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what if the madness in the mall was directly related to the amount of pink in cotton candy?

I would go into the cotton candy business and start playing god.- Omuletzu

mulitcolored cotton candy? I should hope not- mouse

Then it would be counteracted by blue cotton candy, wouldn't it?- Snipe

I knew it, those cotton candy men are in league with the abominable snowmen... Soon pink snow will fall from the sky and drug you into thinking you don't have enough clothes.- HoMe ImPrOvEmEnT KiLlEr

I taste like pink cotton candy! ...Dc wanna taste?- iWanaDoDC

more pink in the cotton candy! Put so much in so eventually all the idiots go so mad they all end up killing eachother.- syko morgana

i would say more pink candy - oriongk

pink is a horrible thing and is responsible for all the problems in the world, down with pink- smoking_girl

then there doesn't seem to be enough pink although frankly i hate pink it's the ugliest color on the planet .. i couldn't eat anything pink...sometimes i have to close my eyes and nose if i had to eat a pink jellybean...beggars can't be choosers, you know what they say....- SiNiSTaR

Then people should eat more.- Sally

I'd say we need more pink.- Mzebonga

ME WANT LEMONS!!- Coconuts

anything dealing with malls and cotton candy i try and stay away from it. it's like a catch 22. you go there to check out some fresh snatch and beleive me there are plenty of hotties running around a mall, but they are all like high school girls and god forbide you find a couple well developed middle school girls. what the fuck is in the drinking water that produces such beauty at to early of an age. this is why there should always be a "don't ask don't tell" policy when it comes to dating tail your unsure of. ...........wanna bannana????- cookypuss

Then I would add as much pink to cotton candy as humanly possible, for madness should be spread throughout humanity, and thereby make everybody in the world insane so that we can crown the king of insanity (DC) our new god.- Fish

This isn't a 'what if'. This is fact. It is linked very strongly. The Research Group for Cotton Candy have had to limit the amount of pink colouring because of the element of insanity included in the recipe.- Witto

The security gards would have to impound the candy factory, and arrest all the spotty scientist geeks who mix the sugar, and string them up by their testicle until their nuts swelled up like a big purple baloon. Either that or I wouldn't give two shakes of an owl's erection.- Mystic Murray

ha.. laugh ... ...then start jumpin then i would stare at some man for a couple hours droolin and sayin some tips how to bath himself and how pretty his pants are..&...then go to the san frasisco store and steal everthing wit shit written on just another normal day at the mall...- double

i would buy all the cotton candy hoping it was drugs,....- hopsgotcaught

DAMNIT.. I knew that would happen someday *eye twitches*- popedoug

then i would say go the knights!...- kraken86

i would discuss this with Jay and Silent Bob.. they would fix the situation... by Jay saying fuck a lot and Silent Bob doing his crazy jedi shit.. and then Brodie would walk by with his little white cup.. and it would end with someone offering chocolate covered pretzels from a hand smelling of ass....- Miss Roger's Sweater

You mean it's not? I don't know, man. Have you been to the mall lately? I think those overhead sprinklers need to start sending down a fine mist of Valium. I've had salespeople, completely against my will..massage my neck, spray me with perfume and buff one of my fingernails. And they didn't even buy me dinner!!!!- Nicole

The mall would be a very mad place to be in.- The Fool

what if the amount of pink in cotton candy was directly related to the amount of madness in the mall, that would be a proper mindfuck- schhtop_sie_grolsch

I wouldn't know, I only eat the blue cotton candy.- AnthraxBoy

I would eat the cotton candy, and say yum to the madness.- Draven

madness is good.... we need more pink, in that case... in fact, they should just sell pink, instead of candyfloss... that way, the mall would be madder, which is a good thing. i'm pistol pete. dancing with elephants inside mouse cages is not advisible, and is not endorsed by this store and/ore promotion. eating toast whilst free-falling is more fun than being raped by a shrew.- Fido Dido

ten mall cop would have ths huge crackdwn at the enterances and you'd have to go through spcial scanners like at the airport and tey'd have to search you before you entered the store. and thered be sneeky color changng cotton candy conspericies an what you thought was good ole safe bluue cotton candy magicallyturned pink and all the mall hooligans wopuld pop ouut of the walls and break out into shenanigans. - megnolia

-i have a lovely bunch of cocunuts diddle de diddle dee do-- i am frank

oh the humanity can you imagine the carnage? little kids killing little kids cuz they took the last pokemon card teenage girls killing other teenage girls over boyband posters... actually,that'd be kinda funny put em in the arcade, get a bookie, and start placing bets (personally i think backstreet boy fans would kick everyone elses ass, they all seem to have the desperately insane glint in their eyes, and thats without the cotton candy...)- marissa

id buy more pink cotton candy and sell it to assitant shoppers. and for the record, it's faery floss.- frazicus

id paint myself pink and glue cotton balls to me and pour can of pink paint over everbody saying "its ok it wont hurt u"then i would make love to furniture in sears.- whatusuck

The pink tint of pink cotton candy is actually a substance that is also used in the tint of slurpees. It causes the consumer to think happy thoughts while unknowingly becoming instantly addicted. It also causes one to go crazy, or "mad", if you will. So, I guess what I'm saying is madness at the mall IS directly related to the amount of pink cotton candy. Booyaka!- McDiablo

id slove the problem!and eat all the extremly pink cotton candy... them i would die of over consumption of food-die.- hopmonkey

that would be impossible cus there is no such thing as the colour pink- LooLoo

we would all die...- Cough

blah- ??????????

i would eat it like a PuSSAYYY- BOZZ

id solve the problem and stuff all the cotton candy up my ass!- grossMeout

Thats why I only eat the pink! I'll deal with those murderous trolls....- FrogBladder

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