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what if you had three wishes, what would you wish for (no wishing for more wishes),
and everything you wish for had to involve the color yellow?

1) I would wish that I would never again have to see the color yellow. (Prior to this wish, I would attempt to douse britney, carrot top, etc. in yellow paint) 2) I would wish that I would never again have to stop what I'm doing to go pee. 3) I would wish that when I die, I would come back as pollen that gives people horrible rashes and illnesses and force them to induce vomiting.- FartMonkey

I'd wish for everything, but everything to be yellow - that fixes the yellow part. 2 more wishes left... damn, this is hard. I'd probably wish to be smarter and rich... but I won't know until I actually get the 3 wishes and I read the text on the bottom of the contract, where it says the stuff about soul licencing and other nonsense like that.- Omuletzu

I'd wish that bananas would be straight instead of all bendy.- SiNiSTaR

I'd wish for lots of Australian money because some of that is yellow and then I'd be rich. Then I'd wish for a great big yellow sail boat to go cruising around the world on. And then I'd wish for Aria Giovanni in a skimpy yellow thong and bra set.- Mzebonga

1)one yellow school bus that i can play in and pretend Im on the magic school bus show 2)dc's sock monkey urine in a tupperware cup 3)an ever lasting supply of sun chips.- Syko Morgana

Everything had to involve the color yellow? Hmmm....The hottest guy on the planet... wearing a yellow tee shirt,and the second hottest guy on the planet wearing a yeallow tee shirt... unlimited supply of lemonade... yummmmm- NSuxbum

I would wish for a army with yellow uniforms to beat up anyone that i didnt like. I would wish for yellow grass on my lawn(how cool would that be?) and a blond porn star as a wife(blond hair counts as a yellow.)- nate

i would wish for a better back. a yellow dildoe. yellow money.- lucyinthesky

i want to have freaky dirty nasty sex with DC on a yellow bed and 400 billion dollars worth of ripe yellow banannas. then i want to capture the sun and hurl it into Sanimals bedroom window.- Pancake

No good answer.- Anthrax.Boy

lifetime supply of bananas for all on earth. A big freaking bad ass yellow house ) I can repaint it later. last but not least I would wish that when I am near a chick who will put out some action she would flash a yellow beacon of sluttiness- dennis1111

I'd ask for infinity money in a yellow basket, I'd ask to be skinny and beautiful in a yellow dress{you can always burn the dress after and the basket}, the last wish would be to have a lots of cats with yellow collars.- Sally

i wish i could have lots of yellow cool clothes... i wish i would have a big yellow villa.. i wish i would have a yellow shark...- Dipsy

i'd wish for a never ending supply of yellow banana flavored condoms- chicken lover

1.Orgy...their skin is kinda yellow 2. yellow dye to dye the next item.. 3.a gun..that you can dye..yellow...which will be..yellow...ohh yea..- SG*

1) A very very very big banana 2) A duck with jaundice 3) 6 tons of urinal cakes . . . they're called "cakes" for a reason *licks lips*- Fish

i would wish for a yellow mercedes benz, a trillion yellow dollars <that can be used>, and a yellow elephant! <--why? cuz i never seen one and i thought it would be cool to see a yellow elephant plus i could sell it for a trillion more yellow dollars- moo poo chic21

1. I wish for bees that make the most delicious honey and I would start selling it to make MONEY!!! You can have some of course, both honey and money. 2. I wish that people we all hate would be turned to yellow! So we can't insult the Chinese and Japanese anymore by calling them yellow. 3. I wish that all the cars in the world were yellow so that we can see day and night with relative ease, and stop having stupid accidents where the people say that they didn't see the car comming.- DZ

Everything I'm thinking of wishing for involving yellow is hateful and sadistic. It inspires curses of infections and drownings in urine for those that offend me. It's a bad trip. I have to go assume the fetal position now. - Enfante Terrible

1: a yellow camaro 2: a yellow box filled with $100,000,000,000 3: 40 yellow bananas- spanky

Lemon merangue Pie, A yellow, Audi TT, And Jaundice.- Kris

I'd have sex with the jeanni- Batman (na na na na na na na na)

three yellow midgets- Chunderspew

Yellow silk, yellow gold, and a lemon grove. At least then I can use them to get something I'd really want.- Riku

1. i wish for tony with his hair dyed yellow/blonde. 2. i wish the moon was made of yellow cheeze. 3. i wish the color yellow would become non-existent because it is so ugly and i that everything that is currently yellow become blue or green. - irish psycho

Three fat chinese bitches, cause they're yellow!- draven

I would first wish that I had an unlimmited ammount of yellow lemmonade. Seccond, for a big yellow bannana. Last, for 2million yellow sacks of money and food.-NNY

A yellow ninja monkey, a not-yellow (not being yellow makes it involve yellow) giant death orb satan thing, and a not-yellow $billion or three.- Rebirth

first i'll wish dinosaur should not came back to life ...secondly, if he comes to life also he shouldd not chase meh... thirdly i'lll have wasubi mixeddd wit soyabean(needed it)- tali

I associated yellow with pee. Does that make me sick and twisted or more sick and less twisted and vice versa? If I wish for a Slurpee machine, then the colour yellow would appear as a other words, Banana flavoured. That's my least favourite flavour. Do I have to make a wish...?- McDiablo

i'd wish for a yellow sports car i'd wish for a yellow mansion i'd wish for a yellow mint (as in moneymaking place)- Angelle

1. Happy Face Helicopter Company 2. Happy Face Submarine Company 2. Happy Face Airline Company- Lor-Lor

damnit... what the hell? yellow? that sucks a whole lot... i guess i'd wish for a giant yellow peep... i'm not sure what i'd do with it... but it's yellow... the rest of the time i'd just be confused and try to not to think about wishes- coffeespaz

I wish for a giant smiley-face to descend from the sky, and, under my command, devour those stupids i choose. #2: 39 million PEEPS (marshmallow birds people buy and eat at Easter) to feed to the poor and/or lethargic. #3: For the color yellow to go away forever (except sunlight, which isn't really yellow, it can become blue and still serve the same purpose.)- eva P.

Yellow is an evil colour. I would wish that yellow no longer existed. The spectrum would go from green to red. That would solve a whole lot of problems. Then I would be able to wish for eternal happiness and for stupid people to burst into flames whenever I wanted them to.- Fido Dido

Well first Id want a nice big yellow duck, a yellow crayon and a yellow rain coat...what for you ask, I can not tell you that shall see shall see *laughs manically*- monkeeskittles

Wish one-a new flavor of soda that is yellow and doesn't contain piss and doesn't taste like bananas. Wish two-World peace for all worlds that are yellow and have yellow colored people(as long as they don't have yellow hair peices). Third wish- For a day, the great site of The insanedomain would appear in yellow and black, and DC would admit to playing with his tail till it turned yellow.- InsaneLane

well first id wish that everyone in the world has enough yellow bananas to eat, then id wish that everyone in the world has a pretty yellow house to live in and then id wish that all greedy nationalist capitalist imperialist fucks are drowned in a sea of my yellow vomit- communist queen

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