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what if paint got tired of being on walls and decided to just drip onto the floor?

well... if the paint thinks that it is too good for the walls, i would put it back in its place, and not on the walls that is... i would put it on toilet paper, then i would proceed to wipe my ass with it. now whoos too good for the wall!!! stupid paint.- zero the ninja

Then we would put carpet on the wall.- Omuletzu

i would tell it to stop f**king up and to get back on the wall or i would replace it with peanut butter- Yoda.... Is that you???

Then carpet would get pretty pissed at it and move out. And we'd all invest in laminated wood flooring because it's so much cleaner and durable.- Mzebonga

what ? is it just going to un-drie itself and fall to the floor that is impossible what kind of question is that ?!!!!!!!- frizzy

I would use my "change gravity so that we don't step in the paint that refused to stay on the walls and now has puddled on the floor because we don't know why, but thats not the point, the point is that we don't wanna get out shoes all painty like" machine.- ANthraxboY

Then people would buy more hats to stop the paint dripping on their heads.. Sales of hats would increase 100 fold.. This is obviously a conspricy by the hatmakers.. We must stop these lunatics at all costs!- Fido Dido

i would make it get back up on those walls...or else- mary jane

It would be arrested for vagrancy and pumped full of charcoal in a psychiatric emergency room until it understood its role in society. If it still refused, or was otherwise unable, to hang on the walls properly, it would be committed to an infirmary for the politically insane.- Enfante Terrible

We don't need paint. We'll just get all the polticians of the world, flatten them out in a press and use them to line our ceilings. Every day, we can look up and feel safe in the knowledge that the world is now a better place thanks to our ceilings and that rebel paint. And if we ever want to demolish our houses, it gives those bastards a cheap burial: more than they deserve.- Waxter

the carpet would get pissed off and decide to ravish the furniture- Mystic Murray

paint goes on walls?get outahere!well id say i got no worrys cept for that stalker but mehh..least i wont paint spill on my clothes!!imagine what a mess that would be.. tsk tsk- What If I Didnt Write My Real NickName?

I'd scoop it into a bucket and tell it to stop being so damn difficult.- chickenlicious

everybody would pretend not to notice because they're a bunch of fakes.- shopping cart

i'd yell at the walls to put on a diaper- Ari

More power to it- justsomeblondechick

Oh my goodness, that'd be so fascinating! I love watching paint dry, but I'm sure watching paint drip off the walls would be way more thrilling ... maybe even A HUNDRED times more thrilling! Oooh, then I'd have a cool abstract-y thing on my floor instead of my ugly brown carpet. Rock on! Maybe the wallpaper will fall off, too!! *claps hands over-excitedly*- McDiablo

then id probably follow suit and get tired of walking on the floor, opting to walk on the walls. and all floors would now host funky swirly patterns.- frazicus

I would feed it bananas- Fish

Hmm... Multi-colored floor paint... Mmmm... I can just taste it now...- insanitycrises 420

Well then the cermic tiles would get very very pissed off. They would grab there grout and just go right on the walls instead. - Mistofflies

Then we would all have floors like tar pits and we would all get trapped and sink and suffocate and die down in there. But...what if we painted the floors in the first place, would it creep up onto the walls? Reverse phsycology, with paint..hmm- FartMonkey

i like paint chips. they taste yummy paint soup yummy yummy. somtimes i eat the walls too if the paint is hard to get off. yummy yummy paintt- taplitemuckie

Well that's all very well to me, after all MY walls are not covered in paint, i used earwax because it's natural and way cheaper anyways. plus, once it dries it kinda looks like old leather or some special wood grain.- SiNiSTaR

well the whole concept of dried paint dripping is floppingly rediculous. the paint would be forced to chip onto the floor, in which case, it would also chip onto such items as tables, desks, beds, and whatnots. this would create somewhat of a mess because vacuums dont work well on beds.- Doc

what if i didnt answer this question would you still put it up?- /Is This Valid?/

some one would slip and fall and I would cry- Retarded Monkey Queen

I would just ignore it, its just a faze, it WILL growe out of it.- LubisKo

Well, we would just have to start grinding up little bratty children and putting them on the walls instead. - syko morgana

my floor neds a new coat of paint anyway- SG*

I'd let it drip into a bucket.It needs a new coat anyway- Skittles

well, us arctic ass monkeys believe that walls are SINFUL, they are an insult to the king of all arctic ass monkeys everywhere (wilfred). therefore, our friend, the holy arctic ass monkey paint would be doing itself a favour by refusing to spend any more time on the unrighteous devilish walls. incidentally, walls will be punished in the arctic ass monkey afterworld by the ass monkey punishment master (garth)- the queen of the arctic ass monkeys

then we wud be colourfull then wudnt we and we wudnt need 2 decrate the floor sweet- lil devil

then 3-foot tall mentally retarded but strangely animated garden gnomes wearing party hats and singing "the shoes of the fisherman's wife are some jive-ass slippers" whilst eating camel's ears coated in thumbtacs would all, by a sudden and horrific quirk of random insanity theorem be suddenly inducted as the American Congress.- Not Napoleon Bonaparte

Sounds cool. I would take a paint bath on the floor. - Nelson_1723

then we'd have paint on the floor and on the bottom of our shoes(and you be able to tell if anyone was having hot passionate sex on the floor) but then the paint would get tired of being ont he floor and under our shoes, so they'd start a Society For The Advancement Of Paint, which would be responsible for securing jobs and housing for the paint. then they'd have an elected representitive in the senate, and then, one day not far from now, we'd have "PAINT FOR PRESIDENT"- MARISSA

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