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what if sandals refused to stay on your feet and instead wanted to be on your hands?

Then i would stuff them with mayonase and make a dog eat them and then i would set the dog on fire and dip the ashes in acid.- JTHM

then my feet would get burnt on the hot summer sand....but my hands would be ok to do useful things such as paint, cook, draw, assemble rifles, wring necks and such and such- frazicus

Now this is a dangerous situation, but we must remain calm, and follow a few easy steps. 1. Alert the nearest person with a megaphone what you have experienced/witnessed immediatly. 2. Keep the offending sandals and wearer of before mentioned sandals isolated so that other sandals in the vacinity do not get encouraged by the rogue sandals' behavior. 3. Burn everything in sight. And there you have it, three easy steps to ridding your neighbourhood of those awful sandals (and anything flammable).- Nelson

no way... then the gloves would like to be on my head, and my hat would like to be on my feet, causing the world invasion by the evil hamsters- monkie boy

I think it might be a good thing. When kids get smacked by their parents, it is guarenteed to come from a sandal, bringing extra sting and pain. - Syko Morgana

i would not allow this i would burn them down with my house you will understand if you look at the questionaire- ShadowClaws

well if the sandals wanted to be on my hands Id say the hell wid ya and lock them in my closet, if they got the other shoes to revolt with them, then i guess id let them have their way and learn to walk on my hands.- monkeeskittles

Scientist would call it evolution and we would have to comply to stupid safety regulations like wearing socks on our hands. Who needs'em anyway?- Omuletzu

well thats bullshit its just not right.Whats happening in this world?- Sally

We would have to trick them- we would SAY that they could be on our hands, but then we would all stick our hands in the fire. That will show them.- FartMonkey

I wouldi have to dip them in tomatoe sauce and feed them to marlon brando- SpikeyGoth

I'd be even more convinced that sandals need to be destroyed... I mean, they may have been all the rage back in the time of Moses, but nowadays they're just clapped out old crap that men having midlife crises wear with tube socks. Sandles and tube socks??? It's vile. Put the sandals on a heap and burn the fuckers. I'd accept them at the beach, maybe, but - it's a beach! - why not go bare foot and enjoy the feel of soft sand between your toes? Sandals have no right to be on this earth anymore and they should be extinguished. Brothers and sister, stand with me - burn the sandals. BURN THEM ALL!!!- Mzebonga

I would burn the little fuckers to put them in thier place,and walk around like a hippie with no shoes.- The Anti-Christ

I think I would enjoy that. Then a society of hand walkers would emerge and take over the world. For a brief time until the mice decide to take action.- Nameless

then i'd get used to having my head upside down- crushed_eyeliner

i would handcuff my sandals to my ankles and watch in amusement as they try to jump onto my hands but never making it. although they pull harder and harder cutting my ankles and me bleeding all over the ground. holy imagery batman. - Miss Roger's Sweater

earth would turn around, nothin else would change- monkeyFeeder

what?? theyre supposed to be on your feets? hands? dude you havent seen the light have you... theyre the most awesome talking goldfish habitat containment units... haha silly monkey, you actually wear those smelly things. wait sandals dont talk... DAMN MINDGAMES - dressed like sperm

As sentient beings, we like to imagine that we are the masters of our domain, architects, engineers, surgeons and so forth. However, as a principle almost as pervasive as the maxim "the only constant is change", the inanimate world has repeatedly made us out to be the sorry, little "meat puppets"(that term might be ripped off from Dennis Leary, I'm not sure) that we really are, falling down, getting into car accidents, crapping our pants and dying. The cold, hard reality is that if the subatomic particles of the mass we recognize as "sandals" should for some reason "conspire" to repel when in proximity to the mass we recognize as our "feet" we, as a species, had better adapt, learn to walk on our hands and talk with our crotches or die off from infections caused by running around with no sandals on our buttery, little sandal-dependent feet.(And it would serve us right for tying dead cows to our feet to begin with. Fucken freaks.)- Enfante Terrible

i'd get to walk on my hands then *yay!* and i'd be able to kick people in the head if they say stupid things since my feet will be way up high.- SiNiSTaR

Grant their wishes, for fear of angering their leader. I did that with a jellyfish once. . So, now, I wear jellyfish on my hands all the time! - Loshi

It would make it hard to steal shit in the summer because of shirt and shoes requirements in most stores. You'd have to wear sneakers or other shoes which would immediately make you suspect.- sixhairytits

They would have to take it up with the gloves. Not my problem. They're just going to have to fight it out over who gets the hand-territory and I'll be damned if I'll have any part in it. - FartMonkey

I wish the dress does the same.- coolDIN

then i would have to cut off my hands and use them as beverage holders.- CDank OR that one guy

what if our streaked underwear wanted to wear us...and get us uncontrollably stuck in ITS crack?- AnthraxBoy

I'd yell at them and say "you stupid fucking sandals get off my hands!" then I'd probably have to beat up on them and maybe burn one just to show them who's boss. Damn sandals are always starting trouble. Next it'll be the socks, I'm telling you, and then... FOOTWEAR CHAOS!!- Indomitus

I wouldn't mind at all. It'd be an easier way to kick people's asses when they are on your hands. I usually restrain my feet from physically kicking one's ass, but my hands are a different story. You can't smack people with them and leave a shoe imprint, but if your sandals were on your hands, you CAN.- McDiablo

put them in the bin- poo

Then..i'd have to put those damned corn patches on my hands... and it would make it hard to write..- anarchist

i'd say "fuck you" to the sandels and i'd eat them- somebitch/iluvnick

then id be like hey sandals fuck you ur staying on my feet..... then they would refuse and my feet would get damn cold and it wud get hard to type with those damn sandals on my hands fuck this is making me paranoid to ever buy sandals.- Pyro Flip

Then either you'd have to learn how to walk on your hands or venture into the world of sandal selling for profit.- Snow

I wouldn't wear sandals.- Pixallated Warrior

that would be weird.- Hiei

I'd burn them with my flame thrower and where regular shoes.- Kira

we'd all have to walk on our hands, as the sandals are our gods (second only to the cats), and that we have to do anything they want. They shall also viciously suppress all wearers of thongs, socks, lace-up shoes and other such accoutrements that could cause competition for the almightly power over the human race.- Fish

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