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Wow, so here we are, living in the future. Be honest, did you expect us all to be driving hovercrafts,
vacationing on the moon and have robots cleaning our homes?




Hell yes. I expected it. Technology is p-Kandy gurl

Good Answer AwardNo, in fact, I imagined us to be all dead or something nasty like that. It was only logical considering all the nukes and stuff we have and the fact that we're good at blowing each other up.-Xifihas


Good Answer AwardHonestly, I say loooking to the future is meaningless as we're apt to explode into meat bouquets at any moment.-Nelson


Good Answer AwardWe already have cleaning robots. They're vacuums, but because they're round, they can't clean corners. However, when they take over the world, I know where *I'll* be hiding!-Mysterious Okra

Who says I don't have all those things?-PENGUINS EAT MAMMA JAMMAS!

Yes, all I have is this crappy t-shirt. :(-French Cheese

Yes, I did, but I also expected to get hippo soup. Apparently, SOME people can't be trusted.-kit and caboodle

yes, I did-thefinginsane

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