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what if aliens came and stole all the tuna?

I would build me self a big 'ol happy space-ship fly on up there and kick their nasty asses and rule their worl with an iron fist !- JTHM

well obviously the tuna industry would collapse. but on a more local level...i think my housemate would go through tuna with drawl symptoms. the most prevalent of which being the sudden urge to go research inter stellar travel so she could go get her tuna back! - frazicus

Frankly I would be pleased. I hate Tuna. My cat's head always smells like tuna on monday's between 6pm and 9:30pm, even though I always feed him dry food. - Nelson

its only the cats posing as aliens so they can have a stockpile of tuna so they can take over the world... if not... must... wrap... body... in... tin... foil...- monkie boy

Were going to have to steal it back, along with those anal probes, to prevent future attacks on innocent 5 year olds that were watching sesame street in peace..oh god *has flashbacks* ..mommy??...- Syko Morgana

i would simply eat something else like dolphins.HAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh)- ShadowClaws

I dont know anything about the tuna *kicks about 10 cans under bed* nothing at all *throws about 30 in closet* *laughs* Let them think its the ailens *puts about 15 cans in drawer*- monkeeskittles

I'm for that if that could make all the tuna happy.- Omuletzu

good I hate tuna- Sally

Then we would be tunaless and some freaky extraterrestrials would have a hell of a lot of tuna.- FartMonkey

I would thank them. Then i would rape their bitches and slaughter their cats- SpikeyGoth

Dolphins wouldn't get caught in nets. That's probably why the aliens did it - because the Dolphins are their friends and the noticed that if the tuna is removed humans won't trawl the oceans for tuna and kill Dolphins so they took all the Tuna and put them in an ocean millions of light years away where Tuna can be free. I'm not sure why they didn't just take the Dolphins...- Mzebonga

Who the fuck cares. They can keep it. Does that mean they will take everythign that kinda smells like tuna too? we would lose alot of women.- The Anti-Christ

The world would be a better place.- Nameless

we'd have to kill dolphins and put them in tins which say "no tuna nets were used"- crushed_eyeliner

i would be a happy camper. down with tuna.- Miss Roger's Sweater

i would create this: Form Validation Error Please correct the information you provided by following these steps, then submit the information again: * Please enter at least 2 characters in the "aliens" field. Return to the form. - monkeyFeeder

goddamn aliens i told em once... im not going to tell them again!!!! C'mon Flounderman and my army of otters we will get our tuna back!!!!!!! - Captain Russia- dressed like sperm

They did, in 1989. Starkist is Soylent Green. So is Starbucks. THEY have been weening us onto it since they took John Kennedy up into their space ship and started trading the earth's resources for wargame technology, inter-galactic prostitutes and Martian scotch. So, "What if?" Well, we're all going to explode from the obesity caused by consuming ourselves into oblivion. Those Martians are tricky.- Enfante Terrible

i'd say "why don't you take these goddamned kids with you as well, they taste better anyhow!"- SiNiSTaR

They can't take it if I eat it first! HAHAHA!!- Loshi

That would have sucked for the tuna but instead they took all of the humans' brains which sucks for every other living thing on the planet.- sixhairytits

That wouldn't be good. I heard somewhere that if a guy doesn't like the smell of tuna, he's gay. Then the guys wouldn't know the smell of tuna. Then all the guys would be gay. Then once all the foolish humans die off, the planet is ours. Well I guess its the cats' really, but hey.- FartMonkey

Then there would be a galactic war between the chubaka people and humans until they gave us our tuna back or they took all the bad people away from my cans of soup. Then i could make more tuna like magic WOW !- CDank OR that one guy

I would ask you what kind of alien cums then takes all the damn tuna.- AnthraxBoy

I'd buy a lot of stock in bread and mayonnaise and pickles, because they'd have to come back for that too. Then I'd be rich.- Indomitus

What!? Then there would be no use for dill weed! Or mayonnaise ... man, what a terrible thought. I'm going to go cry now--stupid aliens ... poor tuna....- McDiablo

i don't eat tuna- poo

There would be alot more my opinion..would be a bad thing.. Flipper scares the shit out of me.. - anarchist

i would thank them for taking the rotting fish. and i'd ask them to take me on a tour of their world. - somebitch/iluvnick

id chase theyr little green asses back to the mothership n get back my fucking tuna!!! - Pyro Flip

Good for them. I hate tuna. - Snow

I would get a flamethrower and destroy every X-Box on earth until Bill Gates showed me that he was really the leader of the tuna-stealing aliens, at which point I'd shower him in ice until he became a frozen statue.- Pixallated Warrior

if aliens came a stole all the tuna i would laugh my ass off.- Hiei

I'd eat them.- Kira

bully for them.- Fish

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