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what if that creepy guy came over and forced you to eat dust?
october 2002

that one?!! lick him, then eat the dust.- ChaGAHHKhan

id scream for help.- Rona Mc.Kels JeeJee

well shit i would just spank his ass till he bled- killmenow

first dirt. now dust. im beginning to think theres a conspiracy going on here. the dirt and dust are in leagu with one another. probably allied with the chickens. the creepy guy is just a minion. its just the chickens. always the chickens.- frazicus

He's a religious nut so I make him think that I'm a witch and he stays away from me. Instead he sits in the hallway eating the dust himself, forcing me to be disgusted by the sight of him when I step out of my apartment. He likes to eat gross shit like raw meat, spoiled food, bugs and things off of the floor. He's a total control freak and he goes around claiming that he's never had sex and never even masturbated even though he's fifty-four years old. He also claims that he used to be a minister. Everbody just thinks that he's a pervert. - Enfante Terrible

Argh! You suck, DC! Why do you always have to ask hard questions? Can't you just ask things like: What if the Moon would fall on Earth???- Omuletzu

i would ask him to take my coat.- Miss Roger's Sweater

I dont know, I really dont. I lack the creativity and imagination i used to have for these what if's and questionaire questions. God I really suck. - Syko Morgana

Well, it might depend on which creepy guy you are referring to...but anyway I would pretend to eat and then crack him over the skull with a frying pan. If he is dead then, problem solved. If he is not dead, I tie him to a chair and force-feed him the dust. Then I would keep cracking him over the skull with the frying pan until he becomes deceased.- FartMonkey

i'd make believe it's fairy dust and think happy thoughts.- marissa

as long as he had ketchup, mustard, and some bread its all good! Hey, can the creepy guy come home with me?? I like creepy guys and i like dust!- naughtee69

I would kindly tell him that I am full from lunch and that dust dosent go well with penutbutter.- Nameless

I'll show him I'll be ready to shove it where the sun don't shine- Sally

Devour it, and then grin like a maniac until he leaves.- Loshi777

Is he a hot creepy guy?- SG*

Well that creepy guy isn't so bad when you get to know him. And just as soon as I start filming the next scene of the hard-core porn movie I'm directing in which an evil green jellybean tries to lure a red spotted spatula into a cave so the evil green jellybeans can continue uninterupted world domination, then I would be glad to make an appointment with him.- Nelson

If that creepy guy came over and forced me to eat dust, I would put on my gas mask and smoke him out with mustard gas. Then, I would pour the leftover dust into his seeping and blistering wounds.- puppet of peace

what creepy guy? oh you mean the one in the mirror?- monkie boy

well being the pathetic passive person I am, I will eat the dust and probably mumble creep under my breath while eating the dust, making some of the dust fly out then go into my eyes making me blind then the creep would kick me, i would scream.He'll shove more dust in my face and i will swallow. Then it probably end up being an endless circle of me eating dust, me mumbling, goin blind, screaming, getting kicked, eatin more mumblin..goin blind... Well ya get the point. - well i dunt understand i have a name?must i care if some senseless gibberish gets read by no one?

id go on a mad sneezing rampage..- I Know This Dont Deserve Credit.

oh gosh not again. i told him'd dust bunnis don't tste good but he stil wants to eat tem. he hunts them with this tiny bow and arrow and a pop gun.- meagnolia

well, if he forceing me then i have no choice, but does anyone really hae a choice? - LubisKo

break down in a mental torture of past haunting memories..huh...wait...*NOOOOOOOO!!!!!I SWEAR IT WASNT PLASSTIC!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000ooooo..o..o..erm..ahem*..then id probably roll around..a bit. Scaring him..yup..they always run...always..- ShutUpILLSUck!

When i was a baby my mommy always told me that all thoes voices i hear in my head are just the aliens transmitting messages from foriegn star systems. By the time i was 18 the aliens told me a revolutionary way to consume dust and metabolize it into maryjuana, then when it came out as feces it would be clean, and top grade nugs. Givin, i would gladly eat his dust then proceed to sit down with him and roll a phatty. We would get so stoned from my martian ass nugs that suddenly he would dissapear and i would realize i was still in springfield state mental correctional facility drewling from the mouth from my most recent injection of thorazine.- Cloud 9

It wouldn't be too bad because I have some gravy in my underwear.- Indomitus

I'd smother it in candy. Marshmallow Peeps. The grainy part would be disguised by the little sugar granules. Then I would talk to him with my mouth full of the stuff and it would drive him crazy and he would go away.- BROWN25

aMaybe the creepy guy can make YOU do what he wants, but he can't make ME do anything. You're such a conformist. I'm truly sad to be around you.- FiFi

i would sneeze on him and drown him in my phlem..- keglineq

I think I would see him as he was creeping over and would form some kind of mechanism so when he forces it down my throat it will actually come out my sides and seep into his bloodstream killing him instantly.- FoL BLU ( Boris)

i would eat it and then i would kick him in the nuts then i would force him to eat my shit and ask him who his daddy is.......power power power mwhahhahaha wait what am i thinking you wold have to bite air to catch the dust i think i would be tired what about those creepy little people who talk to me like pumpf- frizzy

I'd tell him to eat my shorts ... and if he doesn't, I'll eat them instead. Hey, it's better than eating dust.- McDiablo

I would do it and then say now it's your turn. I would tell him it tasted good, even though it didn't. And while he's eating it I'll poison it and then sit there and ponder all the reasons why he died so suddenly and turnedc all blue- Retarded Monkey Queen

i like dust so i would eat as much as i could- iAmShort&wannaDie

what creepy guy?? *runs to closet* think i may have to answer this later! *puts on ghostbuster backpack, and grabs shovel* *picks up walkie-talkie* We have an escaped creepy guy, i repeat, we have an escapee. *runs out of door, calling "Here creepy dirt guy, here boy*- monkeeskittles

he says it's his mother's recipe so I always feel too sorry for him to tell him that is not the way you make lemon bars. you're supposed to use confectioner's sugar. i think he might be mildly retarded. he should probably have a social worker checking on him but, he gets by, the poor fellow.- lili malrlene

enjoy it- pope doug

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