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what if your parents pretended to go on vacation but actually didn't but sent you fake pictures?

Things would be different, then.- Omuletzu

give me my money- mouse

Just as long as they weren't home I would not care. - Snipe

Then I would start to wonder about other things too. Like what if my parents only pretended that I was born and I don't really exist.- HoMe ImPrOvEmEnT KiLlEr

I would throw a fake party and take fake pictures of me and all my fake friends having fake sex.- iWanaDoDC

i'd chew on their ears and beat them to death with a spoon.- syko morgana

i would put cheese on my nipples dance around and sing party like it's 1999- oriongk

cool, as long as they filled the fridge and left some money for gas/smokes/booze i could care less- smoking_girl

as long as they're out of the house, who cares?- SiNiSTaR

I would disown them.- Sally

What the fuck did they do instead?- Mzebonga

i drove them in a taxi with bags of sesame seeds in the back- Coconuts

what if my mom actually got off the fucking couch that she know calls a bed and left the fucking house. hell even if she just slept at the neighbors house i would be happy. - cookypuss

I would demand that they be fed to the dolphins for trying to trick me like that- Fish

I think I'd notice that they weren't on vacation when I saw them still living in the house.- Witto

I'd did a great big hole in the hallway, cover it with grass and leaves, and make them both cycle over it. Then I would laugh.- Mystic Murray well murder them and eat there bodys and give some to my baby brother of course...then tell him mom and dad didnt go on vacation and they hate him and they left us to go live in a hut in spain and plan our deaths.But then id say i have to kill you first before they get u then after i kill u, u kill me(being an idiot he goes along wit it)...then i live happily ever after the end.- double

where the hell they go?if they left ,doesnt that mean they went on vacation...?why would they send me pictures?..they dont like me.... .. ...umm..that question is messed up.. - hopsgotcaught

got to a corner, curl up in the fetal position, and cry while platypus try to take my soul- popedoug

then i would send then fake pictures of me fucking the milkladie!- kraken86

fake pictures of sock monkey porn? i would send it to my friend Dipstick along with some furniture porn.. just ask McDiablo.. - Miss Roger's Sweater

Bastards! I knew it! I knew it! The sand was just a little too soft, the water just a little too blue. That guy's ass was just a little too rosy and smooth. I never got an EZ-Bake oven, either. Mary Jane is a harsh mistress, my friend! A harsh mistress indeed!- Nicole

Then my nose would partake of chewing gnomes whilst singing "I am a Rock" and observing 40,000 light green llamas inhaling desks and discussing the current opinion of monogamous tomatoes with a group of carrots that are smoking pens while performing an impressionistic dance on the subject of "I wish to attend pictorial school so I may sneeze bowls of petunias and thus campaign for voting rights for cheese by abstaining from chives".- The Fool

id pretend to have sex with the dog and send them fake picture, my mum loves thet dog, the bitchll cry, yeah- schhtop_sie_grolsch

then I would hound them to take me, only they wouldn't take me to Euro-Disney cause it's like, on another island or something, but we wo0uld go to circle-K (that's a gas station) and get hot dogs and Pepsi...mmmm....Pepsi...- AnthraxBoy

I would slowly shove my Mom's six foot dildo up my ass until they returned home. Ha Ha- Draven

i would then send them fake pictures of the house being destroyed. that'd learn 'em.- Fido Dido

wait i'm confused. what? Huh? what the hell is going on here? wait i know what this is. you think thatbye asking mea question i can't answer tha you can! haha! i've foiled your devious plot! hehehe oi am the master of the world! hehehehehhe- megnolia

good, theyd be out of the house whooo i could now do the things ive always planned on doing like -sigh- cleaning my room, cutting the grass and oh taking out the trash. oh im just gushing with excitment of all the things i could do....- i am frank

what do you mean what if! is that supposed to be some kinda damn joke? you think thats funny??? huh??? how did you find out about that anyway...- marissa

then id be damn proud of them. and wonder wehere they actually were. oo! and hope they were actually secret agents who were on a mission to remove the micro chip from bigbird's beak. - frazicus

I would start singing show tunes bout peanut butter fish....- whatusuck

What? You mean all those times they went away they weren't at the place they said they'd be at? Did that sentence make sense? *becomes paranoid* Does anything I say make sense? Is this desk real? *bangs it with knuckles* It feels real....but it could be a hologram projection. I think I've seen the Matrix one time too many....anyways, if my parents really weren't on vacation, they were probably dealing drugs. - McDiablo

i would punish them and ground them for 2 months top, then give em a beatin like u would never believe.- hopmonkey

id burn our house down and send pictures to them with of our house before it was burnt saying how beautiful and not burnt down our house is, Then send them pictures of myself dead saying how dead i was and say how much i miss them...then when they come home to a burnt down house and alive me...i would throw nails at them and pictures screamin my house my house!- LooLoo

they would be hiding in the closet, watching me and cutting pictures out of magazines(for the pictures)id pretend i didnt know they were there and purposly scream my love for the devil then go around really angry speakin in spanish...walkin around in black robes inviting people over for chantings and stick forks down my pants, in front of the closet hopefully wishin they were peeping through... then later on come along wit the same fork eating food with it.- Cough

then i'd send them fake pictures of hippos fucking themselves and say that these hippos abducted my brother and had kinky bum sex with him - that ud set them strate - ??????????

i would say yeah what ?? what>>> wait i meant to put questriob narkjs damn i;nstoned- BOZZ

id lick there bums..then stuff the fake pictures up there ass- grossMeout

I would eat the pictures, sue them, and jump into the fire!- FrogBladder

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