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what if one of these questions were in fact a TRICK question?

i would cry because then you would have tricked me and i suffer from extremely low self esteem and i need to be NURTURED (Dr.Phil and Oprah say so!) and it would just be morally wrong of you to deceive me like that ::sniffle sniffle:: - MeowMeow

then may you sucumb to plaugue of unwashed sweaty midgets- Bill Clinton

You're not clever enough. No one can outwit the mighty Mzebonga. Except all of you people. And the Pope.- Mzebonga

I don't see how it could possibly be. They may be disguised and simple questions however...- Popo

Well then I'd grab a gun and...heyyyy...bastard! I'm gonna kill you!...I mean, come in my child, I have some nice cookies. No, no, those AREN'T razors in your cookie, they're um...spices. Yes...spiceeessss. *evil cackle*- ferretchick

pfft you can't trick me!! I'm a magician! See my cape and wand and pack of cards and....ok yes I'm a loser, I need help.- Nelson

that would blow my mind... my brain would collaspe on itself due to the mind bogglingness of it all...but then again...maybe that's the vodka. WAIT A MINUTE...this IS a trick question!!!- shari baby

Um. Then I was tricked?.. What's the right answer? Which question?! Tell me. Tell me.- stalkerchic

you'r kiding - thetwolovers-meandmyhand

then i've been friggin tricked...DAMN YOUSS!..but you are so sexy..*plays with your tail and giggles*- SG*

Is that a trick question?- weirdDAR

Ouch! sound like youre in for a rough ride then.- Harbinger

Then you have succeeded in making me paranoid. Then again, it doesn't take much to get me paranoid. I mean you could have said that DC was looking at my through the window RIGHT NOW and I'd get all shifty eyed.....*shifty eyes*- McDiablo

Then i would have to hunt down the tricky little bastard that tried to trick me, unless of course he was REALLY tricky - then i wouldn't even know I was being tricked now would I. Aaaagh!!!- shwee

is this a trick question?- SilverJackal

huh- misfit

everythin i say is a good answer... so not gonna happen- Freakshow

I would have to make you eat your testicles and then i would die.-LB

than i wouldn't care- Draven

heh..- BlueRaven

*evil smirk* - LuckyBuck

I think this answer deserves a stinky monkey-butt award. Like right now even.-off

if this were a trick question, the answer would probably explode in my face.(BANG) AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH YOU FUCKERS!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!MY FACE!!!AAAHHH...- cy

That's a risk I'm willing to take.- Natasha

If i answered it correctly, even when the correct answer was unknown to you, i would expect a treat. If i didn't get a treat, it dent your shins.- evapsychotic

Hmmmm... I'll have to ponder that one for a while.- Radnor the Crippler

what cam first? the chicken or the egg?- Ripper

id say good 4 u to be in the halloween spirt!but i much rather treats... like freee monkeys!that'd be coool- KinkySpaggetti

What if one of my answers were a TRICK answer?- Loshi

hmmmm...then id be quite tricked- mariedk

That would imply that there is a correct answer to them ... either way I'm screwed.- Amingape

I wouldnt give a shit, it's all in fun..right?- xXDARKSTARXx

As in turned tricks? I might give it a go ... how much does it charge?- ShawFits

well then all i would have to do is write a trick answer add ten flip the remainder multiply it by the denominater add 4 pounds of sugar and sleep for 7 nights under the moon and it helps get that taste out of your mouth- me

I'd laugh at myself?- Ammo

id feel like a fool, get very humiliated ... cry... cry some myself stupid and be shameful "ohhh woe is me."... then bring the knifes tip to lay softly on the skin of my throat.Ironicly near my main artery then puncture a deep wound.Taking my VERY OWN LIFE...- ThisIsYourDestiny

fuk it- potty bum

Then i would be tricked.- JimBoBob

i might laff- the voodoo bunny

i bet this is a trick question. you're trying to find out what i'd do, i caught you. or maybe that's what you wanted me to think. maybe you thought i'd figure it out, and say it's a trick question when it actually wasn't. but maybe you knew i'd figure it out, and it's really not a trick queation at all. but maybe you knew i'd get confused and suddenly spontaneously combust!- cassie

what if i was actually a TRICK! hahahahahaha- joemomma

then BOO - Satan

i would laugh like a crack head- Pink

How about...penis! - Is that a bannana in your pocet or are you just happy to se me ?

i think i would laff:-)- nailbomb

this one- big dave

well that i dont know- fjk

I wouldn't get it... Tricks are for kids- Trainwreck

But, then, in fact you have to take into consideration WHICH question it would be. If it were to be the one about anal probing just to find that the information is given to a system 'central' to find actual contestants for the anal probing show, i would gladly take one million dollars. In the regards about the friendly stranger question it really wouldn't matter, if you think about it. BUT, if it were to the one I am addressing right now, if it itself were a trick question, it would be a paroxysm and destroy the world with it's own self-stupidity. I need to rest before i have another anurism.- Freak Ninja

i would scream- Gidget


Just as I thought. the first one's a trick question. Now think twice before you join any.- leigh

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