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What would you do if some jerk marched up to you and started yelling insults about your general apperance and intelligence, and then proceeds to tell you that you "need to suck it up and be a big champ for the team"?



I'd pick my nose and wipe the booger on their face. It's the only logical response.- Indomitus

i'd open my mouth. assume that he's nuts. so my instincts will most probably make me pick up anything on the floor and try shoving it up some opening on his body. i bet he's a gym coach. THEY ARE ALWAYS UP UR ASS ABOUT SOMETHING.- donut glasses

I'd say, "Do you know who the fuck you're dealing with?" And rip my shirt off and act crazier and more jerky than he could ever be until he turns and walks away sulking. Or just punch him in the face, yeah, that's more likely to happen. That's just how we do in SF.- the bubble

If I didnt know the person, I would either ignore the person or try to learn what the actual reason for the insults were. The person probably would have other hidden issues.- bill

Cut his fucking head off- King Willy

Good Answer AwardPass the flame thrower.- CincinnatiRuth

go away- Insert username here


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