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what if you found out that your family were just actors because
your real (and rich) parents were too busy having parties to raise you?

id be pissed...why do my actors have to pretend to be poor- pizza man dan marino

REALLY! So! I will decide to gate crash at their party, get my real parents so drunk and force them to write and sign a will that states "We will commit suicide and give all to our estate to our son, plus he must give parties for all his friends at The Insane Domain once a month." The next day, my real parents bodies are going to be found dead in front of the house. They must have decided to jump off the balcony, Why would they do such a thing? ;) By the way, party is next weekend, are you comming?- DZ

I wouldn't really care, the parents I grew up with would be the ones I loved. No matter what financial situation we were in.- Hailey

I'd of course have to sue those cheapskates for all they're worth and use the money to pay off my actor family for doing such a nice job (as long as they have) and if they've been extra good, I'll let them come with me on the jet I've purchased and live in Canada after burning the rich parents' house to the ground and having them shot. - FartMonkey

I would blame them for all those wasted meals of macaroni and cheese, accusing them of kidnapping and child abuse. Only after i made these accusations would I realize I didn't want the real parents if they're too f***ing snobby to raise me. Then I would suck money from them like some inexorable force, driving them into bankruptcy, continually slapping them with a sausage like some german milkmaid. I would then put them to work in the sugar mines of Louisiana while me and my pseudo parents watched and laughed at their atrophied rich-people arms. Accounting will do you no good now! Bwahahaha!- ferretchick

I'd kill you all!!! ALL OF YOU!!! There's a new boss in town and it's me!- Mzebonga

i did,,they were,,and i never met those rich people.- rayyo77

WUT IM FAMOUS?!?- u smell like lemons

I would fine poor people and make them my rich friends because poor people make better friends.- Rooster

i would kill them.- jim bibble

i'd track them down, trick them into thinking they're child was dead, convince them to list them as a tax write off, turn them in to the IRS, and claim their estate as sole beneficiary... i'm so smart sometimes.- EmprissNikon

i would ask to my fake parents to hook me up with an agent and ask my real parents to hook me up with some cash.- GeT_KiNkY!!

I would drink one to many fruit juice pouches in the pouring rain.- Racoon Man

by (and rich), are you implying that my actor parents are not? hmmm... lets see...lets see...let me see...oh shit i cant see anything! maaaaaa!!!! is it brown-out havent paid the bill?!!!!...damn...- leigh

Wow, that sucks. This entire time i've been rich? wow! fuck having super powers, ill just buy some gormet grilled cheese. What a great life.... =)- JimBoBob=)

I would find my parents, crash their party and tell them that im old enough to go to parties now *sniffle*...- Rocco the Great

kill 'em..kill 'em all!- Vanessa

kill all four of the fuckers- antisanta

you know, i wouldn't be surprised...- dr. kryptonite

you mean Bill Clinton didn't really give birth to me through his ass? I feel so cheated.- Ass Gnome

i'd crash their parties drunk and high on nicotine valium vicodeine marijuana ecstasy and alcohol but no c-c-c-cocaine... and i'd start killing everybody and pass out.- SiNiSTaR

I'd laugh and join the party.- Christophe

i'd steal all their money and kidnap dc and we'd runaway to hawaii...or wherever he wanted to go. - irish psycho

i'd applaud... and then STAB STAB STAB them to death... THAT will teach them! YEA! YEA! go ME! go ME! yay!- -spanky the wonder horse

I would make a National Lampoons movie for them to star in.- Phishie

i wouldnt really care. as long as i can find my real family and get some money from them for my own parties, i would be just fine.- CowfromSpace

slap nuts- Stifler

crash one of my rich parents parties dressed as alf. commence the disco craze them of the party and continue until the police arrive. - your grandmas moth balls

i have no parents.but i would ask my real parents to fire the actors and give me the money they pay the actors. money is just as good or better as any parent could be.- demonboy"_"

I'd make my situation into a reality T.V show. Hey, everyone's doing it. I bet my 'storyline' would kick "The Osbourne's" dysfunctional asses.- McDiablo

I'd probably be sad, and have to kill my real parents. Then I would get their money, right? Don't I?- weirdDAR

i'd runaway with half their money.- irish psycho

It would be one more in an endless series of affirmations of my contempt for the rich. I'd head straight to the media and to court. After winning my parents fortune, I would continue to pay my actor family and maybe hire a couple of new writers,(some of the episodes have been good) so that I wouldn't be lonely. - Enfante Terrible

i wud thnk the them and throw a big party wit all my mates, after all im not spendin ne of my money!- Keli_x_James

I'd be like..."Yeah buddy! Buy me a jet to make up for my pain. I have somewhere I need to go!"- Naked Fairy

id seize the moment, and haev xray vision to peer at girls boobies, id start wars, but id win them all, and id haev sex 24/7.- der1331

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