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what if you had to make a bird using sludge from the bottom of a lake?

i could do it, no problem...monkeys are the ones that are hard to make though.- SiNiSTaR

Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt.- Mzebonga

well i'd jus incorporate my own feces into the scupture andhope nobody notices- meagnolia

i think it would be a very slimy bird.- mary jane

Well, first of all you're going to want to gather some sticks and grasses and see that they're good and dried out. If you've got a nice, sunny window it will be just the place to let your project dry out. Now, of course, you've got your grass ready and then you just take your sludge and sort of mop it and squish it and shape it until it starts to look sort of like a bird, see? Then in, oh--about a week or so, depending on the size of your bird, the weather, and your astrological sign, you have yourself a nice, little, clay bird which you can even paint or glue things to if you like. If you want it to fly around and sing and eat and shit, then we're going to have to get a whole lot more metaphysical about it. - Enfante Teribble

Oh thats fucked what kind of show are you running here? I'd make the bird then I'd throw sludge at you people for making me do it.- Sally

First of all I'd ask why and try to find out who was forcing me to do it. I'm assuming it'd be Britney Spears, as she is the evolutionary equal to sludge from the bottom of a lake and would understandibly want some friends on the same intellectual level as her. So, I'd build the bird, as told to, but I would make it from sludge from a very disease infected lake (ensuring that I had the proper protection of course) so that when Ms. Spears went to interact with her new pet, she would become infected and die.- Waxter

i would be in deep shit- butthead

I think I would make an Ostriach (sp?). Just because.

it would be a great success! then, becauase there is so much sludge at the bottom of this lake. id create more birds. then id use them as clever, undetectable copies of rare, more alive birds, and switch them. then id use these birds as a barganing agent for when i birdnap bigbird.- frazicus

i'm sorry i really thought about it but, i just got nothing for this one... *pathetic sniffle* *curls up in fetal position in corner of room* *mother comes in, looks at computer screen, looks in the corner at her eldest daughter and wonders why she didn't have an abortion*- marissa

I would pick up the sludge and shove it down the person's pants that tried to make me create a freaking bird out of that shit.- fly_gal01

well id make the beak from a large orange cone found at the body. then create his whole body from preused comdowms to give it a somewhat rustic effect. Then for wings i shall use fish and make there little poor bodies flap widly around. All for science I would tell them. Then oh yes they would shoot me. - one armed midget

well then i would make the fucking bird wouldnt I , I mean if i had to then I would - dane

Fuck a bird, I would make a legion of the living dead sock monkeys loyal only to me.- gopostal

I'd make the bird and send it to Washington DC- ble

i would dry it out dumbass..- w33nkie

Then it would be the best damn lake bottom sludge bird ever made.- LubisKo

i would grab some sludge and roll it into balls and then slowly build a penguin out of it cuz everyone knows that penguins dont fly and then there would be no awkward moment when everyone is gathered around to watch the silly sludge bird fly.- Miss Roger's Sweater

i dunno... how about letting them dry, and use the crusty parts and shoving them up YOUR nose...?- sheniqua

I already did, but it flew into the window and splattered all over the wall.- Not Napoleon Bonaparte

id make a bird out of suldge from bottom of a lake....- dugsdee

It wouldn't look like a bird, because I suck at sculpting. It would probably look like some ancient prehestoric creation.- Atlas

Then you wouldn't have to buy any of those silly 'tourist trap' ones at the beach--because then you'd have your very own- Richard.

well i would fail miserabley(spelling is wrong, i know So dont try to sound smart..ass)- KKEELLYY(or am i?)

no- Draven

well id probably jump into a lake wait, id first go home put on my bathin suit get a bucket head back to the lake and then jump in scoop up the sludge in the bucket swim back up before i drown..well i hope that is what will happen ... well now on land i will start building the bird and then hopefully speaking i will suceed..sadly speaking i would not suceed. Force myself to eat the sludge beat myself with a bucket then jump in the lake were i will drown to put my sad short painful life to rest.- !@%^!If YOU dont EaT YouR MeaT HOw CaN You Have YouR Pudding??!@/(PinkFloydCrazyTeacher)

i prefer Brie.- OmegaClarinet

And your point is.....?- Spooky The Cat

Why a bird? Can't I make a beaver instead? C'mon, I'm feeling patriotic...I'd like to make a wee little sculpture of our national animal. Is there a rule stating that I can not make any animal outside of the bird family? Wait a minute...sludge? Ewww, like, I'll get, like, so dirty!!!!- McDiablo

You'd need a fucken miracle or some acid to help. It can't just be the sludge. So, I'd refuse and probably be shot for my insolence.- The Pope

Just a bird? Why you can make eight formal place settings and craft an elegant, Asian crane design centerpiece,into which you can insert about a dozen, dried stalks of blue vervain and five or six sturdy cattails, with just a single gallon of sludge. If you mold the sludge just right, the finished product should be translucent and nearly indistinguishable from fine china to anyone other than a trade specialist.- Marthastewart

I don't know but I bet it would leave some pretty nasty shit so ide train it to look for convertables- Sk8erGecko

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