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Has anyone recently asked you "Why don't YOU wear a dress?" and what was your reply?
If no one has asked you, well then I will." Why don't YOU wear a dress?"



Becoz ................. ah!!!!!!!! ,,,,???????? - yooooooo

i dont wear dresses im afraid of anal dwelling monkeys- insane_chick93

Because dresses are short, I get cold easily, and I'm not a slut.- Mysterious Okra

if they only knew my privet life- bill gates

Good Answer AwardCause you won't buy me dinner first. Look all I need is a happy meal. I keep the toy.- iamzbob

Because my pants wouldn't like it. They're plotting to kill me. Shh, don't tell Carly.- PENGUINS EAT MAMMA JAMMAS!

Yeah, my dad asked me, and I said that it's because he already wears mine. Oh burn! But not really. Or maybe. What was the question again?- French Cheese

Good Answer AwardI was asked that a long time ago. I guess that doesn't count. Hah, I misspelled the word count the first time I typed it, and it had a dirty word in it. Would you still have published my answer? Will Jessica tell Marianne how she feels? Will I ever get my hippo soup? All this next week on "As the Turd Whirls".- kit and caboodle

Fine, be a stupid jerk-face!- JCP+CEP=4EVA

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