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What if someone randomly came up to you and gave you a sharp slap on the ass ,
told you "good game" and walked away?



i will go a random person and do the same thing which happened with me..- yooooooo

id yell that texas sucks and i dont like jewish porn- insane_chick93

Good Answer AwardI would hunt them down and kill them. With a spork. Or a pointy stick. No, definitely a spork., a spork. Final answer. On a different topic, I filled in a nickname, and therefore resent being called a dumbass. Dumbass.- Mysterious Okra

sounds like what my dad did every day when i was a kid- bill gates

Good Answer AwardIts not a good day till some4one plays with your ass. etiquite requires that you say thank you to the slapper. if noone else will play with ur arse the reach on back there and goose yourself.- iamzbob

Good Answer AwardI suppose I would be angry. You know, because if one's good, two's better? I'd demand to know why I didn't get two slaps on the ass. And maybe a haircut.- PENGUINS EAT MAMMA JAMMAS!

Ohh, I love football! But George says it's faggoty college shit. I know, it's offensive, but it's also true. Do you want some juice? I have some. You can't have it though, because it's mine. Go 'way. i lub joos ♥- French Cheese

But hamburgers are so good!- kit and caboodle

Llamas. 'Nuff said.- JCP+CEP=4EVA


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