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What is the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten and did you puke it up?



Probably the tacos I had last week. They tasted the same before and after I puked them back up. (What? I was still hungry.)- Indomitus

someone ate mash potato, spat it out and i ate it. it was a dare. puke it out? PSH. that's what losers do. - donut glasses

SPIT. I stole a piece of gum from my older cousin and she pinned me down and SPIT in my mouth! Yes, I sure as hell puked, that's so foul.- the bubble

I accidentally drank from a beer bottle that I was using as an ashtray, instead of the bottle with the beer in it. I just spit it out, not puke.- bill

Chelsea Duncan and Hell yeah- King Willy

Tripe...for those who don't know, its edible offal from the stomachs of various farm animals....who in there right mind ever thought that shold be something to eat...oh wait, soul-less zombies would.- CincinnatiRuth

yes- Insert username here


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