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what if we told you that we were shutting this section down forever?

I would scream and cry and thrash around on the floor till it all turned into a swirly vortex. Then i would jump into it and fly away.- JTHM

then i think youd find, early the next morning, that all your possesions would have dissapeared (with the exception of your computer, youre going to need it), your body hair shaved of, yourself gaffed (or maybe even gluegunned....or nail gunned) to the ceiling of your house with a note stappled to your tail demanding to reinstation of this section, or else all your little love monkeys and associates are going to get it.- frazicus

then i would think its a government plot to try to ban insanity, and for everybody to conform, screrw that just because george w bush dosen't have his own private intern like bill clinton, doesn't mean he should try to ban everything thats fun in this world, if he was getting laid every night like the last president was, we wouldn't be in this mess- monkie boy

I would start having traumatic episodes, in which I curl up into a little ball and start asking my self my own what if questions, and answering them too, while drinking oyster juice. - Syko Morgana

i would say, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ill kill you all and take your heads on to my wall of bitches to remind me of the failures of the people who want to make the world a better place.- ShadowClaws cant *sniffle* why would you do such an awful thing? Do you not have feelings? *sob* I dont want to go on *grabs spoon* why? who could do something this awful? *stabs self in heart with spoon* OWWWWW, it didnt work!! *sob* no more what if *crawls in corner with spoon, curls in little ball and rocks back and forth*- monkeeskittles

Good! It's always hard for me to hatch an answer to your dumb "what if" questions. But as artificial intelligence evolves, you may want to recreate the way of thinking of a normal person by feeding all the what ifs and answers and all other stuff on this site to the memory banks. So you might want to keep it after all.- Omuletzu

I'd come and hunt you down- Sally

My life would be pointless. I would just sit and stare at the screen waiting for it to return while I grow old and feeble and lose all my teeth and wind up a mumbling old fool in the gutter drooling on myself. No one will belive me.- FartMonkey

I'd SCREEAAAAAMM Then cray But mostly all screamy and stuff- SpikeyGoth

You're going to do it, aren't you? You just can't be arsed to update this every month so you're shutting it down in favour of the questionnaire... I'd say, "sure". The questionnaire is an infinitely superior idea. Why not just merge the two sections? It'd be easier for administration. And you might just (maybe one day) get online.- Mzebonga

lol, first time using it. oh well- The Anti-Christ

I would hurt some one. It would be funny. Maby you should threaten to do so. That way I have reason to hurt people.- Nameless

i'd be quite annoyed because i got some good answer awards and i want to get more- crushed_eyeliner

i would cry into my sweater and hope that the sun would rise again tomorrow, although it probably wouldn't as the world revolves around this section, and is the only good and wholesome (questionable) thing in my life *sob*.- Miss Roger's Sweater

would be good not to answer this question again- monkeyFeeder

This is one of those goddamn tricks again isnt it??? well *hypothetically* i would go down to your *headquarters* and beat your rich asses down with my all powerful salami gun. then i would hold your monkey captive and feed him grapes from my sweaty chode for punishment - dressed like sperm

It would end one of the longest streaks I've known of not being disappointed with somebody/something and you would then also suck as all others always do and I would be depressed and miss it a lot because not much else provokes as much effort to stay creative in the day to day world as these psycho little activities you provide for us freaks. Of course, there would be nothing I could do about it and I would still just hang around to see what's next because of the preponderance of sucking elsewhere and simlutaneously adore you and resent you for it all until the pain went away.- Enfante Terrible

i'd be very sad because now i won't get to see my name up there in the answers and my moment of so-called glory would be gone forever and besides it's much more fun to answer questions than ask them cuz i only have to use 0.1% of my brain for this whereas to ask a question i have to strain and use 0.3% so it can be very stressful to my brain to only be able to ask questions and you know what i mean.- SiNiSTaR

I would fight the system, become the Chosen One, and control the Matrix.- Loshi

I'd tell you that if you did I'd kill you and make you my zombie and make you put it back up forever.- sixhairytits

I would wear black for half a year. Then for the rest of that year I would eat only cheese. Then for the next 6.1 days I would live in a tree conversing with the monkeys. Then for 8 months 3 days and 7 minutes I would speak in rhymes. After that, I would have further plans, but I would most likely be shot for speaking in rhymes, as that is not greatly appreciated or highly thought of in high school.- FartMonkey

Also let me know where u live- coolDIN

I would stab you then myself. OR maybe i would rape JCP and then kill you then myself...- CDank OR that one guy

That whole monkey butt thing for this one- AnthraxBoy

Isn't that a sign of the end-times?- Indomitus

I'm still crying about the above question, and now you bring this up!? You people are terrible ... you're making me think of terrible things. Well, what if's plague my mind quite a bit, so answering a few of them shuts up those voices in my head for awhile.- McDiablo

who gives a shit- poo

Why? are you? oh god...say it isnt so.. SAY IT ISNT SO- anarchist

i would tell u that i'd do anything at all possible for them not to. - somebitch/iluvnick

id have to steal a hellocoptar fly it to ur house blast open fire on ur family n neighbors then id find u n torture u with a plastic spork n bubble wrap n get my revenge!!!!!!!!- Pyro Flip

Um, no. That is unacceptable.- Snow

What!? Noooooooooooooooooooooo!! I'd have to strangle everyone who works on this site.- Pixallated Warrior

i would scream nonstop in tell the but it back on.- Hiei

I'd cry..... no, no i wouldn't.- Kira

I would laugh at you because it could only be because your mind ran out of ideas for the scenarios used to create this choice section of insanity. Hence, if you ever close this section I shall accuse you of being sane.- Fish

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