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What if I offered to send you a bag of freshly popped popcorn, a block of cheddar cheese, some salad tongs,
an empty DVD case and some slightly used dental floss - all for FREE? Would you assume some trick was involved, count your blessings while accepting the offer quickly, or cry in any way?



Good Answer AwardI would curl up into a ball and weep for hours on end, then accept the pop-corn and the cheese. I would then combine the cheese and the popcorn to get CHEESY POPCORN and eat the CHEESY POPCORN and continue weeping.-Toast

I would suspect that something felonious was going on and would not accept it-Kandy gurl

IT'S A TRAP!!!-Xifihas

wouldnt care ether way-nuke74d

Good Answer AwardI would ponder for some time the physicality of this offer. Would the cheese be snuggled inside the DVD case? Would the popcorn be strung along the dental floss? i.e. a simultaneously healthy and unhealthy snack and also a rather fetching piece of jewllery. Of course I'd decline the offer though. Clearly you're a crazy person. -Nelson

I would -Gino

I would take all of those things, and then give them to MacGyver so he could make a time machine with them.-Mysterious Okra

Good Answer AwardI would cry silently, praying for a miracle. How could I be sure the popcorn's not burnt? Hah, I misspelled "popcorn" the first time. It said "poopcorn". I also misspelled "burnt", but it wasn't as funny.-PENGUINS EAT MAMMA JAMMAS!

Was Jeremy there? Seriously, he's messed up. It's always a trick with that guy. His house smells funny.-French Cheese

yes, I would think it was a trick plus that stuff sucks -thefinginsane


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