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what if there really WAS a reason for EVERYTHING?

Then what WOULD BE the reason for NOTHING?- Mzebonga

Then there'd be a fucking reason.. so what.- Tarzan

then there would be no point to doing anything except that reason, and so no one would do any work, unless the reason for everything was work, in which case, no one woudl eat, sleep or have sex, cos all you would want to do is the reason for everything. And IS Everythign the same and ANYTHING? What happens to NOTHING?- Ultra Magnus

Then there would be a reason why I was typing this. Which there is not. - shoooooogaaaaahhh

If there WAS there isn't now, which just emphasises my theory that the whole Universe if FUCKED- Fish

if there was a reason for everything, then we'd have to have a reason for being insane, and i can't think of any, so if i can't think of any, does that mean i'm not really insane? and what could possibly be the reason why kids are such horrible little morons who play in your garden and throw their shit around for you to clean up? i'd like to know.- SiNiSTaR

then i would know why when i put milk in the fridge it always freezes..- Miss Roger's Sweater

then i would have to go outside and wear sunscreen whilst i ate my kitty cat cus i couldnt find my basket ball.- Zero

I would crawl right back under my rock- Meeee!

then i would be perpetually smart how i dont know but i would be if that were true - butthead

What about nothing? Is there a reason for nothing? If there is a reason for everything, then there must be a reason for nothing. Thus, there is a reason for nothing. So... nothing has a reason... so there can't be a reason for anything... which means... ur... my head hurts....- Fido Dido

I'd like that because sometimes I get headaches from wondering what if?- Sally

no good answer...- AnthraxBoy

"because i said so" doesn't count.- fishtopher

We would probably all be disappointed if we found out what it was. Or else be killed instantly by the profundity, which would cause our brains to gush out of our noses and ears.- Enfante Terrible

if there was a reason for everthing there would be nothing...(now that is deep thinking)- NAAAAAA!!!!!!brrr...

if there REALLY WAS a reason for EVERTHING....well i liked to see the reason for that time I poured yellow paint all over my body, dreaming bout urine as i ate the keyboard naked as a pile of pink bunnies ran in my grandpa ate pie screaming "Stop Humping The WAlls" at me.(ANd i dont do drugs)Wheres the reason for all those things, I ask you?..I ask YOU!- LooLooSy

Then there would be proof that God exists, though why s/he would create misquitoes is beyond me. Yet, there's a reason for it. Also, why we are alone in the Universe.- Cirrus

Then I would still eat the Sock Monkey. But maybe rape it first.- Flabba the Slut

people would get confused and die- w33nkie

Then I'm not an accident- Duck

Then I wouldn't have to come to the Insane Domain and ask DC for advice. That would be a useless existence, so I'd kill myself.- Waxter

then stuff would actually make sense and i'd finally know why my toaster caught on fire and why you can't cook ice cream- hollow

there is isnt there?isnt there?..i thought...insanity was ...ah..mmm oh well..- nickanama

You mean there is a reason I am sitting here right now filling out the What Ifs? *Becomes Paranoid* Did some unknown force lure me here?? Where is it? *Glances around* I think DC has possessed my mind...."You muuuust fill out this muuust get a good answer award". Dammit, I like them dino heads :) - McDiablo

That would suck. I'm not going to say any more because I don't have any reason to. er.- foetish

then we would probably waste our lives figuring out why- Ninja

hmmm... well then we're all screwed.- insanity crises 420

everyone would worship monkeys.- tim

You would be in trouble if you had to find the reason for this question.- Omuletzu

Then you could not get away with shrugging when someone asks what you're doing.- FartMonkey

the the life wouldnt be worth living for. either that or the rats in my garden would have taken over the world and never allowed cats to chase them.- Bearded

holy shit yes. then thre'd be a reason for m not to go tocollege and to skip school. and not hold a job ad to have premarital sex. alright!- meagnolia

I'd stick a finger up my ass and say, "WHOOPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"- ~Nickname~

hmmmmm.. then all my problems would be solved, and there wouldn't be irritating people. 'specially at work.- sheniqua

There is no reason for me to answer this question about reason, this question is just not within reason and my reasoning tells me that a reason needs a reason to be a reason, do you understand my reasoning or is my reason for not answering ths question unreasonable and if it i for what reason? - LubisKo

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