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what if mashmallows suddenly attacked?

well im dead..theres like 53 marshmellows floating around in my tummy right now...god knows what they'll do..hmm they probably suck up all the neatea ice tea I just drank and then grow until i explode into lil itty bitty peices all over the wall and rest of my marshmellows i was saving for lunch in my plastic bag would suffercate and die cus of my earlier handy TwistTiE work. - HogZArEsPeCiaL

Well, they couldn't do that much harm, they're too soft. It would be fun, having these flying marshmallows hitting into you all the time. hehe...- Fido Dido

I fall down a lot.- Mzebonga

They would probably suffocate a couple of major cities right off the bat but, then the nuclear bombs would start flying, attempting to incinerate the marshmallows before they entered earth's atmosphere. Inevitably the strategy would backfire and the earth would be covered with glowing, molten marshmallow and the toasted edges would break apart and mush together until new toasted wasteland continents form. What? They're already here? Living and working among us? I guess we're gonna be fine then.- Your Lawyer

I'd light campfires all around my house so the marshmellows would get toasted if they tried to get at me. Then when everyone else was dead, I'd come out and have the world all to myself, and live on toasted marshmellows for the rest of my life. MMMMMMMMMMMM!- Waxter

What the? They couldn't do damage if they tried ,just get near me and see what they get.- Sally

i would gather all the flaming twigs I could and distribute them amongst the townspeople to spear the marshmellows with, hah hah hah, wasn't that funny ? *NOT- Schizoid

id be a hero cus id eat em'all- sssssKKKK

I would attack them back and eat them.- SG*

S'mores anyone?- R/T/H

make everyone get a stick and poke them and then roast them and ten eat them.- w33nkie

hah.. quickly turn yourselves up and got to thier side. do anything to make them happy, be theri bitch the end - i am bob

I would make a huge bonfire and fence it in then draw the marshmallows in with other store bought marshmallows claiming to have cought them in battle and torture them to cry for help and when they come to save them I would capture them all with the fence and charge ten-dollar admissions for all you can eat marshmallow roasts and just to be nice I would give the earnings to Sk8erGecko

Then they would grab several humans (somehow) and jab a skewer through them, then twirl them over a flame for long periods at a time. When they catch fire, they will cackle evilly, and slooowly inhale, before blowing the fire out.- FartMonkey

i would stick my head between my knees and kiss my ass good bye- butthead

i would get a buncha friends together who despised marshmallow gods as much as i and start a gaint bon fire in the middle of a field and have those sticky burned yet mighty tasty marshmallows on sticks and then dance around naked. if that didnt work, id just but a disney movie in the VCR and make the angry marshmallows watch the movie and they'd eventually fall asleep and i would then burn and eat them then dance around naked for many joyous hours. either way, i'd eat and get naked and dance. - dizzie munkie

I would break out the flame thrower and roast there asses.- LubisKo

I would attack back with a flame'll taste a lot better!- weirdDAR

i would do like in that episode of the simpsons when homer is in space and he opens the bag of chips. i would start chomping on marshmallows in order to save the world!- Miss Roger's Sweater

well then....i'd have to grap some chocolate and graham crackers...- shazaam would get sued for breaching Ghostbusters Copyright- Mystic_Murray

pair?- Fantastic

I would tell them to piss off and not come back 'til they'd found their fucking "r". I mean, who ever heard of dyslexic confectionary?- The Fool

I bet everyone will say, "Crack out the graham crackers and chocloate--it's s'more makin' time!" Well, what if these were MUTATED Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. They could attack us with sweet, sticky goop that tastes oh-so good and..hey! Throw some of that my way!!- McDiablo

I'd eat them- jackie blue

I would spray them with warm milk, and they would swell and become watery and disintegrate, and I would laugh, saying "That's what happens when you bite my llama!"- Not Napoleon Bonaparte

marshmellows...mhhpp...i could take em down..though the gooey mess the world would get in if they did attack.what a scene..what a scene it whould be.- DisTanTmInDs

Yeah, what if mashmallows suddenly attacked? - Omuletzu

We'd set the world's forests on fire and have a HUGE campside singalong.- frazicus

*Grins, shaking head* Hopefully, when I have a sweet tooth... Yummy.- sheniqua

ITS THE BLOB! RUUN!!... I'll stay... *Licks lips*- insanity crises 420

I'd grab me a huge mug of hot chocolate. Also, camping season will really kick in, seeing that there's a load of free marshmallows for the toasting...all we gotta do is capture them.- SiNiSTaR

Then it would be a crappy of ghostbusters- jackass20

well, i dont know what we'd do for a while, but as soon as the second coming of the lord gets here, we'd have a hell of a great way to torture the hostages....SMORES!!!- dr. eff

I would have so many smores that I would die of grose obeasity.:# - gopostal

The marshmallows deserve to win the war and exterminate the human race completely. They're obviously the superior life form. I mean, look around you! At least 90% of the humans on Earth are intellectually inferior to these sugary conquerors. I vote that we collect all the teenyboppers in the world and fry them in oil to attempt to appease the Marshmallow kings. Sure, it won't work, but at least the last few minutes of our lives should be used fruitfully.- Fish

i dont know- jocelynevans

attacked what? Cause if they attacked chocolate bars, the chocolate would win. Then again the mallows could be REALLY STOOPID and attack the fire. Curse that fire and it's burningly evil ways.- ANthraxboY

That really depends on whether they were the pink ones or the white ones. if they were the pink ones, then the chance of them doing anything dangerous is seriously slim. on the other hand, if the white mashmallows attacked, then we would be in for some dangerous stuff. they would jump up at our faces, smother (and crush) our eyes and replace them in our eye-sockets. gradually, "humanity" would lose all our eyes (goats would be able to fend them off, and would keep their eyes). Once our eyes had been replaced by the white mashmallows, we would gain an extra sense - telepathy. this would be worse than human extinction in two ways. 1 - human extinction is good. 2 - if we had telepathy, then we would all turn (god forbid) sane. i'm sorry about swearing then but i can't be bothered trying to come up with a synonym for "sane". to prevent this happening, we must all go out and purchase goats as soon as possible.- foetish

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