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what if things were different?

This would be a Brithey Spears fan page.- Omuletzu

the world would be too boring- mouse

Every thing is always different, things are never exactly the same. dumb question.- Snipe

If things were different they would never be the same... I could be king of the sewer and not just the prince...- HoMe ImPrOvEmEnT KiLlEr

If things were diffrent than i would get to have sex with DC- iWanaDoDC

then they'd be the same- syko morgana

what if things were diffrent thats a big question- oriongk

then everything would be the same- smoking_girl

then i wouldn't be living on the streets, the streets have no name, and not even a rat would befriend me...- SiNiSTaR

Depends on what what though if it was something cool it would be good but if it was crap then it would be bad.- Sally

They would never be the same- Mzebonga

then i'd be ugly- Coconuts

if things were different monkeys really would rule the world, i would actually have a job and maybe wanna keep it, i would be dating a stripper and sleeping with all her stripper friends, i would buy a dodge omni and drive around proudly shouting i am wearing diapers and love pooping myself.we- cookypuss

Then I would have another leg and my nose would finally be able to talk back- Fish

We wouldn't be the same. This Insane Domain might be the rational domain... what a thought....- Witto

Then I would be called Mary- Mystic Murray

Retared people and senoirs will rule the earth beating us up for fun and dirty pleasure... ....- double

id be the computer... and people would jam porn in me day and night downloading everthing my memory would be all used up and i would crash they would reboot me..then fed up, i would play tricks on renaming files and replacing there porno pics wit sock monkeys and sexy old fun- hopsgotcaught

we'd be screwed! the only good i can see is we would find out the origin of goldfish!!- popedoug

then i wouldnt be siting here watching this poodle try to screw this mc hammer doll... or would i!- kraken86

can things be different? how do you know things can be different cuz you only know how things are now.. so maybe there is no other option... *raised eyebrow* hmm.. i think i have to quick drinking these slurpees after midnight.. - Miss Roger's Sweater

Then I wouldn't have had to tell the truth about the Wombats. It's not like it smelled all that different, anyway.- Nicole

Then people wouldn't suck so much . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NOT FUCKING LIKELY!!!!!- The Fool

then id be happy and you'd be sad and i'd be the one laughing- schhtop_sie_grolsch

Then they would be the opposite of different...or is that the opposite of the same...AAAHHH!!!! MY HEAD!!!!!!- AnthraxBoy

Then I would think that suicide was not a bad thing.- Draven

what if things were the same?- Fido Dido

the black wpuld be pink and pink would b greeen and toenails were my eyeballs and you'dcut them off and it wuldn't hurt and they'd just regenerate. and if sox were underpants and condoms were boots and teen wer grandma's and boys had vaginas and penises we'd have a whole lotta knockedupold people.- megnolia

things wouldnt be the same, people would actually have sense... men would ride horses sidesaddle, clowns would only do porn, wed have a midget president and all talking robots would be dissasmebled then burned to a liquid then (hopefully dead by then) be put in mean peoples hot dogs... damn talking robots!!- i am frank

same day different shit- marissa

then things would consequentaly become the same as they now are, and what was the same, is now different and scorned with relish.- frazicus

i would be fucking u right now...:)...i wish- whatusuck

Then they wouldn't be the same. I'd probably be a very rare plant that always gets trampled on by careless hikers.....or a bum living in a box on the street. Hey, don't touch my mansion--it's a refrigerator box!! Is it raining or is a dog pissing on my box again? Dammit.....- McDiablo

id be getting humped and be a chair.- hopmonkey

i would lock myself in a barn and not come out till the my mom kills all the cows and tears out her face with metal hooks - LooLoo

id be making love to that rake in the yard right now and making bikinis out of leafs for my rake lover when im not making love to it- Cough

then they wouldn't be the same- ??????????

whoa, that's intense- BOZZ

id be lickin the cum off the floor while someone fives me a sponge bath as a goat does me in the ass...while watching bad porno films- grossMeout

If you mean different for the better, Britney Spears will not exist, and Barney would have been shot years ago.- FrogBladder

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