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If you were in the Price is Right showcase, would you stick with showcase 1, or hold out for number 2?



I don't watch Price is Right-Toast

I would stay with number one if it included a car-Kandy gurl

Wait, you americans get a choice!?! We were lucky to get just get to the showcase!-Xifihas

depends on what was in the first showcase.-nuke74d

If I was on the price is right I would squeal uncontrolably at the kitchness and look meaningfully into Larry Ender's eyes until he succumbed to my housewife charms and gave me the washer/dryer set AND the free car.-Nelson

hold for 2-Gino

Good Answer AwardThat's assuming I got in. I mean, they're really selective when it comes to contestants. Look at all the women that have flashed the audience on their way to the stage. Do you *really* think they do it by accident?-Mysterious Okra

I pick option D, a jar of almonds. Final answer.-PENGUINS EAT MAMMA JAMMAS!

Umm, number 1. No, wait, number 2. No, wait...the pressure is killing me! Can I ask the audience? Phone a friend? 50/50? Please? Regis?-French Cheese

Good Answer Awardno, showcase 2 is always better-thefinginsane


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