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what if cheese was made from something that came out of the tits of cows?

Shit! That's the most disgusting thing i've ever heard of! No way would i eat something made out of THAT stuff!!- SiNiSTaR

Then the world be run by a large fascist superpower that is allegedly built on life, liberty and fraternity, but shits on the principles under which it was created and then it would eventually be destoryed by the inability of that nation to respect different social, political and religious perspectives. A long history of military stalemate with other superpowers who perhaps don't operate a capitalist system and operate more fair (in principle) systems of governance such as Communism and other instances of military interference in younger nations which are attempting to define themselves politically by experimenting with ideals like Communism. In the instances where this superpower failed to "win" a war, they will write into their history books that they won the Cold War when, in fact, no ne won and in the instances where the little country kicked their arrogant pretentious ass, they'll write it out of the history books completely. We need to make sure that cheese is never made out of something that comes from cow's tits because the prospect of a world run by a selfish, arrogant, fascist, inconsiderate, inept, moronic, exclusive, ignorant, hypocritcal superpower is just too much for me to live with.- Mzebonga

cows have tits? no way! god they must be huge!boobies! yahoo! i',m goin cow titty squeezin!!- meagnolia

thats disgusting! if thats where cheese was made from then i sure wouldnt be eating cheese anymore. well maybe cheddar cheese...but only on special occasions...what kind of sick minded person came up with this question anyways?- mary jane

And what if billions of cows were milked and drugged and tortured until they were laying down to die just to produce the tons and tons of cheese that pump through the corroded arteries of greedy, willfully ignorant human beings every year? Golly gee, what sick fucken imaginations you freaks have!- Enfante Teribble

I wouldn't have it thats just not right, I thought cheese grew on trees.- Sally

I'd use it to patch the gaps in my celing.- Waxter

it is isnt it- butthead

Wait... then what the hell have I been eating all my life? Hmmmmm... It appears to be a bar of... Isn't that illegal...? Anyways, back to the question... I think less people would eat cheese if they knew that... Mind you, if people knew where half their food comes from, they would probably just stop eating altogether. Except for those huge motherfuckers, who eat anything, and anyone. Sorry, that should be "anything and everything"...- Fido Dido

id wonder the same thing ive wondered about milk. who discovered this, and what the hell were they doing at the time?- frazicus

oh crap... thanks alot you guys, i don't think i'll ever eat cheese again...- marissa


then why even buy it??? I could just go on back to my familys cow and suck it right out of it. Then you dont even have to microwave it yee haw!- one armed midget

I would chop off my own mothers head and eat a great big pile of horse shit- dane

I would go suck it from its sorce.- gopostal

then we'd all be eating cheese. so um...I'd buy vegan cheese.- ble

eh, isnt that what cheese is anyway? oh well, i think its good. its got that nice little hint of cow nipple in it.- w33nkie

HMMMMMM Tit cheese, its good on toast.- LubisKo

like omigod i would just die! totally!- Miss Roger's Sweater

i'd eat it anyway, cuz IT IS from there... - sheniqua

Then it's time to go back to breast-feeding!- Not Napoleon Bonaparte

ewww..sick ...sometimes you people go to far.. - dugsdee you mean processed cheese?- Atlas

What if you didn't tell me? Would i really care where it came from? Cheese is yummy...except for cheez whiz...- Richard

sorry man hate to inform ya but it does..even milk, yogurt, coffee, cake, milkshakes, cottage cheese, sour cream, cookies, ice cream, shakira, wood and chocolate comes from cow tits, well just some of the things to come out of cows tits..the whole practicly lives around what comes out of cows tits..we could nevermlive without it (well maybe we could but is life worth livin without cottage cheese?)- KKEELLYY(or am i?)

uh, it is- Draven

k man, i know your a vegan and tryin to prove the point of how sick it is we eat shit comin out of tits cows and i just wanna say its cool..make more statemnets man. Live Vegan.- !@%^!If YOU dont EaT YouR MeaT HOw CaN You Have YouR Pudding??!@/(PinkFloydCrazyTeacher)

You mean it ISN'T?!?!! I supposed next you're going to tell me that monkeys really DON'T possess the power of invisibility.- OmegaClarinet

Ever hear of goats?- Spooky The Cat

I think the TV commercials advertising it would have a hard time explaining the truth. You know those egg ads that say, "EGGS. Grade A goodness." What are they gonna say about cheese? "CHEESE. The tit milk ads more flavour."??? Ok, that is just messed.- McDiablo

You would hope the absurdity of that fact would trigger lucidity and cause humanity to wake-up from the animal exploitation nightmare but, since the entire pretext of civilization as we know it is based on self-deception, we sleep like babies.- The Pope

It would be pumped with steroids and then pumped into five year old Indonesian girls so that they could be bred and milked for cosmetics and bath foam for rich American women.- Marthastewart

It is and I would eat it as normal or go to the dairy and demand a rebait or the UTTER GETS IT!!!- Sk8erGecko

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