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If you were offered hippo-soup - would you eat it?
(It would be piping hot and be served with crackers should you feel the need to have them.)



nope i will search for a hippo to ask him if i'm really served a hippo soup.- yooooooo

no i perfer monkeys - insane_chick93

Good Answer AwardNo. I would eat the crackers, though. And yours, if you don't want them.- Mysterious Okra

yes.. those smug bastards...- bill gates

I would at least taste it. I really don't think that you should make soup out of your mom.- iamzbob

Yes, but I'd rather have a scone. Also, do you include the anus?- PENGUINS EAT MAMMA JAMMAS!

Good Answer AwardSo, are you offering it then? Because I think if Jeremy offered it I wouldn't have any, but only 'cause he smokes pot, and I didn't like those brownies he gave me that time. They made me feel like a gnome that was four feet tall and walked on marshmallows.- French Cheese

Only if it didn't have peas. Cold pea soup is gross. Unless you have it with toadstools. Sooo many toadstools.- kit and caboodle

Here's a better question: Why don't you return my calls.- JCP+CEP=4EVA

Oh, I thought this was the men's room. My mistake.- How embarassing!


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