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If the universe sent out applications for mere mortals to become gods/goddesses, would you fill out the 500+ page paperword for a shot at immortality, or demand your money back?



depends on the topic of the paper. i cant write on some idiotic white trash whore and her dog for that long. but on the crossed morals and contradicting social structure within the US... that is a different story... or a essay with the topic of time... that would be a long one.- Ishkabilly

i wouldnt really care.- Cowboy

who cares about being immortal. give me the damn remote and keep your lousy application forms. as if one god isn't enough to deal with already. - neon nails

I HATE paperwork. yeah, I probably would have taken it, said fuck this life, and gotten 3 pages in when I realized it was highly unlikely I'd sit down and have the attention span long enough to fill out this novel of paperwork...- the bubble

Good Answer Awardthe true question is about the term gods/goddesses. does this include power beyond the fathomable depths of the human mind? or is it simply immortality? and to what extent is this immortality? does this mean that you would be the one soul left on earth when our sun implodes? does it mean that you are destine to witness the creation and destruction of our yet to be greatest achievements? would this force you as an individual to realize your puny insignificance in reality? the troubling truths of this question direct me to the answer of no. I could not give my self immortality because everything that has a beginning must have an end and this truth would be emotionally self destructive to your individuality. it would cause you to mad in every state that the human mind can achieve. you would witness the great devastations of the future. the worst points of humanity and how our own nature would destroy our selfs and in turn your sanity. if it cant end. then no i do not wish immortality. it is too painfull of a goal for any human to experience.- Ishkabilly

Why is the sky up- Cp

pshh... 500 pages... nawww,, i'd rather reincarnate into a contraception ;D- Flicky

That depends on the deadline...if I have a year to complete the paperwork then yes...I'll go thru with it- POPTART

hmmm undecided. - happynotsolucky

I would probably demand my money back.- Bbygurl

Good Answer AwardIt all depends on what kind of God I become. The universe should be able to satisfy my demands should I chose to bless all of creation and eternity with my Godliness. First, I'm not going to be one of those sissy little 'ooo, I love everybody no matter what' Gods. Hells no, I demand sacrifices. MAD SACRIFICES, YO. I'm not just talkin' about goats either - I want weekly offerings of Children's Blood and Still-Beating hearts. I want wars to be carried out in my name. EVERLASTING CONFLICTS. Wars that span eons and spread through out the entire galaxy. That's right, the fucking GALAXY. Anybody who isn't worshiping me gets blown up, burned to the ground, and sent straight to Hell (animals too). Anybody who stays loyal to me gets sent to a cooler and slightly less painful version of Hell. I think these are simple and reasonable demands. -me

500 pages of paperword isn't so bad when the payoff is eternal godhood. Just think of all the slaves and minions I could control. It would make the chore worthwile.- Pighole


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