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what if the oceans got pissed at us and just flew away into space never to return?

a lot of fish and stuff would be left flopping around on the seabeds, then.- SiNiSTaR

Well, we'd still have rivers and the seas but I guess Whales would get a bit cramped in them.- Mzebonga

we;ll then we'd just blast of inrto space and use huge obsoebant pads to saok up all the water o the space shuttles don't drown- meagnolia

free dead fish...need i say more?- mary jane

It would serve us right. We suck.- Enfante Teribble

Good I'm scared of the ocean but then I would have the fear that it might return and drown me.- Sally

I'd use the opportunity to my advantage. I'd walk out into the Pacific, plant a flag, and proclaim it previously unoccupied territory that is now owned by me. No matter that the fish of the world had claim to it before me. I mean, they did it with Australia, NZ, the US, along with many others. So then I'd have a huge chunk of land all my own.- Waxter

i would go with them i want to leave this hell hole just as much as they do- butthead

I wouldn't be surprised in the least.- Fido Dido

the planet would get very depressed. growing up, never knowing its estranged oceans.- frazicus

well, since the whole water cycle would be like, shot to shit, recycled urine would become a most prized i'd start saving my pee pee from now if i were you. - marissa

I would lay there screaming and crying, rolling on grass.- fly_gal01

well ill tell you what Id do.. First you tightly screw the valve over the comey outey thing, then using my int*OW STOP BITING ME*elligence i would quickly turn th*THATS MY ANKLE BUDDY*e nob then for the next couple of year*OH MY GOD THAT WAS MY F*CKING TOE YOU DAMN RODENT*s just let my hose fill the oceans vacants spots. - one armed midget

we would be able to cross the ocean floors to all the counties of the world making it easier to fight wars cause you could drive fleets on tanks to the country you wish to have a war with across the ocean floor like i said and blow all of your enemies away with tanks that you drove across the ocean floor cause there is no water cause the ocean got pissed and flew away into space never to return. We wouldnt be able to swim in the ocean anymore either. I like soup- dane

Fuck'em what the fuck are they good for.- gopostal

we'd stop eating most fish cause they'd all die- ble

wouldnt really bother me. i dont like the beach anyway and sharks scare me.- w33nkie

Well, all them damn whales would be fucked now wouldnt they?- LubisKo

i would miss them greatly and be like dr.evil and sing that "just the two of us" song just like he did with mini me. it brings a tear to to my eye.. *sigh*- Miss Roger's Sweater

huh... well, i'd rather go there anyway. Space that is..- sheniqua

Then I'm stuck in my boat in the middle of the ocean and it's a loooooooooong fucking walk home.- Not Napoleon Bonaparte

whoo..sweet more land for us!!and id finally get my house back!- dugsdee

Well I can see why it would get pissed...after all those times I went pee in it...- Atlas

Then Lord Byron's "Apostraphe to the Ocean" would have very little significance to us.- Richard

well i would be very happy hes always up in my face sayin i should loose weight and shit Im only 176!!hes the one that should be practicing what he preaches, such an ass.- KKEELLYY(or am i?)

that would suck, you fuckers- Draven

man..two questions are enough..fuck you.- !@%^!If YOU dont EaT YouR MeaT HOw CaN You Have YouR Pudding??!@/(PinkFloydCrazyTeacher)

i think we'd discover a lot of dead bodies.- OmegaClarinet

Thee' always moose piss!- Spooky The Cat

How will Miss Roger's sweater learn how to swim? I'm sure she'd like to take in the wonderful, sludge filled water that burns your eyes and leaves a horrible taste in your mouth, that being said, FINE you stupid oceans, you can fly away! Good Riddance! Lake water is SO much better...- McDiablo

We'd be fucked in a myriad of ways we have yet to imagine because of our limited knowledge of what we so rampantly abuse and destroy. What if we just blew out the ear drums of whales and other marine life and disturbed their entire echolocation system for survival and in doing so threw the whole oceanic ecosystem out of kilter with Low Frequency Active Sonar which is questionable, expensive technology used to locate nuclear submarines? Imagine whales and dolphins mysteriously beaching themselves and being found dead with blood running from their ears. I'd say something funnier but, you just can't make up shit as twisted and horrific as the facts. Read all about it at stoplfasdotcom.- The Pope

Cruise ships would have to be adapted to hover over the landfills the empty craters would inevitably become.- Marthastewart

that would leave some pretty wicked cliffs after proving the existants of sea serpents and giant squids I would throw are government off the edge ad sell all the sea creatures to zoos and be a multi-billionaire- Sk8erGecko

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