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what if dinosaurs came back to life and started chasing after you?

Depends on whether they are chasing me because A)they wish to eat me or because B)we are playing a friendly game of tag. If it's column A, I would turn around, punch him in the nose, give him some meat*, and he'd be my friend, then the chasing would continue, only in the situation of column B. *meat selections preferably would consist of osama, britney, or carrot-top- FartMonkey

I'd run.- Omuletzu

my mom always said i look like a baby stegosaurus. so i'll pretend to be a baby stegosaurus. the adult stegosauruses would feel so sorry for this little orphan that they'd take me in as one of their own. then, when night falls, i'll creep away to the secret hiding place of the FIA (Feline Intelligence Agency) where we ambush them and kill them off and save the world and proceed to take over and force our feline ideologies on the world.- SiNiSTaR

I'd run. Run too the hills. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! And then more Iron Maiden songs would come on and it might be the Wicker Man and then I'd hunt the dinosaurs down in the belief that my time had come and then I'd die and it would be pathetic.- Mzebonga

let them get me. shit, they were here before us.- Syko Morgana

Id call my secret alein friends that live in my toilet to come save me... then Id capture them and put them in a zoo like thing... like Jurassic Park.... with all the getting loose and eating people too... muhahaha......uhh... ya- NSuxbum

I would piss my pants.- nate

I would run with my tail between my ass.- lucyinthesky

ill proabaly think i was dreaming then when he swallows me up and im floating around in his digestive stomach acid, it'll hit me then ill say...well i wont say anything cuz ill be dead..damn, that sucks. - Pancake

Why me? What the hell did I do to those fucking dinosaurs? *indistinct mumbling* My ancestors you say? *more mumbling* Alright. I would do what my ancestors did and give those dinos that giant enema they got that killed them *mumbling again* I mean, I would throw a rock at them.- Anthrax.Boy

Id be dead real soon.- dennis1111

oh well......- Sally

i would hunt them and eat them :P- Dipsy

u'd trip fall and dies- chicken lover

i probably most likely keep running...till..something...i don't know..till i run into a tar pit?something..- SG*

Simple. I'll make tree noises, and wait till they come to sit under me to play a game of cards in the shade, then scream "Speak hands for me!" and descend on them with the biggest crab I can find and alot of grease . . . They'll learn not to follow me soon enough- Fish

i would take my yellow elephant that a genie gave me and start a war with the dinsaurs and if i lost i would climb into their ears and sing a britany spears song to kill them all- moo poo chic21

You wrong! They'll be starting to run away from me because I smell funny.- DZ

I'd be fucked. Then again, everything is so fucked up anyway, I might not even notice. I guess I'd probably be maimed or trampled.- Enfante Terrible

i think i would kill myself.- spanky

Death would be an option, - Kris

i'd have sex with them- Batman (na na na na na na na na)

i'd have to ask my midget for advice- Chunderspew

I'd only need to out run the herbivores. (bet you get five like that) Failing that, I'd just run up to one of the slower ones, yell "Tag! You're it!" and then there'd be only one to worry about.- Riku

i'd kill myself, then , i'd kill the dinosaurs from my place in hell...they're ALL against me.... - irish psycho

I would be eaten off of the toilet with shit coming out of my ass like in Jurassic Park.- draven

Well, if this should happen then i would have to pull my rocket launcher out from my back pocket and jump onto my magic carpet and fly to elbonia to get my team of flying atomic badgers. I would come back and kill every single one of them in a fixed time limmit,and if i died then i would come back to life in an instant (untill i ran out of lives of course). After that i would party naked with a thousand topless teen-age chicks and the presedent would reward me with loads of money, and more toples teen-age girls.-NNY

i'lllll die tatss 4 sure.................... or he'lll die tatss ur wish u be the judge.....- tali

I'd rather have dinosaurs chase after me than clowns. I'd only be scared of T-Rex just because he has small hands. I am like Austin Powers in that I am, and I quote, afraid of "carnies, circus folk. Smell like cabbage--small hands."- McDiablo

I'd pull out a bazooka gun and shoot their asses- Angelle

They did and they do... so run like hell.- Lor-Lor

well that'd be quite disturbing actually... i guess i would have to run but they'd catch me and then i'd be dead- coffeespaz

i'd whip out my 5d6 wand of fireballs, and have meat for the next 6 weeks, or start asserting my dominance in my community, and create a tribe of hunters.- eva P.

Dinosaurs are much cooler than humans. I think I would worship them until I got eaten, or at least, slightly before I got eaten.- Fido Dido run run far far away until i came to the edge of the earth then id fake a jump and pretend to fall off that way with the dinosaurs beingso silly, theyd fall off and id be free of dinosaurs *does the happy dance*- monkeeskittles

I would go in search of Fred Flinstone and hope that his daughter pebbles was a age so I could bang her real quick. Then, I would join the Bedrock bowling league and recruit the guys to help me. I would then flee while they are slaughtered by duckbilled platypuses. In my fleeing attempt, I would accidently think that a T-rex was harmless and try to catch it for my Bedrock Petting zoo. While being digested, I would realize I should have grabed one of those cars. Son-of-a . . .- InsaneLane

what id do is like in jurassic park is get some big fuckin staeaks or summat and fill em full of poisonous shit and chuck em at the dinosaurs cos theyre greedy fuckers an theyl go for the poison stuff an theyll all die and then i'lll be known as the bitch who conquered the dinosaurs - communist queen

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