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Have you ever watched an infomercial and gave some serious thought to purchasing the item?
Or ever actually cave in and buy it?




No-Kandy gurl

No, I only really watch infomercials to laugh at how hard the idiots are trying to sell their crap.-Xifihas


Good Answer AwardOh yes mind control on insomniacs is always effective. I've actually been looking into this as a business venture myself. Did you know using subliminal messages in advertising is only illegal in Russia? Let the good/exploitative times roll.-Nelson


Good Answer AwardNo, but I love the infomercial for the Slap Chop. I kind of want one, just to see if I really will love his nuts.-Mysterious Okra

Yes, I bought a Shake Weight. Whenever guys see me use one, they get all flirty. It's not like it's a suggestive product or anything...-PENGUINS EAT MAMMA JAMMAS!

Yes, I have seriously considered buying a Happy Chop. Vince scares me, but Happy Chop man has nice glasses.-French Cheese

no, I change the channel-thefinginsane


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