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what if those people down the street suddenly burst into flames?
october 2002

spountanious combustion..happens all the time. Id just hope they lived a short pathetic life and survive so they would be trapped in a physical hell with only a torso and people would call them FlaminTorsoPeople.- ChaGAHHKhan

id run down and light my ciggarate then run back up to my house to go blow second hand smoke at my dog.- Rona Mc.Kels JeeJee

i would go out and piss on it but not enough to put it out or help the situation in any way- killmenow

cool. toasty.- frazicus

I would win the bet and get first dibs at the charred remains of their antiques and collection of broadway soundtracks on vinyl.- Enfante Terrible

We would stay at the window for hours to watch the flames, bet on who dies first, throw plastic bags filled with gasoline at them and... I'm done thinking for today.- Omuletzu

i would bring the hot dogs and marshmallows and we'd have dinner.. - Miss Roger's Sweater

hopefully they are just those kids who run around with those stupid flame t-shirts from hot-topic. now they really know what its like to be on fire.brats.- Syko Morgana

I would take their burnt corpses and put them on sticks. Then I would put the sticks in the ground. Then I would paint their pictures. Then I would re-name them. Then I would act out things that have happened before where things didn't go quite the way I wanted them to, just like those dumb shows where freaks go back in time and fix stuff. Then I would tie them together and make a raft. Then I would go rafting. Then sharks would eat the raft because it is made of corpses. Then I would befriend the sharks and swim to shore. Then I would purchase some cheese.- FartMonkey

damn, if it were the people up the street, i wouldn't mind(they have 4 parrots and 5 dogs, the small yappy kinds that serve no other purpose than to bark and poop)if it were the people down the street, as long as they don't run into my yard and get ashes in the pool, well, not much i can do about it right?- marissa

I'd laugh, grab a bag of mashmellows, some hot dogs, a few pointy sticks and a fire extinguisher, Id roast the marshmellows and the hot dogs on the pointy sticks, then id use the wait, id let it burn! OH MY GOD!! the monkees that steal my thongs did this! oh no, i know there secret they are going to kill me- naughtee69

I would watch the cumbustion, then run into the house to get marshmallowes.- Nameless

wouldn't you put them out with water or maybe yeah do that and then they won't be on fire anymore- Sally

Laugh and point, and hope the flames spread.- Loshi777

i'd laugh,cuz it'd be funny seeing them run around like chickens... :D- SG*

Well it's about time. I've told them time and time agian not to swallow gasoline while taking a bath in napalm but they just wouldn't listen. I knew this would happen some day. Weeell, I suppose I better go get the hose.- Nelson

I would beat them with flame retardent blankets if I liked them; if not, then I would feed the fire with rocket fuel.- puppet of peace

have a weenie roast, what else? - monkie boy

they'd probably run around a bit screaming and rolling trying to not die..kinda wonder why people do that. Anyways i would watch ,it would be entartaining for a couple minutes then quickly wear off and id go back to cleaning my monkey.- well i dunt understand i have a name?must i care if some senseless gibberish gets read by no one?

id do the moon dance and a bunch of indians will start to throw evil things on them goin mmmwmosodfmsljfnskjsdf!!!YEEEAAA!MUKK MUKK!!..yup.. - I Know This Dont Deserve Credit.

holy shit i' told the people really do spontaneously combust but nobody believed me. well screw them i'm taking thier stereo. - meagnolia

Well, i feel i is my duty to run (walk)over there as piss on them to put them out.- LubisKo ShutUpILLSUck!

Quick honey, get me my vodka!- Cloud 9

They damn well better, after all the kerosene I dumped on them!- Indomitus

It would give me the excuse to run up to them, push them down and roll them across the ground and look like a hero instead of just some psycho that hates them.- BROWN25

Heh heh, that would be funny. You could see them dance, dance as they buuuurned!! I think I'll go do that now.- FiFi

i would get them into a big pile and warm myself by their flaming bodsies and then throw them at joanna cos she insulted me by saying i farted on them so then she too would burn and smell and die and melt and so on so forth. feel my wrath!!!- keglineq

I think hannah farted on them. She has explosive farts. She likes to name them. The one that did the damage was called Martin. R.I.P- FoL BLU ( Boris)

that would be cool because you know that would mean my english teacher who looks like a naked mole rat would just die i would probably piss on him and if i ran out of piss i would spit on him and when the cops ask me what i was doing at the seen of this horrendous act i would say i was just trying to put out the fire- frizzy

I'd throw some wood at them so they'd burn faster. Aww, that wasn't very nice. Yeesh, how sickening can I get? *looks for her bazooka instead* Now THIS will be less painful.- McDiablo

I would begin to laugh. After I stopped laughing, and if they were still alive, I would throw gasoline on them, and claim I thought it was water and that I have no sense of smell so I could not distinguish the two. Then I would cry, because I smell like cheese. And I would roast marshmellows in the human inferno.- Retarded Monkey Queen

they were going to die anywayz- iAmShort&wannaDie

Well, if they suddenly did that, Id call about 500 people get a few tents, some hot dogs and marshmallows and we'd have a cook and camp out! - monkeeskittles

it serves them right for dousing themselves in gasoline and then lighting a match.- lili malrlene

haha- pope doug

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