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what if houses had to be made out of toffee?

As if houses are ever made out of one thing. There are all sorts of materials in houses: Bricks, wooden rafters, iron girders, electrical cable, plastic, glass and many other products. Houses wouldn't be made of toffee, they'd be made of toffee, fudge, chocolate, liquorice and caramel. It'd all be wonderful except for the liquorice.- Mzebonga

Then there wouldn't be any houses and there would be more fat people on earth- Tarzan

then there wouldnt be much point buying a house, cos you could make one, or bite a hole into someone elses and sleep in there. You could also put paintings and pictures on the walls without needing nails, they would just stick there- Ultra Magnus.

then i would eat your house if i didn't like you. or i would set a bunch of bugs outside. bugs love toffee. or maybe i would light it on fire. i always wanted to know what toffee looked like on fire.- shoooooogaaaaahhh

I would die from sugar poisoning after chewing on a doorframe to keep my teeth short, as I do regularly- Fish

cool, but would toffee then be made out of houses?- SiNiSTaR

i would have a heart attack and be overjoyed and bite into everyone;s houses and get my teeth stuck in the walls and drool all over myself till the toffee got soft enough for me to chew and then i would eat someone else's house.. - Miss Roger's Sweater

then i could eat and eat and eat untill i die. after i die, i would build another house out of potato pie and i wouldnt eat it cus i dont like to eat potato pie, but the little green man that lives in my shoulder does and he tells me to make a house out of potato pie- Zero

The world would be a a happier place with dentists...lots of dentists...- Meeee!

oh wow then all my walls would be sticky and i can eat it all day yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhh oh wait then i would have to take a wicked shit wouldnt i well no matter i like toffee- butthead

I would imagine that more people would be involved in fatal accidents around the home, by way of getting stuck to the walls etc. Fires would be particularly deadly as the melting toffee would kill people in a sickly-sweet death of gloriousiness... Also hospitals would be full of people who have been violently ill because they ate their houses... retching all over the place... vomit coating the entire hospital ward... World hunger would soon not be a problem and toffee makers would be very rich indeed, but masons and builders would soon be out of their jobs. Sweet makers would build houses instead. There would also be an increase in the number of old women being pushed into their ovens by children. As can be seen from this graph, as the number of not only gingerbread houses, but in fact, houses made of any kind of sweet goes up, so do the amount of old women dieing from result of burns. This is a good thing. Now, wheres my toffee?- Fido Dido

Can I have a lick then?- Sally

no good answer...- AnthraxBoy

it would suck to live near the equator.- fishtopher

The rich would eat the houses of the poor and force them to live in unstable, substandard apartment buildings made of saltines.- Enfante Terrible

there wouldnt be any houses in the wworld because they al would be in my stomach....cus toffee is good.- NAAAAAA!!!!!!brrr...

if they HAD to be??????Well, i'd say fuck that law and make my house out of marshmellows(cus it actually makes more sense, it sticks together better and tastes better to)ALSO no one tells me what i HAVE to DO!!! fuck you...fuck you all!!!..and your senseless rules...why do you always have to piss me off like this?FUCK YOU!.. LooLooSy

Then the homeless would run rampet around the equator and we would eat concrete as candy.- Cirrus

Flabba no eat toffee. Flabba want eat sexy little Sock Monkey.- Flabba the Slut

i would eat them- w33nkie

Homeless people would get a whole lot fatter- Duck

I'd make an army of gaint robotic heaters to melt all the houses. Then the world would be flooded with liquid toffee. Then I would hold the world hostage and force the world leaders to pay me 100 billion dollars to turn off my robo-heaters. Then I would rule the world!- Waxter

then people would stretch every house as much as they wanted and houses wouldn't be small anymore but then people would get pieces of their house caught in their teeth from eating it - hollow

well, mr.joe's house will finally fit in with everone elses.. mr.joe always said he was physic...hmmm..i wonder if i am actually a moose with gum hoofs?- nickanama

I'd pretend to be Gretel from "Hansel & Gretel" know? They found a candy house in that story. I think I'd get WAY too into my newfound alter ego for I'd constantly be looking for a witch to shove into the oven.- McDiablo

I never stop eating, but have no regrets. As 'fish' says, "Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die of cholesterol poisoning". Ah, that tastes good. Wait a minute. What do you mean "What If"????- foetish

if you ate it you would shit bricks- Ninja

um... i'd live in a street alley under a box with my pet chicken...if i got hgry, i'd eat the chickens leg...- insanity crises 420

if houses were made of toffee then the world would be a horrible place to live in. of course toffee is not waterproof it is mainly sugar so possibly and most likely it would melt in the rain. of course then rivers of melted toffee would flow into the oceans and create giant toffee oceans. eventually the worlds entire water supply would become 99percent toffee and all marine life would be poisoned ecxept for certain oraganisms that would adapt and live off of only toffee. there would be no water to drink and everyone would become dehydrated and have to live off of large supplies of bottled deer park water that remained after the toffee melting disaster. but eventually supplies would run low. the only remaining lifeforms would be marine animlas that adapted to life inb the toffee seas and mutated humans who would live underground and become addicted to toffee. then eventually intelligent beings from outer space would come to earth and steal all our toffee to take it to there planet where they are completely deprived of toffe which makes up an important part of there nutrition. they have a surplus of water which they would then trade us for our toffe which is nesassary for there existence. then the world would once again have water only all of the lifeforms which were addicted to the toffee would die horrible deaths. then the tennis shoes which had been hibernating through this tradgedy would come up from tehre underground homes and rule the earth for millions of years .- mary jane

we'd all end up dying from natural causes. or the government.- tim

Yum!- Omuletzu

If we keep giving donations to those commercials where they show the children from some country in poverty, we will eventually put them in homes, but since they are in poverty, they will be hungry, and they will eat their homes and we will start them all over again.- FartMonkey

then i'd be one 600 pound freak wearing pink spandex!!- Bearded

well actually toffee is not a badsubsatnce i meen its pretty had and doesn't melt in you mouth . i think i'd be proud to live in a tofee house.- meagnolia

I'd gather all the sheep and move to mars.- ~Nickname~

hmm.. would there be ants (insects..) in the world?? and if not, i want it out of hard toffee. so the roof wouldnt leak. :D- sheniqua

Then I wouldnt have a house and I would be fatter.- LubisKo

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