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What if aliens came and said "Hey, you want to come fly around with us?"

fly with me first ET.then ask me again..- rayyo77

I'd probably say no... There was this time when these chicks stopped and asked me if I wanted to go for a drive with them and they were hot so I did and then I woke up naked in Milton Keynes...- Mzebonga

i'd most likely be hypnotised by their enormous monstrosities they call heads and go with yeah i guess i would- SG*

i'd say "scoot over and let me drive" then go to my ex girls ouse in the ship and smack her ass with a lazer- NivekOgre

hell yeah!!! as long as they didn't ask to Probe me!!! GREYS RULE!!!!!- Panoptikon of Paranoia

Hell yeah..."Beam me up Scotty"...get me off of this stinking planet.- Harbinger

Only if I get to drive. And we have to stop at Krispy Kreme, cause I'm hungry.- Indomitus

sure- junebug

of course i would go fly around with them! and if they tried any anal probing, i would use the help of my invisible monkey to take over their ship, dress them up like dogs, and drop them over vietman (where people eat dogs). then i would have an alien spacecraft to play with! wanna come play in the spacecraft, DC?- CasualFatality

I'd show them my erect penis. Then they'd laugh. -ERECT PENIS

If by "fly" they ment run and by "with us" they ment away from us, then my answer would be yes - Shwee

I'd say hell no unless I have control of the starship...- Hopkins

I'd grab my Flash Gordon outfit and shout "Only if I get to have sex with female humanoid aliens from some large breasted colony."- Ann-thrax-Boy

"sure! and then can u probe me?"- digitalmelon

just like that? i would be suspicious at first; i mean, no aliens are that friendly..they're probably plotting something. but i would go with them and show them the magic of the flushing toilet. when they got close enough to the toilet bowl, i would pushe them in (one at a time) until they were all gone, leaving me with their ship, which i could sell either to the government or on depends on who offers me more money for it- Skittles

YES!!!!!!! can i have a lazer? then i would use it to mindwash everyone out of china and I would beam China to the moon and live there and eat my patented shop tarts with the japaneese warrior.- boing!boing!

i would say ''ok''. better than living in this shithole of sellotape and humungous white tesco tissues.- fudge.

Bring it on, baby!- Evil Muffin

It would depend where they were going to fly. if it was bangladesh i would decline their kind offer. if it was going to be mount kilimajaro or venus i would probably accept.- supermandave

I'd say "Hey, teach me to fly!" Then I'd crash their spaceship into the Empire State Building like the suicidal little bastard that I am. Then the American government could blame it on terrorists and World War 3 would begin. But I wouldn't care because I'd be watching comfortably from a front row seat in hell.- ferretchick

Hell, I'd go! How often do you get a chance like that? - FartMonkey

i'll probably go with them provided they're green...- leigh

Yeah if you let me take acid and you give me a probe.- goat

Fuck yeah, give me that control stick!- cshea

Are there going to be any illegal substances on this fly around?- lol

I'd say no, then turn around to walk away... then whip around quickly, killing all the aliens before they had a chance to react. I would now be free to steal their precious ship and sell it on Ebay. Maybe the government would like it as a gift... it could be their new secret; they appreciate that sort of thing, or so I'm told. They might pay me loads to keep quiet about it, too. As a matter of fact, that's a good idea- I'm going to Mexico to hijack a spaceship.- Gibbo

depends on which day cause on the weekends i gotta work or everything falls apart and who knows if aliens can put humpty back tyogether again- Kyoritsu

I'd throw sugar at them, then take the cat and run.- Josuke

it depends what they looked like. If it was the stereotypical bulging head and big eyes and green skin I'll tell them NO! Anything else I'd be like NO! Aside from that I'd be like NO! So all in all I'd be like NO! - Freak Ninja

lets all go buy big fancy hats then we shall go caroling to the deaf community.Look at that puppy, look at that silly puppy- Rollerboy13

i would say hell yea!- squee

i'd say yes- ammeg

hell yes!!!!!!!- chancey

yeah as long i can stop for a hamburger and fries i just got in from milking the chickens. - peanuthead

i'd think, "whoa, who spiked my drink"- alex?

I would say "Sure, o0o0o what does this button do?". I would probably run around like a monkey and probe random midgets.- xXLePpYXx

I would say "Yes, Get me out of this place."- Liz


I'd be like "OK!", then run around in circles in excitement while singing the patty cake song.- tinkerbelll

I like to think I'd hop in, but I'd probably be too terrified to move.- Moose

I'd say "sure, of corse I want to."- Lysol

I'd be like, "Sure, and take these people with you when you decide to leave *hands over long list*".- McDiablo

Sure. Will u let me bring my friend Denis with me?! ~Regen~

cool!, let's go and visit mulder and scully, then go through the drive through at maccas(except we will be flying through hahahaha!!!) and throw a pipe bomb through the collection window.........dude!,alien friends are so fun. - Realmo-K

Yeah, too right!!!- OLD person hater

I'd say; Yip, sweet, but can my mate come too?- Nikohl

how do you fuck? - sj

for sixty dollars- amos

I'd be like "Ok! Just let me go inside and get my jacket!" Then on the sly I'd also bring out my sawn-off shotgun and get inside the spaceship. After blowing all the aliens away, that baby's all MINE. I'll offer free rides to anywhere in the world to friends, cats, members of TID (excluding sanimal), and complete strangers that give me ridiculous amounts of cash.- FartMonkey

I'd say hey! sure! Then put on my special Ass-Protector 9000...No anal probes for this moron!- ferretchick

It depends. Do these aliens have super lazer guns?- Chloe

Only if I can control the airship and its phaser for 10 or 15 minutes when we're somewhere near Washington, DC.- drunkennewfiemidget

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