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what if you found out that there were hidden cameras all over your home?

i would eat all of them untill i found out who put them there and then i would eat the "person" who decided that i needed to be taped.. but i dont think you can eat the government, can you?- zero the ninja

I would dance naked more often.- Omuletzu

i would demand that they give me all of the tapes so that i could sell them to the public and become a pornstar... - Yoda.... Is that you???

Then I am likely to get very blackmailed some time soon.- Mzebonga

i would strike a pose and scream POWER , POWER , POWER to the PEANUTS AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!- frizzy

psshh...there ARE hidden cameras, I put them there so I can spy on myself. WHAT? oh...damn...maybe I shouldn't have wrote I am on to me. Curse you "What If" question!!- ANthraxboY

Then I could finally prove to my friends that I'm not paranoid after all, and they REALLY are watching me.. Is this line secure?- Fido Dido

i wouold pose nude for them of course - mary jane

First, I'd go to a phone booth and make some calls. I'd need a safe place to stay until I figured out who put them there, not a regular contact, someone I don't see too often. Then I'd probably need a lawyer and a private investigator. Meanwhile, I would be loaded on sedatives and probably start smoking again. A couple of years ago, if you asked, I might just say, "Oh, I'd strip naked and stack pancakes under my breasts while playing ham-bone on my knee." You know, some stock mumbo-jumbo. These days, that shit's not so funny. Thanks for asking, though.- Enfante Terrible

OH MY GOD!!! IM IN BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(ETC) EVICT ME NOW!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD EVECT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stand it in here! The scandals! The "love"! The worthless tasks! The stupid, moronic people bitching about each other and thinking people actually care! EVICT ME OR KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!- Waxter

there are. go to http://www.mysticmurray' - Mystic Murray

start laughing.- What If I Didnt Write My Real NickName?

Hidden cameras? In my house? Holy crap I think I just saw one! Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! WHY?!?!?!?! That means they just saw me pick my nose, and that means they just saw me wipe it on the cat!! STOP FILMING DAMN YOU!!! - chickenlicious

i'd sue for the royalties.- shopping cart

i'd contact mulder and scully from the x-files and ask them to come and investigate the problem- Ari

I'd rip the damn things off the wall and bust them into pieces- justsomeblondechick

Well, who the heck is watching me and my family. I'm sure they'd be laughing at my family's antics. The constant Simpson's watching, the loud conversations after eating way too much ice cream ... the firemen coming to the house after the rice burned in the pot and made the house all smoky. *sigh*. - McDiablo

id want to know if the power for these cameras was coming out of my electricity bill. and if so, id want to know where my subsidy was.- frazicus

I would scream, kill myself and burn my body, because I had been on "Big Brother"- Fish

*Gasp* !!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!! I'd move into the dryer and eat sucks for the rest of my life...- insanitycrises 420

I would masterbate a bit different then, wouldn't I. No more inflatable sheep. - Mistofflies

Thaen I would have to stop dancing naked all over the house, wouldn't I?- FartMonkey

good bye clothing. hello fredricks of hollywood catalog. - taplitemuckie

I'd run away to Mexico or something because then all my secret rituals will be known and THEY are sure to find all those dead bodies i keep hidden under my carpet...shit now YOU know! - SiNiSTaR

i would proceed to hide all the hidden cameras from the people who originally hid them. - Doc

id remove all the hidden cameras without those nosy persons who placed them here knowing putting a tape in it or something like that.Then put them up my donkeys ass.- /Is This Valid?/

THERE ARE?!?!? that's cool, maybe now I can be popular and have mroe than 2 people know my name...but wait they might find out my secret. It's not my fault I still have dreams and end up wetting my bed I mean ARGH I want a peperroni- Retarded Monkey Queen

SSHHHH.. There are but let "them" know about, cuz i kinda like it- LubisKo

I would find out who did it, execute them, then return to the cameras and hang his/her body parts on little strings that dangle infront of the cameras and let everyone know what will happen if they try it again.- syko morgana

i would strip for my home- SG*

Ooo...With the things I go through,I'd have the perfect movie!- Skittles

oh i realised that several eons ago. the government (fascist pigs) had been cracking down on the arctic ass monkey freedom movement, of which i am the leader, and so they had planted the afore mentioned cameras all over my ass monkey worshipping abode. but they observed me for only a day before they were shocked and sickened by our thrice weekly prayer rituals, and the cameras were withdrawn the rituals, if you were interested as i should hope you all are, involve us spanking each others asses with monkey shaped bits of wood. naked of course. then we all chant to the god of the arctic ass monkeys for 18 minutes.- the queen of the arctic ass monkeys

haha as if but if so i wud just act normal or act suspisously and try hunt them down dat way i have summit to do - lil devil

I would demand royalties from the people who put them there- Not Napoleon Bonaparte

If I found out there were cameras all over m home I would rub lube over the screens so they couldn't see anything.- Nelson_1723

i'd wear camouflage uniform at all times, and instead of attaching leaves and grass to my helmet, i'd attach beds, tables, etc.- MARISSA

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