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What if I made you give a speech about something to a room full of weirdos - and it had to be QUALITY NONSENSE, not just random gibberish - could you do it or would you end up curling up into a ball and crying??



sounds like politics in the US! example being one senator using a filibuster to derail the conversation till the opposing side falls asleep so he can sneak around and put pudding in their shoes, forcing the rival party to depart to change their shoes, thus making the original rambling party the technical victor by forfeit. - Ishkabilly

I could do it because im a juggalo.- Cowboy

DO It. i mean it's just what the random you usaully spew out anyway. does vomit count by the way?- neon nails

Bring it.- the bubble

Why is the sky up- Cp

Naww, im a weirdo myself so i'll suck up and do it. quality nonsense it my specialty.... going on and on about something u dont kno shit about and acting like its true.... YES! The sun IS gods asshole!- Flicky

I'd misquote Star Trek a lot, over and over Warp me to Halifax ! - POPTART

Good Answer AwardWell if they truly were weirdos, then yes, I would do it.- happynotsolucky

I could totally do it.- Bbygurl

Good Answer AwardWell, curling up into a ball and crying would have to be a part of my spiel. It's a technique used to captivate large audiences practiced by all the big public speakers. -me

I pick the crying option. Although I would feel right at home with the weirdos I really am rather bad at public speaking so I'd have a breakdown. I am however quite good at speaking nonsense, it' a shame I'm so insecure about it.- Pighole


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