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what if we were all the same?

then you wouldnt be asking me this question.-frazicus

wed all kill ourselfs because wed know what fuckin losers we all are seeing our selfs everday. Oh and there'd be no use for mirriors. Your welcome!!-I dont deserve a nickanama.

All sex would then be masturbation...-Fido Dido

I would smile, only if the fourteenth barbarian created a spoon. This spoon, this golden spoon, would rid the world of similarity, and we would be free of this cursed spell. Good day to you.-The Chosen One

well there'd be a whole lotta fucking either way.-Regis

We'd all have mullets, reebok tennis shoes, purple sweat pants, listen to Yanni and horseback ride.-Syko Morgana

<---- .ereh ttub yeknom yknits a fo erutcip a sevresed rewsna sihT-ANthraxboY

We are all the same already..just in our own special ways.-FartMonkey

i think then the shrews would come after us with baseball bats and olive oil and demand answers.-Pokey

life would be really boring and we'd all shoot ourselves-animan1

you'd STILL want to be me - SAnimal

First we would go blind from the monotony and then probably deaf too but, it would be cool for a while because we would develop temporary telepathy from the sympathetic shock of our deadening senses, which would climax as the sensation that there is only one "me", which would drive us all mad until the hallucinations became so strong that we were convinced we were infinitely different again. This is also the governing dynamic that drives pop music.-Enfante Terrible

we are, nobody knows it though, well...except for me, im not the same, im not even from here, but wheres here? Im not to sure, we'd just all be the same!-monkeeskittles

then we would all be damn sexy sockmonkeys running a website based souly on the insanity of the world. Though there really wouldn't be a world since we would all be damn sexy sockmonkeys.-ANthraxboY

Then We would not be different-Vicious

That ship has sailed.-FiFi

Man, communism died like so 12 years ago!-Omuletzu

Everybody in the world would look think and act G Dubya Bush. . . . *quietly exits the room and slits throat*-Fish

then we'd all look like furbys... come play with me... i love you...-monkie boy

Then we'd all have to look like you, DC because you are the world's worst dressed monkey.....and so we'd all win an oscar and famous people wouldn't be famous and the original DC would sit on a wooden throne and rule all his little clones.-The Muffin Man

then we'd all be in style. nah i don't think that is possible.-Miss Roger's Sweater

I'd kill myself..unless we were all like me...-SG*

Then I'd fuck myself and never know it.-One-fiddy_Ez

Then we wouldn't have to answer this question, because it wouldn't apply, because we'd all be the same... my head hurts.-Dragonesse

I would definatly kill myself, I am so god damn stupid i wouldn't want to live with anymore of me!!!!!-Coza

i would have to lock myself in a room where i couldn't see myself.-LAZ

DNA identification would not work, and everybody could commit as many crimes as they like. Hence, the cloning of the human race into one homogenous form would cause the advent of anarchical rule. Very groovy.-The Fool

then all those so-called celebrities and 'stars' wouldn't exist and wouldn't be where they are and we wouldn't have to sit through hour-long specials on MTV that show off how rich and fucking spoilt they are!!!-SiNiSTaR

Then we would all have to vote on who we would be. But because we were all the same then we'd all vote the same way. But because none of us would know who it is that we were meant to be then we'd all get extremely confused and try to feed our pets tortises nuclear waste, thus making super radio active tortises who will grow really really big and destroy the world. Didn't anyone tell you it's a good thing to be individual?-Nelson

we aren't?...damn. i thought most of the people on the earth were..-Josephine Stalin

Holy crap, I'd have to take the next space shuttle outta here otherwise I'd be so bored. Hmm, unless everyone drank Slurpees and, therefore, had a Slurpee machine inside all of their houses. Miss Rogers Sweater and I would like that muchly. -McDiablo

You'd only post one answer to this question with all our names next to it.-Mzebonga

You still couldn't have my potatos...-Fergus O'dimbal

We'd all be having sex with ourselves, and if we ever found anyone else to be attractive it'd just be plain big-headedness.-Barclay

who would know?-Me

deoderant and perfumes would become obsolete because nobody cares about their own stench.-pieyetic reuptake

then the small minded idiots inhabiting this world would find some other reasons to kill and hurt each other.-Marissa

i would eat chicken and watch porn-my ass is cold

I would wear a name tag-Hunni_babe

what do you mean, we are all the same. we all dress the same, act the same, pick on the same people, and do everything that everyone does the same.-Screamin'

Same: meaning exactly alike...WWELLL..well..i answered this question before.i swear i answered this before. So my first answer to this question would be correct.Also man..nobody likes someone who repeats themself..gets annoyin, ya know.-SpaGGeTTi

then i'd laugh at everyone, then realize i was the same as them and cry, then i'd laugh at myself-keato the kat

but we are, my mummy said so.-stinky

then the world would be a very boring place-samantha

Then I would eat large amounts of corn and chipped beef, live in a cage and sing "pretty women" while playing with toy horses.-Poopie Diaper Head

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