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what if someone forced you to eat dirt... would you cry as you ate it?

That depends on the grade of dirt i am eating... because i regularly eat dirt, and it is good most of the time, but every once in a while i go down town to by a sack of "dirt" and i come home and chomp down... and its really sand, and everyone knows that sand is not dirt. stupid clown... dont buy dirt from clowns.- zero the ninja

Depends on the flavor.- Omuletzu

i wouldnt cry cauze after i ate the dirt i would chop up the person and hide them in the walls for 5days then get them out and reconstruct them but replace their internal organs with vibrators... then i would turn the vibrators on and jump on them and ride them to malaysia where i would sleep with the one armed one legged bum... who wears the polka dotted underwear.... underwear is the work of the devil- Yoda.... Is that you???

Only because I was forced. I don't like force. Someone told me to use the Force once and I did and I fell and hit my head. I cried then, too.- Mzebonga

no i would eat it joyfully and proud because it is the dirt i once walked on it is worth it.- frizzy

spooky- ANthraxboY

They're paying.. Though it is extra to cry while I do it..- Fido Dido

yes dirt is icky- mary jane

Only if it was terribly hot and spicy. Or if they were beating me severely as I ate it.- Enfante Terrible

Hell no. I eat dirt all the time. Its what those bastards at school force-feed me every day. They call it knowledge. Who needs it? I don't! And I'm certainly not gonna let them se me cry. Crying is weakness, knowledge is power. And I want them to think I'm learing before I rise up and begin the revolution which will give every student the right to remain ignorant and thus blissful! Join me, and we shall revel in blissful extacy forever!- Waxter

No, I'd ask if they had any mayonaise- Mystic Murray

Stop mocking mE!!!you never had to do that b 4!!!!- What If I Didnt Write My Real NickName?

Yes. My pathetic little tears would run into the dirt and turn it into mud. At least then it would be easier to swallow.- chickenlicious

is that what happened to you? you're darn right i'd cry and then i'd run tell a grown up.- shopping cart

no. i'd punch them in the balls as hard as i could- Ari

No--i'd spit it back in there face!- justsomeblondechick

What is with you people and dirt? I don't know, but I do recall having to answer a past question about dirt. I can't remember how I answered it, but anyways ... *exits Reminiscing Land* ... I'll unleash a hidden inner strength, kick that "someone's" ass and continue to lecture them that Pinkerton really isn't a bad Weezer album.- McDiablo

if onions had been growing in it...yes.- frazicus

no . . . I would be overjoyed . . . dirt is a wonderful source of nutrients, especially when it contains worms- Fish

Um... *Sniffles* Will there be sugar in it?? *Whines*- insanitycrises 420

Shoot cry tears of joy. Come on nothing like a big plump juicy hunk of dirt honey!- Mistofflies

Yes I would cry..because then it would turn to mud and I could pretend it was a chocolate malt and then I would eat it happily, also with the knowlege that i would throw it up in their hair in five minutes.- FartMonkey

hell no. suck it up like a man and eat the dirt. only babys cry about eatiung dirt. when i was you age i ate mud everu day and liked it and look how i turned out.- taplitemuckie

shit no! eating dirt is fuckin easy man, no sweat. If someone forced me to eat stuff like beef or pork THEN i'd cry my eyes out.- SiNiSTaR

i would make them ask the dirt for permission for me to eat it. if the dirt did give them permission, which it wouldn't, unless asked to "give me no sign if you want to be eaten," because dirt can't give signs, it's just dirt, then i would have to willfully eat it. who else has had dirt that desired itself to be eaten?- Doc

no id probably scream the whole time just to for the pain of it.- /Is This Valid?/

I would not cry as I ate it I would simply sigh because finally some one is forcing me to do soemthing enjoyable and any way it beats eating crap- Retarded Monkey Queen

of course, dirt taste better when you cry.- LubisKo

I have nothing to say for this one..I honestly cant think of something good, so I will say "God made dirt and dirt dont hurt" for any pathetic soul that was thinking about it.- syko morgana

i would smile and grins evilly as i ate it...- SG*

I'd make them eat it- Skittles

well actually its funny you should say that, because us arctic ass monkeys find that dirt is a valuable source of monkey goodness. it makes our arctic ass monkey tails long and springy so we can swing from tree to tree laughing and chattering gaily. - the queen of the arctic ass monkeys

no y cry i wud chuck it at them while eating it - lil devil

only if it tasted like my pet goldfish- Not Napoleon Bonaparte

Yes I would cry because it would run down my face into the dirt, turning it to mud. And everyone knows that mud is less fattening then dirt.- Nelson_1723

ok, listen to this piece of genius reasoning, ok, we're assuming that eating dirt is bad right(although why we'd do that i have no idea, dirt from the right location is filled with protein and many many important minerals) but anyway, i digress, i wouldn't just cry, i'd bawl my freaking eyes out, that way , the dirt would become mud, and lets face it, mud is soo much more pleasing to the palate. - MARISSA

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