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what if each country had to sterilize 1 out of every 3 people?

It's a bit late now, George Bush Snr has already reproduced. And the Americans would never agree to it anyway. Even though these sorts of agreements are made to stop them screwing up the world, they refuse to partake of them. Everybody remember Kyoto?- Mzebonga

The world would be a better place.- Tarzan

Then i hope to hell im not one of those people. It would be quite fun to luagh at the sterile people. I think factions would eveolve, and a inter country civil war would start between Sterlies and Non-Steriles. I think Sylvester Stalone would be a good Sterlie person.- Ultra Magnus

Then I would be very sad if I found out the man i was in love with was sterilized. and i would shoot the government.- shoooooogaaaaahhh

There would be a lot less idiots around- Fish

then the number of rotten, snotty and filthy kids would be greatly reduced and that's fine by me. hopefully after such a successful sterilization, they'd realise that maybe they should sterilize everyone and kill off the human race once and for all. they should start by sterilizing babies at birth as well as their moms and dads. i think this is a good and realistic plan.- SiNiSTaR

my room would still be messy and i would only do laundry on mondays, unless it was friday and then i would just play tetris.- Miss Roger's Sweater

i guess you werent the one out of three...- Zero

You guys would finally be happy...- Meeee!

well then with all my out of body expieriences i would definetly have tbe sterilized wait that doesnt make sense oh never mind i never make sense anyway....jjjjjjjjjjoooooooohhhhhhhhnnnnn!!!! stop playing with yourself come help me make sense!- butthead

I pick that fat man down the road. I need my sperm. What would I have to eat if I was sterile?- Fido Dido

DC would be unhappy until it was everyone.- Sally

That would be tremendous. I mean think about it. Soaking people in rubbing alcohol to get them clean. But then they would get dirty again so they would need to be resterilized. OH NO!!! THE GERMS!!! THEY ARE ON ME!!! THE END IS NIGH!!!!! THE END IS NIGH!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!- AnthraxBoy

trailer parks would start disappearing. catholics should be sterilized. i think a catholic family averages around 13 kids.- fishtopher

As long as it was done by random lottery, and not by race or economic status, I would throw a huge party celebrating the mandate and there would be much intoxication and intermingling of genetalia while the marachi band plays until sunrise out on my veranda.- Enfante Terrible

ha..that one person sucks- NAAAAAA!!!!!!brrr...

i would love to answer this question..if i only knew what sterilize meant..but oh well ill answer anyways, i say its very unfair and we all should be sterilized if we want to be!at any time...i always thought that was very common and fun anyways...but what do i know..- LooLooSy

Then the morons would be unable to breed. Assuming of course that the people weren't sterilzed randomly. Otherwise there would be many more preists and nuns than there are today. - Cirrus

Each country should breed sexy Sock Monkies and sell them at Green Grocers so that I can eat them. They should not sterilise them.- Flabba the Slut

then 1 out of 3 people in ever country would be sterilized, dumbass.- w33nkie

Less Bangladeshians- Duck

then 1/3 of people in every country would be sterilized and 2/3 of the people would be dancing on grapefruits- hollow

well... thank god, i aint a person...wooo!!!screw you People!- nickanama

Why 1 out of 3 people? Did you just pick a random number to put there?? I think you did.....hmmm, uhh....*blank look* I forget the question..................- McDiablo

well if it wasn't each country, and it was each CoUNTry that was doing it, then at least that would be the best way to do it.- foetish

then there would be less retards in thw world- Ninja

that better be me. i'm so dirty... i have roaches in my hair.- insanity crises 420

the world would be a much better place.- tim

You would be one of them.- Omuletzu

I would not really care as long as long as all Elvis impersonators and the freaks in charge of the music of today, mainly Britney Spears, are sterilized.- FartMonkey

then i'd have more chances to get laid.- Bearded

well we'd start with mexicans and n e body on well fare. they don't need tpo procreate n e way. then if we have to don e more we can take the druggies as well.`- meagnolia

Everyone would be a nymphomaniac.- ~Nickname~

could it be me??? pwease???- sheniqua

Then there would be less stupid people and ALOT less Mexicens.- LubisKo

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