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Be honest, do you ever stalk anyone online - even if just to see what people you knew are up to now?
Have you ever found out anything interesting/strange/freaky/scary?


Good Answer Awardyep i followed you and see what i found this site :)- yooooooo

no i like to stalk peanuts they have an interesting life style- insane_chick93

Yes. I'm homeschooled, so I stalk everyone I used to go to high school with. I've never found anything interesting/strange/freaky/scary. I have boring friends. :/- Mysterious Okra

r u kidding u should see whats on the person who posted b4 me has on their computer- bill gates

I wonder if someone has just given their stalker the show the want then do something nasty to freak them out. like stand in your front window and stick your dick in a fan. huh. huh. if that dont scare them off then try more freakish measures.- iamzbob

Good Answer AwardYes, a guy I went to school with is a girl now. We're in grade 11. I have no idea when that happened. He calls himself Gillian. You think I'm lying, but I'm really not.- PENGUINS EAT MAMMA JAMMAS!

Yes, and I found out that I have a dad. My mom lied to me all those years...- French Cheese

I'm onto you. You think you can scare me through the power of suggestion! Well think again, Batman! Mudkip used water gun, but it was not very effective! Glub...- kit and caboodle

I'm sorry, please come back.- JCP+CEP=4EVA


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