-all), hot weather... ~Regen~

oh, so many things piss me off, I'll try to shorten it down a bit: being put in a pink room, three t.v's constently on with gay porn, brittany spears concerts and stupid xmas movies..........being naked with the air conditioner constently on.... then having itching powder rubbed on my balls every time I fall asleep then while I'm awake having poo and urine thrown on me .then having a looking window where the general public can look and me then point and laugh at my misfortune. Oh I forgot, the only food I get is water and boiled horse testicles.- Realmo-K

Old people, spiders, matt the twat.- OLD person hater

I would fall totally in love with someone who didn't want me at all; my whole family would move in with me; all of my friends would have misunderstandings with me and bugger off; everyone I ever wanted to spend time with would find a reason to up and leave; everyone whose lives I had ruined, whose boyfriends and girlfriends I've slept with, everyone who I ever did anything bad to would find out and make me feel as guilty as I am.- Nikohl

upside down trees. madona kissing Beckham. choclate. madona kissing lenny kravitz. insane booz. madona kissing clinton. penti-umy -69 proc.madona kissing her ass.- sj

reading school books and doing the book reports for public school- amos

Being britney spears, and every time I try to kill myself, it just clones me.- FartMonkey

Lets see....raisins, prunes and dried fruit most definitely....Then a fat lady, not just normal fat I mean like 20 rolls, and she would just be screaming jibberish and eating all the food. I wouldn't eat, but I'd be hungry. But then that fat bitch would hog all the food. Curse her. Oh yeah, and fluffy rabbits run about ripping people's legs off. Something to that extent.- ferretchick

Well if it's MY hell, it wouldn't be so bad.- Chloe

Three words: reality. tv. marathon.- drunkennewfiemidget

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