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what if we led you and a flock of geese to the edge of the world and told you to jump?

id jump, say hello to the turtle on the way, pull out my lighter, and have roast geese as i fall for eternity.-frazicus

hop one of the gooses back and pretend wed fallen and died but soon as you turn around the goose will fly back up with me on his back with a shot gun and blow a big ass bullet through your fat baldin head and spallter it ever where.YAHH!-I dont deserve a nickanama.

This sounds an awful lot like last week where I lead _you_ and a flock of geese to the edge of the world and told _you_ to jump.. On a side note, heres the $50 I owe you, I still find it hard to believe that you can fly to the moon using only geese..-Fido Dido

I would take many long minutes to consider my fate. If I jumped... all would be gone. No feelings, no emotions, nothing at all. Gone. Everything. Absolutely disappeared. But I'd jump in in the end. The geese don't matter.-The Chosen One

hopefully a Griffin will save me and we will ride with the gesse (which are actually neo-flying gesse (but then again they are sterile, being that geese are supposed to lay golden eggs)) to the floating continent called Necropolis. there, with a party of elven archers we will have gay adventures and steal treasure in a lighthearted way, and smoosh evil cute turtles that are 6 ft tall by jumping on them. by genuflecting the paternal stick of wisdom, i becaome the local parvenu of Neo-Necropolis- and thats another story...-Regis

I will mount my self on one of the geese and fly far, far, away into the vastness of the world...Eventually Id fall and splat to the ground because the geese can not hold up my weight. It will be sad.-Syko Morgana

I'd do as I was told and jump...then after I got done jumping I'd ask what happened to the geese. You would say that they jumped off. I would then yell at the geese, "Stupid geese!!! He said 'JUMP' not 'JUMP OFF THE EDGE OF THE WORLD!!'"-ANthraxboY

I would jump on one of the geese and fly away on it, only I would lasso you before we got too far away, so I could take you with me all around wherever we fly. That will show you all.-FartMonkey

I would have to consult with the geese first, because everyone knows that geese are all-wise and all-knowing, after I got some advice, I would proabaly end up jumping because I worship DC and Id do anything he told me to.-Pokey

I'd say after you-animan1

I would start jumping up and down real hard and inevitably the edge of the world would be one of those fragile ledges of a cliff, such as Wile E. Coyote would pound a jackhammer through only to topple himself into oblivion, and you, your pals and I would go sailing off on this block together. The birds would have just taken off immediately and said fuck us because they can fly you know and it would serve you right for fucking with me and it would serve us all right for fucking with those birds.-Enfante Terrible

Well you see my friend, there is a reasonable answer to this question, unfortunatly you asked the wrong person, but I'll try anyway....the geese being a little smarter than I would probably partake in the egging on of me to jump, and me not believing that the earth is really round(those damn government lies) would jump and go drifting off into space somewhere, to be probed by the ailens....hey...not a bad idea, wheres the end of the world, do you have any geese?-monkeeskittles

I'd jump straight up and down. Then laugh as the stupid geese fell, cause you know, you said jump, not jump off. STUPID GEESE!!!!-ANthraxboY

What are you talking about I am still falling.-Vicious

I'd - well, I'd like to think I'd tell you where to go, explain that I don't take order from you OR your evil demon geese! but in truth, I'd probably nod and meekly jump quietly to my death...-FiFi

I jump if the geese jump!-Omuletzu

well, it all depends on the number of geese. Each goose has the ability to hold up approximately two coconuts, provided they can get a grip on them. If I weigh the same as approximately 150 coconuts, then I will need 75 geese to carry me into the next plane of existence. Hence, if the flock consisted of 75 or more geese, I would prepare carefully by collecting the geese, informing them of my plan, tying all the geese to my body (making sure that all were tied on so as to prevent hindrance to each other and to my own aerodynamical shape), then punch you in head and escape, taking my geese with me and transform the world into an Orwellian Utopia in which the geese rule supreme, so as to punish the human race for their innate idiocy.-Fish

there would be a whole lot of feathers and blood... anyways it wouldn't happen, the geese wouldn't jump, now if you can convince those damn gekos to jump, then i'd be happy.-monkie boy

I'd eat the geese therfore becoming...Geese Guy with the hope that I'll fly, not die, Oh by the way...HI!!-The Muffin Man

i would grab a couple geese by the necks and say "mush mush mush" and then would start flying and we'd be in the air and then i would be over joyed by the fact that it worked and would sneeze and let go of the geese and fall to my doom. and then the geese would "accidentally" crap on my shoulder.-Miss Roger's Sweater

you gotta throw a pic of Orgy first-SG*

Um...Theres an edge of the world? Damn, what are we learning in school today?-One-fiddy_Ez

I'd jump, and laugh at all of you who thought I'd fall, cuz I'm a dragon and I can fly! Then I'd eat the geese. oh, wait, I'm not the kind of dragon that can fly. Dangit! At least since it's the edge of the world I'll never hit the bottom.-Dragonesse

I so would because I wouldn't fall off. You stupid wankers, remember the world is a sphere.-Coza

i would jump because i hate my life. I HATE IT!!!!-LAZ

I would eat you and all your family. And all the rest of humanity. mmm, humans, tasty. Especially with tartare sauce. except lawyers. They taste fucking awful. There's a reason why cats keep burying them with sand at the beach. Anyway, you got the geese? lets go!-The Fool

well the geese are free to jump cuz they have wings and can fly away but what about me? do i have a choice? I'd prbably jump and then grab onto a few geese feet and see if they can carry me to the place where geese go-SiNiSTaR

Well I think that's obvious isn't it? I'd do as anyone else would do in my situation. Hypnotise you and eat the geese.-Nelson

I'd consult my geese..They always help meout in situations like one time, the penguins told me to go fish in india, and I asked my geese and they told me to go do it. As a result, i have a red spot in the middle of my head(what some call a "bendi"), missing two legs, and a red snapper growing out of my back. Feeling suicidal today...."hey GEESE come here, I need your help with something"...-Josephine Stalin

What did the flock of geese do to have to meet such a terrible end? That's just not fair...poor geese! I'd start honking like they do and lead them away from the world's edge, thus saving them. Of course, the news people only care about a story if there is gore, controversy or spanking, so I won't ever be publicly noticed for my efforts. Oh well, dem's da breaks...-McDiablo

I'd grab onto the geese and fly far away to a world where you couldn't abuse me anymore.-Mzebonga

I'd do a little jump in the air. Quite why we had to come all the way to the edge of the world with some geese, I have no idea, but we did so I jumped. Frankly, I'm so tired and pissed off at having to come this distance I think I'll push you over the edge for some amusement. Then I'll take the geese back to the pond and beg for bread crumbs.-Fergus O'dimbal

I'd let the geese jump first because they can fly, and then i'd leap off after them and aim for one of their backs, thus being safely transported to safety and avoiding a plunge into oblivion. Why force geese off the edge of the world anyway? What are you, some kind of buffoon?-Barclay

I would fly!!-Me

i'd push you first and see what the geese did about it. if they followed you there but won't catch you when you fall and you die, then i know i can't trust them or you. -pieyetic reuptake

no comment-Marissa

i would let the geese jump first and fly to safety on them, laughing at the russians and turkeys all the way-my ass is cold

I would push of all the geese and run away. -Hunni_babe

i would jump and grab on to some geese, and hopw they would carry me to safety.-Screamin'

thought there was no such thing as the edge of the world...but this is a 'what if' just forget about that. well depends on what you mean by we and how tall and how much you guys weigh.-SpaGGeTTi

I would eat the geese-keato the kat

I'll pushyou over first.-stinky

i would jump if you could find the edge of the world-samantha

Ill jump..just leave the geese out of it.-Poopie Diaper Head

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