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what if gum could find it's way home to you after you spit it out?

impossible i only spit out my gum in the house.- HogZArEsPeCiaL

Well, it's funny you mention that, because my gum does follow me home... I try loosing it, hiding in alley-ways, down drains and up trees, but it always comes back... It follows me everywhere... Thousands of bits of gum... everywhere... no place to hide... can I sleep at your place tonight?- Fido Dido

I'd move house a lot.- Mzebonga

Where have you been? That's what wrappers were invented for. You have to tie the little fuckers up before you throw them out or they just harden up, bounce out of the can and roll along after you like some invincible little potato bug. And you can't step on them because that's how they breed,--the strands of gum goo between your shoe and the street break up into smaller gumballs and then they follow you home too, expecting you to keep chewing them and love them and give them names until your jaw seizes up and you have a stroke.- Your Lawyer

Well if gum could do that, then that would assume that gum has conciousness and is willing to serve the person who chewed it. So I would chew more gum, and after it came home, I would make it into a large gum monster that could walk and talk. Then it would be able to protect me from those damn marshmellows.- Waxter

bummer , what if it got onto the bottom of someones shoe ewwww thats gross.- Sally

that would suck, maybe it would try to envelope itself aruond me and attempt to chew and blow bubbles with me, then once it spit me out, the vicious circle could continue until an Illegal Overflow error crashes the program- Schizoid

the bubblegum factory would be selling us already chewed gum...sickos- sssssKKKK


Then there would be surgary too enable gum implants in small infants (the few desirable children that is) so that they will always come home too mom and dad. However, once they reach the age of 18 those not so adorable children would recive a one way ticket to an 'all inclusive' where their gum would be removed. - R/T/H

it would probably stick itself on my bum.- w33nkie

well i'd have one hell of a gum collection i can tell you that. but most likely the gum would slowly start to collect in my orifices and such in my sleep. when i finally would wake up i would be able to call any of my armies of hamsters and with a malicious laugh the last gum would probably clog my nose holes. - i am bob

I would sell myself to a circus freakshow only to be awarded with the full benefits of the great talent by being warshipped by hundreds of weirdos who chew dirty gum.- Sk8erGecko

Schoolteachers round the nation would be shocked at the cleanliness of the chair- undersides.- FartMonkey

then it would not make a diffrence because being on the bottom of other peoples shoes is were it is supposed to be- butthead

i'd appologize thoroughly and put in the wrapper and then tuck into bed and sing it happy songs til it drifted off to sleep....then set it on fire and play a trumpet to show my shallow greif.- dizzie munkie

MMMMMMM....ABCAROBATASO.........Already Been Chewed And Ran Over By A Truck And Steped On GUM!!!!!!- LubisKo

I'd hate to swallow it, shit it out, and it come out of the sewar and come back to me.- weirdDAR

well that would be an interesting thing. i only recently started chewing gum a few months ago so i would only have a small amount of little gum come home after i spit it out. but i know that some of my avid gum chewing friends would have a whole lot of stale gum showing up on their doorstep!- Miss Roger's Sweater

i would never chew gum again...that kinda clingy, i dont need that- shazaam

Then those who give head would find their front doors covered in semen. - Mystic_Murray

It would have to be crazy to come back for more of your abuse.- Fantastic

Then I wouldn't be paranoid after all: they really ARE following me.- The Fool

This is something I think about often only because it reminds me to do up the fly of my pants when I exit a public washroom.- McDiablo

that'd be yucky.- jackie blue

we'd all be screwed- Not Napoleon Bonaparte feel bad chewin up such an itelligent species..i cant even find my way home maybe its the old age but anyways chewing gum would probably become illegal.- DisTanTmInDs

Ok, so how could gum ring the doorbell? You tell me!- Omuletzu

i would hire the pied chewer of charlemaigne, to chew a melody out on his magical gum and wisk all the gum that followed me home to a better place (like inside my sister's shoes). - frazicus

I'd have a whole god damned gum ball after me... Bigger than, uh, that castle in London, you know?- sheniqua

...I uh.. I'd have one huge ass cheek and slobber dribbling down my neck from it... - insanity crises 420

That would be coo', cause all the gum that has been spat out will return to their respective owners, then the chances of finding a horrible piece of gum on the soles of your shoes would be slim to none, plus the desk you sit at won't have any hidden surprises under them either. When all my gum returns to me, i plan on keeping them in a little gum-house i have built where they can live happily ever after.- SiNiSTaR

then you need help, or your gum is smarter than you- jackass20

im sure they'd attack the shoes first, revenge for their friends getting stepped on.- dr. eff

I would swallow it then wonder what adventures it will have next.- gopostal

Then I can prove to the psychiatrists that I'm not paranoic at all!!! It was all true!!!!!! TRUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! *runs onto the road screaming incomprehensible epithets before stopping to expound his theory on the contrapundal juxtaposition of chives to the neighbours plastic plant, which is conveniently wearing suspenders*- Fish

i dont have the slightest clue.- jocelynevans

I would probably pick it back up and continue to chew because of that whole quote about releasing something you love, and if it comes backs its yours forever or some bullshit like that. That I would have seen the errors of my ways.- ANthraxboY


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