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Have you ever had a salad dressing try to attack you while you slept?
If not, have you ever been attacked by ANYTHING while you slept?



Good Answer AwardOne time, about two years ago a bottle of 1000 island dressing fell from my nightstand and hit me in the face. Since, I got a cat which also attacks me while I sleep.-Toast

Good Answer AwardYes i was attacked by a lap dancing sock monkey. It was traumatizing and now i have ptsd -Kandy gurl

I haven't been attacked by a salad dressing but my chemistry textbook tries to knaw on my feet sometimes.-Xifihas

Good Answer AwardI have always an addmittedly unfounded suspcious view of salad dressing. I had successfuly resisted it's zesty charms for well over a decade until my thirteenth birthday. "The day you finally become a man" they told me, "is the day you allow salad dressing into your heart". Never doing things half arsed I decided to embrace it, even with the little things that get stuck in your teeth. I drank a bottle of the Newman juice and immediatly vomited everywhere. I will never trust again.-Nelson

yes -Gino

Good Answer AwardYes, it was quite scary. The potato salad went bad, and convinced the dressing to be an accomplice. Luckily, the ketchup was strong enough to resist the temptations of a rewarding life of crime. Well, technically the ketchup was turned down. Honestly, who asks for health care benefits anymore?-Mysterious Okra

Yes. I hate you, Catalina!-PENGUINS EAT MAMMA JAMMAS!

I was attacked by a sloth. It took about 5 months to get to me, but once it finally did, it only took about 2 weeks for it to eat all my hair.-French Cheese

yes, my blankets-thefinginsane


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