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what if all the worlds religions were based on colors?

then i think the green religion would have to embark on a crusade against orange. thayre not at all compatable.-frazicus

well i would be on the orange side because then id have red yellow backin me up but blue would be my enemy because it would make me dirty brown but then id question my orange religon because of the blue sky but the sun is orangish redish yellowish colour, So theres a conflict.But overall the world would be just as same as it is right now...warish..gorish.. hateful.. -I dont deserve a nickanama.

Well, obviously people would have to worship purple, for it is almighty.-Fido Dido

I'd be blue for Jacob's Ladder, don't ask how many ferrets the eight-year olds imbibed yesturday, cuz nobody's gonna tell ya. Run away! Spleen!-The Chosen One

would that make agnostics transparent? -Regis

It'd make my job as a sniper much easier. All my Christian targets would be wearing highly visible pink outfits and driving pink cars. -Syko Morgana

I would paint myself green and they would be forced to worship a corpse like the fools that they are because if you completely cover yourself in paint, you suffocate. What idiots. They should know better.-FartMonkey

then they'd be easy to sort because they'd be color coded-animan1

They are.-Enfante Terrible

what if we wore the wrong color thats not our religion, could they stone us? what religion color is khaki and baby blue, oh no, i think im gonna get stoned...*rock crashes through monitor*-monkeeskittles


They would be alot more interesting. -Vicious

The one based on blue would be flooded, but dung brown would be fucked.-FiFi

Sorry! I'm done thinking for today.-Omuletzu

There'd be a lot less fights over Jerusalem - all fighting would now revolve around the paint factories of the world, and certain-coloured cans of paint could be used as hostages.-Fish

hell yeah homie, i want to claim the black one first, or i'lll pop a cap in yo ass biotch...-monkie boy

Then my religion colour would be brown with a large white spot and the shape of my colour would strongly resemble a monkey.-The Muffin Man

then the hippies would be mighty religious!-Miss Roger's Sweater

i'd join the black religion ^_^-SG*


Then I'd be the messiah of the Blue religion, cuz I'm blue. No, really, I am.-Dragonesse

That would be so fucking stupid, because i love purple upside down triangles.-Coza

that would be quite stupid because all the gays would love only one church-LAZ

all would hail blue. long live blue. Everybody would have to wear blue, and those who did not would be committing sacreligious crime and would be force-fed my blue gumboots as punishment.-The Fool

then you'd get those fanatics who won't wear red because 'red is for pagans' or black because it's for 'satanists' or they won't wear yellow because it's for ladida.-SiNiSTaR

Then goths would be the most religious.-Nelson

Then those dumb "Peace throughout the world" people would run around with tie-die and Rainbow shirts on, chanting for unity through religions and shit like that...-Josephine Stalin

What, like people are worshipping colours? That'd be kind of scary ... like if I was walking down the street decked out in blue, and people go, "It is our goddess! She has come to us!!" ... hmm, that might not be so bad.....-McDiablo

I'd worship Black and Green. These are the colours of the BogGoblin. The BogGoblin knows all and sees all and writes silly songs. When did you ever write silly songs?-Mzebonga

Brown is the colour fo my religion for brown is the colour of the stinky monkey butt.-Fergus O'dimbal

If all the worlds religions were based on colours i would count myself lucky. Being colour blind i could follow any religion and not notice any difference. (if there is a difference in the first place!)-Barclay

worship rainbows, that'll confuse 'em-Me

people would have to assume a wide variety of doctrines to avoid blindness in a monochromatic snowstorm. only people who reigned in their dogmatism would be able to see well enough to drive a car. i'm all for it.-pieyetic reuptake

i'd mix yellow and blue together and create green mass hysteria. all the mindless sheep would make a big fuss and try to assasinate me, but they wouldn't suceed, soon after that, we'd have purple, orange, etc etc, and people just wouldn't give a fuck. except for the fanatics that still worship the primary colors (the holy trinity) -Marissa

we would all be contradicting each other and then we would kill each other in the confusion and the human race would die out and the world would be a much better place-my ass is cold

My religion wouldn't b purple-Hunni_babe

i would'nt go to church. even tho i dont go now-Screamin'

well people ...i dont know if my memory has implants making me think that iv answered this question before but what the hell ill answer this one anyways, even though my answer really isnt worth it and hardly would be close to get that award thing. Not that it i dont just do this for its rewards i take pleasury in this.. Just for myself i doubt anyone else reads cept for you insanedomain people..and me..i do like to come back and giggle at me actually writing something and it being on the INTERNET.The amazing internet..i really aint that amazing actually increadable annoying all the pop-ups, always accidently stumbling on to porn and nazi support groups(yes accidently) making my parents look in the history and freak out and threaten to take the internet connection away.stupid people they dont have much confidence in there parenting skills and not much trust in me or think im very smart..i should stop babblin bout them or anything else right now..this is not gonna get posted is it?well fine..i dont care i dont even think i got around to the answer..blah it aint worth it...yea im stoppin.-SpaGGeTTi

Would things be any differant?-keato the kat

Then i'll be god.-stinky

that might be fun i would worship black-samantha

Then, well..I think the people who are all into "we want a United world" shit would have like really cheesey slogans with rainbows and spectrums and stuff, to symbolize unity amounts the different religions. Then the gay people would be offended, so would the united people since others would accuse them of being gay since they will use rainbows and spectrums on their posters, this would cause riots around the world and I will sit on top of the Eiffell tower and laugh while eating a bowl of Cheerios.-Poopie Diaper Head

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