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what if this was all just a big lie to confuse you into saying yes?
october 2002

well you guys get wierd enjoyment from wierd things..but im guessing your pretty aware of that..freaks.- ChaGAHHKhan

well then what if i was lieing just to see my name on a website? - Rona Mc.Kels JeeJee

then you can just sit on it and rotate mister... - killmenow

yes. i mean...damn. it worked. then i guess youd win. damn you and youre mind games.- frazicus

Thanks to the virtues of generalized paranoia, I am predisposed to answer no, if at all, when questioned.- Enfante Terrible

I say no and retire somewhere in Tibet to live the rest of my life alone... humans suck! Why me?!- Omuletzu

i would wet my pants and run around with my hat on backwards screaming "yup, uh huh, sure, ya, yeah, yep, of course.. oh there's one more.... damn"- Miss Roger's Sweater

ill just go back to peeling potatoes. - Syko Morgana

Well, I usually automatically say no when I am confused...but this isn't such a good system in case the question is 'Do you want $50,000?'.- FartMonkey

well, then i wouldn't want you all to have wasted all this time and energy in planning such an elaborate hoax, so, here goes, screw you , you manipulative shit!!! i mean...yes.- marissa

Well what if i said yes....huh??? Your big lie, didnt confuse me into saying it, i said it on my on!! so what do u think about that huh?? what if i told u monkees steal my thongs at night so they can go to the gay bars??- naughtee69

I would say yess. Any one who planed something out so elaborate as this huge lie deserver a little credit.- Nameless

then you won because I already said yes and now I'm gonna cry- Sally

I would avenge my forefathers by sacrificing a goat to the unholy demonic spawn of last tuesday's nut brownie batch, which met a horrible demise when it burned in the freezer. - Loshi777

you were lying?!?!- SG*

what if! WHAT IF!!!! uhhh...... I think I'd probably jusat make a dick og myself and say yes like the sheepish little 15 year old I am.- Nelson

Then I would do the smae thing to this computer as I did to the creepy guy.- puppet of peace

of course its not a lie i would not say yes if my life depended on it, i mean if everybody said yes all the time then everybody would become a bunch of yes people. don't you agree, yes?- monkie boy

what was all a big lie into making me say ...Wait a fuckin second!ya almost got me there didnt ya!HA!well you never Oh and never u thought you'd actually get me!!!MWAHAH!!!your sad attempt makes me laugh!oh laugh and laugh... and laugh.. Haa..- well i dunt understand i have a name?must i care if some senseless gibberish gets read by no one?

id wouldnt say *** cus im a bitch.- I Know This Dont Deserve Credit.

huh? wait can yo repeat th questipon? wait um. no time out hang on. do ii get a lifeline?- meagnolia

Well now that i know that im confused im going to .........ok- LubisKo

y...yes..- ShutUpILLSUck!

NO!- Cloud 9

It won't work because the microchip installed in my brain can tell, and it won't say yes. I don't know what it will say because it's from Japan and I don't know Japanese.- Indomitus

You're not supposed to say that part out loud.- BROWN25

yes...I mean, hey! Stop doing that!- FiFi

well it wouldn't be hard. i thought hong kong was the capital of china..- keglineq

I'd fold. YES!!!!!!!!!!! YES I TELL YOU!! *whimpers* yes... yesy yesy!!!! hahaha I defied the confusion! Beat me with a large stick if you have to.- FoL BLU ( Boris)

what if what was a lie i wouldnt say yes to anything only idiots say yes when they arent asked a question wait i take that back renfield talks to him self all day then he peeks around corners and stares at you - frizzy

Yes .... wait, what was the question? Was there a lie there ... anywhere ... somewhere? Uhh, I'm still going with "yes". Is that the wrong answer .... ??- McDiablo

no! then well YES stop confusing me, I don't know anything that happened last night when I was drunk, that is what we're talking about isn't it?- Retarded Monkey Queen

yes- iAmShort&wannaDie

hypothically...this is all a big lie to confuse you into saying yes, but those of us who are smarter than *looks around and leans forward to whisper to you* those little guys, know that the answer to everything is really "firecrackers are great" *looks back and screams* The LITTLE guys are here. The answers yes, its yes, i say YYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!- monkeeskittles

or, maybe this question is a trick to coerce us into saying "no", just to be contrary. you've got to be more clever than that to put a mindhold on me. in any case, i don't eat, sleep or shit without my anti-mindcontrol helmut on, so you better just move along to easier prey.- lili malrlene

then i will say yes because i am a mindless drone- pope doug

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