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What if you had found this note at YOUR door?

i would put a note on "this note" with the question- "says what?- rayyo77

I'd inform them that there's been some mistake. I'm Mzebonga not Jack Asshole.- Mzebonga

haha thats funny- SG*

that was me i'm sorry no more pissing on people's beds for me i apologize for the urination scare everybody- NivekOgre

nooooo!!! how did they know it was me??!! i should have never let michael jackson talk me into doing that!!!!- Panoptikon of Paranoia

I would immediately write an even worse note and make a shitload of copies and tape it to everyone's door who lives around me just to see what happens......Its a chaos thing...- Harbinger

I'd frame it.- Indomitus

id be scared and piss on his bed more- junebug

hmm...i would set up an elaborate spy sysetm to find out who put the note on my door. then, i would go through all their stuff while they were out, hopefully finding something humiliating in their place (such as granny porn, jizz covered socks, and fred flintstone blow-up dolls). when all that is done, i take several pictures of the items and xerox the photos, producing hundreds of pictures. then, i post the pictures all over town (especially the asshole's workplace and mother's house). that'll teach the bastard to put notes on my door- CasualFatality

Cheese balls. -ERECT PENIS

I would ask "What the hell is a jaskassfucker?"- Shwee

Laugh my Jackasshole off... Then kick his/her Jackasshole... Then take my Jackasshole out for nachos to celebrate...- Hopkins

Why? You trying to trick me into telling you that I wrote that note? Oh shit. YOU BASTARDS!!- Ann-thrax-Boy

wat if u found this note at YOUR door?- digitalmelon

damn it! i must have missed one of those little alien bastards...he must have escaped the magic flushing toilet. i'll have to hunt him down and destroy him before he can report back to the rest of his little *smurfy* race. "smurfy"? where the hell did that come from..?uh oh...he must already be after me!! help, DC!! help!!!- Skittles

eat some mr noodle....cooked with no seasoning. then I would put it in a toasted bread sandwich with cheese and lettus and salami and pickles and subsauce. i would lock an elephant in a cage and make him watch me eat it slowly. then I would tell him that if he sent his friends mental messages to walk right into my trap then i would give him some. BUT THEN when they came i wouldnt give them anything and just use them as my slaves to beam china to the moon and take over the world- boing!boing!

whoops. he wasnt meant to find me.- fudge.

Firstly, I would as you did, laugh my ass off. Secondly get stoned to free the creative energy needed for my next arts and crafts endeavour. Thirdly, I would take a modest sized jar of pickled onions and draw an iris and a pupil on each. Taking the note, I would hunt it's writer down, knock on their door and when they answer they would be greeted by a pile of eyeballs in a neat pile (like on the ferrero rocher chocolate advert) with one of those flag things you sometimes get in cocktails saying "i'm on top of the world - Jack."- Evil Muffin

id wait in front of the peephole for however long it took for them to bring another one. i would then exact my revenge by beating them with a dead octopus and inserting an extremely large marrow into their ear.- supermandave

I would sniff it, knowing who it MUST be. I'd then track him/her down like the dog he/she is and disembowel it on live television, though I'd charge money at the door because hey, why not make a profit off of other's sick interests?- ferretchick

Firstly I'd run inside and change my pants, having pissed them laughing. Then I'd scribble several similarly threatening and incoherent notes and nail them to every door within a one mile radius. Then I'd go buy some plastic army men and set them all around my place to help keep watch in case the original author comes back for me. But I'll get him first...he has to sleep sometime.- FartMonkey

i'll read it...there's probably an important message that i have to decode on it...- leigh

i have your baby and then copy the note onto a cellophane corpse full of flesh eating spider frogs from monkey anus- goat

I'd go over to the other person's apartment, knock on their door, run away to my door and as he came out i'd point at him and yell "It was me!!!"- cshea

I would read it..and laugh..and mail it to your mom and her cat- lol

I'd sit across the road and wait for the psycho to strike again, then sneaking up behind him, Id knock him unconscious with a monkey wrench. Then, I'd take him inside and tie the bastard up, beyond any means of escape. THEN I'd give that fuckwit an elocution lesson (or perhaps electrocution lessons would be more fun). I'd say, "If you ever use the phrase 'jack asshole' more than once in a letter again, I'll rip your ass off and feed it to you". Id let him get half way up the road then chase the bastard down with my car, run him over and stick a couple of bullets in him to make sure he was dead. Then go to jail.- Gibbo

umm... yeah ..time to stop pissin on the ol bed ...i guess...- Kyoritsu

I would write a corresponding letter, "Dear sir or madam, I am sorry that I have had to urinate on your bedding, but it seems your bathroom door was locked, and I could find no alternative. - Sincerely, JA Hole"- Josuke

I'd go piss on his bed and recieve the combination lock,p put that in a sock, and beat the shit out of him, prison-bitch style.- Freak Ninja

I would call my mother's cell phone and tell her to quit drinking and writing me letters, then I would call up my lesbian seagull and ask for some great german style sex.- Rollerboy13

i would say that a jackasshole is not a real cuss word- squee

i would laugh and take a digital photo of it and send it onto the internet- ammeg

leave a note back saying i'm watching you and i've just pissed on your bed- chancey

id proberly stop pissing in my friends bed, thinking about it now, it is kind of disrespectful.- peanuthead

i'd take it and put it on my teachers desk- alex?

If I found that note I would end up laughing until I pissed myself. Then I would take my rocket launcher and aim it at my little sister because it looks like her writing and something she would say.- xXLePpYXx

I would laugh- Liz


I probably would've framed it and given it to someone on a holiday that they don't celebrate- tinkerbelll

I would jizz on it and leave it at someone else's door.- Moose

I would laugh- Lysol

I'd read it, laugh a little and put it through my neighbour's mail slot.- McDiablo

*Scratching my head and trying to remember my name..* ~Regen~

damn it!!!!!!! barbera strisand knows where I live! I knew that evil bitch would find out...................*loads AK-47* bring it on bitch I'm ready for ya!!!- Realmo-K

I'd chuck it out- OLD person hater

I would laugh and start messing with the dude's mind by dying his drinking water piss-yellow and squashing those flowers that smell like piss around where he could smell it; and I'd wonder a little about what the fuck I have to do with it, but only a little.- Nikohl

JACCK ASSHOLE --------------- sj

id probably send it to this site- amos

I'd cut it up into little pieces and then feed them to a dog. Then I'd kill the dog and use its meat and blood as offerings to the cats.- FartMonkey

I would eat it, those kind of notes always self destruct and hey, what better way to commit suicide than eat a flaming chunk of paper or have it explode while traveling your intestinal track. And if that failed...exploding poo in flaming bags for the neighbors. Fun to be had by everyone- ferretchick

I'd read it, and then go piss on the mans bed.- Chloe

Legally change my name to Jack Asshole, and sue the note's author for libel.- drunkennewfiemidget

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