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So you misread the paperwork and now you have to donate a limb to (alleged) science
- which limb do you part with, and why?



none. i chose to cut of a hobos limb and use his/hers instead... - Ishkabilly

I would cut out my left eye cause you only need one really.- Cowboy

how many limbs do i have? you can take them all. i don't need them anymore. i found some new ones from the same paperwoor- neon nails

...but if somehow I did finish it and this happened...could it just be a finger?- the bubble

Good Answer Awardfirst question i would ask is why would i sign any paperwork that would have anything to do with the donating to science. there are plenty of idiotic teenagers out there more than willing to de-limb themselves for the sake of entertainment. this would soon be followed by a court case and if it failed then i would simply disappear. self preservation is not a crime.- Ishkabilly

My left arm, because it has the name of my ex boyfriend tattooed on it in cursive.- Flicky

Good Answer Awardit says 'a limb' doesnt say it has to be mine. I'll donate the first arm I can cut off- POPTART

It would have to be my left arm unfortunately, it's the limb I use the least of the four...- happynotsolucky

Actually, instead of giving them my own limb, I steal my paraplegic neighbor's left foot while he's sleeping. He wasn't using it anyway. -me

My third arm, I'm not using it anyway.- Pighole


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