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what if we forced you to build the biggest pyramid ever,
would you etch messages of death about us on the walls?

No. It would be an imaginary pyramid. There would be no messages at all. But since it is an imaginary pyramid, someone will build a bigger imaginary pyramid because of the ease of the task. It will no longer be the biggest pyramid ever. Thus the 'death messages' would become obsolete anyway, and thus an embarrassment to everyone involved.- FartMonkey

Not if you gave me bread and beer every day.- Omuletzu

i'd build the biggest pyramid ever out of LEGO, which will go on to win the natinal LEGO prize of a gajillion dollars, and everyone will want to be my friend and the hell with you guys i don't need you anymore, now i have my newly bought friends.- SiNiSTaR


Ill do something even worse. Ill etch pictures of Michael Jackson.- Syko Morgana

Ummm no... Id curl up in a little ball and not build it...- NSuxbum

only on one of the walls, on the other walls i would etch pictures of how my empire was the greatest thoasands of years ago.- nate

hell ya'- lucyinthesky

id say FUCk YOU!! Im NOT GOING To do THAT!!! YOUR CRAZY! i get to keep the pyramid afterwards? if so, ok. - Pancake

No good answer.- Anthrax.Boy

no, just pain, and lots of it.- dennis1111

yes die insane domain die!- Sally

no- Dipsy

the pyramid would include a dance club w/ etched messages of deat about u on the walls- chicken lover

most likey...or I'll just draw pretty pictures of the sun..birds..maybe some rainbows..and some doggy head people..- SG*

fuck no . . . I'd etch millions of diagrams saying "This way to the unusually large vat of caramel" all pointing in contrary directions. Gradually the permanent incipient darkness of the tomb and your own subliminal messages would drive you insane, and you would end up frantically licking up anything liquid you could find, believing it was caramel. - Fish

well, thats an intresting question i think i would make up some spell and etch that on the walls so that a billion years later some doofus could come and read t then make an over dramatic romance comedy wannabe movie out of it then add another doofus and some mummies in the movie and make tons of money- moo poo chic21

No, I'll etch messages thanking you for the good exercise I got from building the pyramids.- DZ

Certainly, and the depictions would be graphic as well as prolific, covering every exposed facet of my labor. JCP would be the tragic queen ambushed by her own servants and then mummified in her own hair. Her corpse would be drained and then filled with the gelatinous fungi that had been mined from Ver's neglected drinking glasses to preserve her flesh for the next ten thousand years. The sock-monkey would be emblematically depicted at every turn or point of entry in such tirelessly varied methods of demise that it would cause one who would explore the jigsaw labyrinth and its scores of subterrainian levels to wander into several layers of alternately horrific and euphoric states of trance, much in the way that pictures of the Buddhist Taras are used as specific points of conscious departure within a hypnotic theme. Most famous of the sock-monkey death glyphs would the monkey strangled by its own tail, monkey strangled by its own tongue and monkey on fire. These images will ultimately become distorted archetypes for the descendants of the conquerors of TheInsaneDomain and be widely used to signify everything from licensed medical practices to Chinese take-out establishments. Dead sock-monkeys will also be seen on currency, official documents and embedded on microchips beneath the fingernails of all school-aged children. The one known as Sanimal shall be the patsy in our coup, the Judas, the arrogant, whimsical harlequin sauntering off the cliffs of Fate. After strategic appeals to his pathological ambitions for the throne, which shall be depicted in detail on every surface of eighteen, consecutive, progressively larger chambers, he is successfully coerced by a horny laundress to assist in an "impromptu" raid of the royal Domain in which JCP is impaled with a hockey-stick by the crazed villagers and subsequently entombed within the innermost chamber of the great pyramid. Sanimal is simply trampled in the rush to slay the queen, and his disfigured image becomes a ghoulish folk legend used by lazy and sadistic parents to warn their children of the penalties of duplicity, lecherousness and pride. - Enfante Terrible

i would etch a message about how the world is going to eat itself.- spanky

NO, just my own.- Kris

I'd piss on the walls- Batman (na na na na na na na na)

midget- Chunderspew

That, and make hieroglyphs of you in obsene positions. On the brightside, you'd be immortalized in stone (and a position inspired by the more advanced examples in the kama Sutra).- Riku

no. i like physical pain so i'd probably praise you for your cruelty. - irish psycho

No- draven

Actualy, i would humbly accept the offer, knowing that building the pyramid was for a good cause and demand pay afterwards, but if there was NO pay afterwards only then would i etch messages of death on the walls.-NNY

no.- Rebirth

no.. m not tat bad- tali

I'd etch in the lyrics to that "Walk Like An Egyptian" song that randomly gets stuck in my head. If people decipher what I have written millions of years later, then they'd think I was a sort of genius or something when in truth that song just pissed the hell out of me and the only way to get it out of my mind was to, as you say, 'etch'.- McDiablo

yes- Angelle

yes, but only when you weren't looking - Lor-Lor

yes... that and those snake symbols... snakes! snakes! snakes! i hate you! snakes!- coffeespaz

I would make holy sock monkey carvings, exalting your genius, cursing your enemies (all of which are already dead, i hear), so the message need not include death at all. But my pyramid would be my sepuchre, for me to be placed inside after death and nuked. So, nope, no death, only sock monkey immortality. - eva P.

Messages of death of porn.- Fido Dido not mean id etch and i quote " Death to the man who touches the pyramid and these insane sock monkeys keep wipping me with a platapus...its startin to hurt now, stupid pyramid, i hate you, hope you fall on someone"- monkeeskittles

I would build the pyramid some one complete side is an etch-it-sketch so that the writing could be changes and the aliens would be able to see it from space. I would make the first sketch a display of my grandma's recipe for "Freedom" toast.- InsaneLane

no i would lead a populist uprising against your oppressive rule- communist queen

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